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After 30 years of togetherness  (15 living together and 15 married) we have discovered anal sex.  I have this forum to thank for the great sensations we're now experiencing.  I am in my early 70's and she just 60 and when menopause hit her we both sort of lost interest.  Along the way I decided that we should try anal sex so I bought some good lube then started to gently introduce the subject.  I somehow came across this blog and read through some of the comments here.  Since I didn't want to push her to try something simply because I wanted to try so I got my android tablet, navigated to anal alley and asked her to read some of the commentary.  Wow did that work, partially because of some of the comments but the fact that I took the time to track down this forum and presented it for her to read was the key.  It thrilled her that: 1) I opened up discussion on the idea, 2) took the initiative to locate this forum for her to read, 3) picked up some high quality lube, 4) finally she was thrilled that I also picked up a fleet enema to make it a healthy experience.

Now I have to say, I have unleashed a monster, she absolutely loves it and we were successful (beyond belief) on our first attempt.  Not only do we both absolutely love it (anal sex) but it has heightened our enjoyment of both vaginal and oral love making.

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You need to buy a strapless strap on, it will fill her.pussy and ass and stick out 8 inches and the harder she dicks you the better she feels

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