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Sexual Oreo Fantasy


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I was sleeping the other night and all of a sudden my mind goes to my happy place which always provides a hot, sexual fantasy. Here lately my sexual fantasies suggests I'm not only gay but the sex slave and the submissive bitch to what ever man or men I'm thinking about. This latest dream is no different. I'm walking down the street. The city is really busy, and I'm wearing a nice silk, white dress with high heals. I love the idea of being in that woman role. A part of me as always wanted to either be a princess or a dirty slut. In this dream, you know I'm the ladder. Any way, I see these two fine black men. I talked to them and I find them sexy right way. Their names are Cedric and Simeon. Young and muscular. I love muscles. They looked like they worked in a strip club. My woman name is Anna Love. We get to talking. I can tell right away they want to fuck, and I want to swallow the sperm from their schlongs, The attraction is undeniable. We start kissing right here on the side walk. I was kissing Cedric's face and he proceeded to put that tongue in my mouth while Simeon was behind me kissing my neck and rubbing my ass. I ripped off Cedric's shirt. Simeon tapped my on the shoulder and I started kissing his lips and ripping his shirt off. I am making out with these two hunks with one in front and one behind. It's like I'm the white cream feeling in the middle of an Oreo. In this case a sexual Oreo. 
Cedric ripped my dress off and Simeon pulled my panties down. What a wonderful day. Eventually, I was on my knees sucking off these two black men on main street. I was taking turns sucking on them. After a little while a couple of cars wrecked into each other and the older couple running their store I was performing in front of passed out when they saw both men smack my face with their man meat. I suggested let's find a place a little more private to finish this affair. We put our clothes back on and eventually found a cheap hotel room. We stopped off by a sex shop on the way to get some handcuffs. I told them I wanted to be cuffed to the bed while they had their way with me. When we got to the hotel room, everything was perfect. It was clean enough and cool enough to be comfortable. The bed was the perfect size.
All three of us started kissing again. They were kissing on my check and my neck, and we had gotten naked again. They both cuffed me to the bed. Cedric on the right and Simeon on the left. Cedric wanted his turn first with me. It was nothing fancy or unique. He kissed me a little bit and then started to wave that nine plus inch monster in front my face. I stuck out my face and he was hitting it with his member. Simeon was watching and he was jerking waiting for Cedric to get done so he can have his turn.
Cedric teased me a little bit as he leaned his dick forward and then pulled it back having my head moving forward and  back like I was fishing trying to get that worm on the hook. I wanted his member so badly. Cedric ended up putting his cock in my mouth and was gently face fucking me. It was awesome as my mouth was the right hole for his dick. Sometimes, he would pull out and put that dick on my face. I would stick my tongue out and he ran his cock across my tongue. It tastes so good. He put his dick back in my mouth and after a few strokes face of fucking me, he exploded in my mouth. He pulled his dick out and I looked at him swirling the cum with my tongue and then I took one big culp and said thank you sir. That was wonderful.
Then, Simeon was ready for me, and I was ready for Simeon. He had a bigger cock about 10 inches. He repeated the same things that Cedric did but he did some different things. Simeon wanted his bulls sucked and licked more. They were sweaty but I didn't care. I loved it even more. After a few minutes of ball goggling, he put his dick in my mouth. After a few strokes, he was ready to blow his load. Instead of finishing in my mouth, he shot off all on my face. When I say shot off, it was like I was a glazed doughnut. I told Simeon to uncuff me. He did. When my hands got free, I took my fingers and gathered up the cum and sucked the man goo off my sticky digits letting him know I appreciate him. When our fling was over, we went our separate ways. All of a sudden, I woke up not quite ready to face the real world. I got up and went to work with memory of the sexual Oreo fantasy keeping me upbeat through the work day. My day was a good one thanks to that fantasy. Life is good. 

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