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Married 20yrs


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Married 20,yrs.3rd.time wife says it hurts her some when we have sex,also she had physical issue last few yrs.and doesn't want as.much as I ,I also would like try more things ,58 I want to use it before lose it.i love wife and will never leave her ,but don't think she would go for open marrige or me getting it somewhere else,she is on so many prescriptions that she didn't want much sex,and her himrods hurt when have sex even though we never have anel sex,I still have desire it,what really turns me on I'd curtain open at night so there's a chance others might be able to watch just gets me hot,even if nobody out there ,I'm 58she is 60,hopefully she will be able to fix her prob.with ass ,I've had thoughts of stepping out on her to take care of my needs but don't want to hurt her either I do love her much,

How can i  talk with her but not hurt her feelings about all this

Would really like to have sec in a room while another couple is doing same ,but I need to get her to want to have more sec often first .

PS.is it odd to want others to watch duing sec???

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