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1518399894_asswhore.JPG.6146f8790659fae311bb37f5f52b2190.JPG761990094_upcloseanal.jpg.860c566ef49f6930eaa0287e166dc596.jpg1113570867_asscum.JPG.d13b255f526ff7da9dd5c8db628581ad.JPG280696747_strokemewhore.jpg.f3771338a6d7d179e9aa15d31833487c.jpg280696747_strokemewhore.jpg.f3771338a6d7d179e9aa15d31833487c.jpg1755062972_opencunt.JPG.bf9d52768261879f1ba4a07ae4ab596d.JPG1931464554_indeep.JPG.cac244fe3bfd48a96510903540340794.JPGMy life has been all about sex. When I was eighCowgirl.JPG.765fb9c0380ac855e42a0bd52bb1c106.JPGt my sister who was two years older than me, began coming to my bedroom to give and get pleasure from me. I came in her asshole when I was only 11. When she went off to college I needed a new sex partner and I chose my mom. At first she resisted me and my rape fetish was born. I fucked her almost every day forcing her to suck me, fuck me and take my cock up her ass. I loved forcing her to suck my cock straight out of her ass. eventually she became my willing lover and we fucked until she was in a retirement home. I used to love to crawl into bed and fuck her in her ass while dad lay beside her asleep. One night she had an orgasm so intense that she was shaking and let out muffled screams waking dad up to see his wife fucking her son. He asked me how I liked being fucked in my ass by him in front of my mom? It hurt like hell but somehow I liked it. Dad divorced mom and moved out. I moved into moms bed permanently and began to use mom for my fantasies. I invited my black friends, up to five at a time to fuck her. I found the contrast in skin color to be a turn on. once I had a college party where I tied mom down spread eagle. I sold vaginal sex for ten minutes, just twenty bucks. Anal sex was $50 and 15 minutes of both sold for $75. A half hour of DP was $250 bucks $125 bucks each. She got DP'ed six times. I made mom into my own prostitute selling her sexual services until she was in her sixties. Men paid as much as $1000 to fuck her all night long. I made her work the streets giving BJs for ten bucks and quickie fucks for $50. A full trick was $100 for no holes barred sex. For $500 bucks you could act out a rape fantasy and have rough sex  with her for an hour. I monitored it and was often asked to participate in a DP. If not I eased my arousle by raping her in the ass before letting her go back to work on the streets. Later I married twice where I used both women as I had used my mom. All of my relationships whether heterosexual or homosexual revolved around sex. It still dose. 1181666381_Robinshotcunt.thumb.jpg.f1dbc57fc3f9b2e4ef02cd0a465946b0.jpg 185117093_feelsgood.JPG.5779d26919fecf01d79dbcd368d36013.JPGpenetration.jpg.babbe23ffc303037a7ffa708065bec26.jpg273376718_goodfuckingface.jpg.8e1bad24bc7419f9539d842cadf8e1bc.jpg273376718_goodfuckingface.jpg.8e1bad24bc7419f9539d842cadf8e1bc.jpgboned.jpg.ae42a03f54adba32a9d3932a7f3cc79f.jpg141047669_Ilovebeingfucked.jpg.78faf73bd988c4efcdd4c12f5409e4de.jpg1405425371_reallyhammered.jpg.70549a31e11b7a1cdfdde58461eb0b79.jpg69.JPG.060fa02a956a91f9069a5c23346d2ebf.JPG1354734704_dildoup.jpg.5323a96ba22d60b2f7429484680447fc.jpg2139305175_fuckmyself.JPG.22ca264018898319578352870256190e.JPGhead.JPG.df56b9c153741012299a484063d8b951.JPG1503045211_Robinthecumslut.jpg.f7f6b6b4bc7b96a305c732ecd68175c3.jpg

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fucked booty.JPG

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This is a fantastic erotica novel/biography 

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This is a fantastic erotica novel/biography 

i am not sure how to watch the movies from my phone but I’m sure it’s great 

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