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Submissive crossdresser needs advice


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Hi. I've posted a couple gallery dick picks and a post or two, but still new here at tootimid. I'm a mature(52 yr old)

C/D or Transvestite( not sure) have been since my early teens. Always different growing up, I discovered much later on in life I'm a natural submissive. I'm celebrating 20 years of marriage next week, to a woman who has only known of my dressing for a few years. Shes been incredible in her openness and support since she learned of it. My point is, almost immediately I began wearing ladies panties and nighties to bed for  foreplay and then intercourse. As soon as I did, I relaxed, was a better lover. But I didnt want to initiate sex like usual. The wife is close to 200 lbs. But it's all in the baby maker hips and boobs. Shes tough and strong and beautiful and I was thrilled when she agreed to a little lite bondage play. The best night of sex I've  EVER had was when she jumped onto me in bed and really pinned me down. She loomed over me, smiling , Dark hair brushing my facebeneath. She was very clearly excited and fucked me like crazy multiple times. We have had anal play with toys regularly and shes very creative with my behind. But after we had purchased a strap on, it sat in a drawer for weeks without use. Then came an accident and a long recovery. My problem is this. Shes aware that I want her to peg me, yet shes not yet done so. Do u think that I've asked too much, or gone over some line? I love my lady and I am very ambitious in her oral pleasures and other wants yet she balks on this thing I've wanted for so long. Help!


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