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Men. Men. Men. Men. I love'em.


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As the years have progressed, I've learned that I'm bisexual but here lately I've learned I think men are really hot. I watching hot men go at it. I love the idea of being a submissive little whore for a hot guy. If not a whore, a housewife where I'm cooking and cleaning for him. Having the house ready as he comes on from a hard day's night. Sucking him and letting him hit to relieve so he can relieve some tension and put a smile on my face. Some of these pictures of men, I do scroll through. Sometimes, I'm not into looking at the dicks with cock rings but when that cock is oh naturale it's beautiful. It's mesmerizing. Sometimes, it will be a picture of the person or person's holding their cocks where they have that like look that they're expecting you to do what ever they want and I go weak kneed because I want to be their sex slave. I've seen nude photos of men in showers looking hot and I look up to the sky and go thank you God. This site has really helped me embrace certain aspects of myself that I've ignored, and I'm having a great time. Thank you tootimid. Thank you everybody on this site. 

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