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After a long week of work, I always get tired. The more tired I get, the easier it is for me to fall asleep. I decided to explore my woman side as I slipped on my night gown and robe. I felt so comfortable and then I went to bed. My mind took me on an airplane. I'm a stewardess. I'm looking sexy in my dress and hat. I go to the cock pit and asked the captain if he wants anything. He's a fine looking man. He likes it when I rub my hands on him. He was asked if I could come over to him. He puts the plane on automatic pilot. I put my arms around his neck, and I start kissing his cheek and he turns around and starts kissing my lips. He gets up out of his seat. He has his arms around me and picks me up. He's about 6-4 or 6-5 and he's an impressive sight. I love tall men as they tend to be overpowering. I love to be manhandled. Any how pins me up against the wall and is kissing my neck. His hands are moving on my back. He unzips my dress and pulls it down. I get out of my dress and I have my bra and panties on. I push him up against the wall and I rip off his shirt. The pecks, the abs, the definition. I likey. I was kissing his chest and then his abs. I unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants and boxers. I suck on that rod that's approximately between eight and a half to  nine inches. I''m playing with his balls as I suck on that monster. After a couple of minutes, he orders me to stand up. He pushes me back towards his chair. He has me sit in his chair and spread my legs as much as I can. He puts that hard dick up to my ass and slowly works it in. Then, he gets to pounding. He talks dirty saying take it all you whore. I love it. As he is pounding, I have my orgasm. Not long after I have my orgasm, he pulls out and cums all over my stomach. He finds a towel and I wipe off. I sit in the other seat of the cock pit and he sits in his captain's chair and we just smiled. He asked if it was any good, and I told him he had no idea. It was wonderful. The flight lands and after everyone got off, we said our good bye. I wake up ready to take on the world again. I feel good, and I feel happy. I love these dreams. 

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