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A fresh and very hot weekend unplanned


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It seems my fetish for sex knows no bounds. My girlfriend and I have been openly Bi ever since we met. Although we often share each other mates every so often i come off the reservation so too speak. Up north here this past weekend is was extremely hot and humid, 2 of my worst weather scenarios. I had totally expected to spend the entire weekend alone watching movies, drinking, and take care of whatever popped up. My girlfriend was in California for her sisters Graduation from Collage. Saturday morning it was already getting hot out so i mowed my yard and trimmed my edges before retreating to the A/C. When i showered and checked my phone i had a text message from one of the guys wanting to get together for a 3some. I text back saying she wasn't home this weekend and it was only me, he shot right back and said or should i say asked if he could still come over. I said of course, i have plenty of beer and would like the company. He arrived in under an hour wearing his swim trunks and a T shirt and flip flops. We have been together before so it wasn't awkward at all, we both knew what was going down. We sat poolside on my semi private deck and BS'ed for a while before the sweat got the better of us and we dove into the pool. to cool off, under the water he was stroking his gorgeous cock and it wasnt long before i found myself jacking him off. As we played for awhile we were both getting worked up and decided that the A/C was the place to be. totally naked we grabbed our towels and made an adult beverage and after losing the towels we both standing there in all our glory he walked over and said if i can't have pussy can i have this as he reached around and inserted a finger in my ass. I have in the past only sucked his cock and never had him anally as he is quite large and i hate pain. He said he would be gentle so i agreed only because my girlfriend trust this particular couple. As we sat there over the next hour or so just teasing each other i grabbed him and we went down stairs to our dedicated romper room, so if any messes are made it is easily cleaned up.

When we entered the room i opened a drawer to review the numerous dildos  that she had in her collection, and told him he was going to have to stretch me a little before his monster was going to fit. After teasing my ass with numerous toys he asked if i was ready, i assumed my position on my back missionary style  spread my legs and he as if an expert slid it in so gentle it was amazing. As he was balls deep in me i could tell that every thrust was meant to make him cum and as he worked his cock he hit my prostrate and i shot my load all over my face and chest, and as soon as that happened his cock got super hard and he started pounding me like his bitch and when he let loose i felt the awesome throbbing of his cock unloading in me. As i lay there out of breath and leaking what seemed to be a pool sized load leaking from me i was feeling like a million bucks. After he unloaded he apologized for thrusting me hard like he did and all i could muster is i need a drink. We retreated to the shower where we cleaned each other up and relaxed on the couch nursing our beverages. 

Sitting on the couch he kept saying how awesome that was and i flat out told him my ass was a little sore and if he wanted off again it was going to be oral. But as a true slave to sex i knew that wasn't going to happen. After a few more beverages we once again cooled off in the pool this time naked, as its as if the cold water charged his dick for round 2, so after 20 minutes in the pool we decided it was time for round 2, only this time i controlled the scene and i got on top and rode his dick like a man whore. Making im dump another load. At the time we were ramping up our 2nd round it was only 6 PM. Now i am so sore and exhausted that we got drunk and passed out in the living room.

Being freshly showered, we both woke up around the same time, made some coffee and it wasn't long before we were 69ing and both of us unloaded in each other throats, so he left exhausted, me i was sore as hell and had a tummy full of sperm and the girlfriend arrived around 3 PM and wanted laid. Thankfully i was able to give her what she needed but was extremely glad Monday rolled around so i could go to work and rest.  

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