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Finally nailed her


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I have a buddy that was married to this hot sweet looking woman from Puru. I have always wanted to bed her and i could tell at times she was flirty and suggestive. Alone this past weekend i ran into at the store while picking up a few things and we started talking. She said she too was alone for the weekend and i invited her over for a drink and dinner. My buddy always said she was a wild thing in bed and was hoping to experience it. Once she arrived i was showered and shaved and smelling good and she was as well. After dinner things got interesting as she moved closer and closer to me and i'm thinking to myself yep she wanted me. She was talking naughty and she could see the result of her talking through my jeans. Her hand found my crotch and was rubbing it so good that i was leaking precum. She felt the small wet spot and said what are you doing wasting that, precum is the best part, she undid my pants and swallowed my whole cock and she went to town on it. It wasnt long before i had her naked and her gorgeous tight brown Latino body was fit and lean. Although she wasn't shaved clean it was well groomed and delicious. I ate her pussy for as long as i could before she said quit teasing me and get that dick in me. I slid my cock as deep as i could and she squirmed and moaned so loud i was thinking she was enjoying it. She grabbed my ass cheeks and helped thrust my cock deep and hard. She felt so good that i couldn't hold back and i filled her pussy with a heavy 4 day load.  She smiled and said that was awesome and wanted more. She turned me on my back and parked her cum filled pussy on my face and she went to work getting me hard again which didn't take long and round 2 lasted another 20 minutes of every position before she had a squirting orgasm. As she laid there exhausted she curled up next to me and wanted to spend the night. We showered and had a few more drinks before going to bed for some much needed sleep. The next morning it started all over again and by last night my dick was as raw as its ever been. Yummy.

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