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About me I'm straight


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Hi I'm a single guy here who I think very understanding person who pretty cool about different things well I found this place to talk about things that I never told anyone about what I think about in sex I seen guys asked about and I'm the same as masturbating together with buddy's I did it a few times and still do it with my best buddy in a way I can talk to him about the videos we
Watch but I can say I never said this to anyone I get turned on watching my buddy masturbate seeing him getting close then doing it watch shoot all over his chest then I can't hold back after that we don't talk about it but we do it a lot I mean like 2 or3 times a week he said one time he feels safe doing it here I think of masturbating him when I masturbating by my self I like masturbating a lot the best time is us guys me my buddy and his friend we watch a video but I never did this before is to eageing my self we all were stroking his buddy says let's not shoot so fast he says we will feel really good after so we were masturbating he said look at mine I'm so hard then my buddy stood up and did the same first time I feel like I could look at a guy think dose he feel the same masturbating I guess he dose but guys don't ask buddy's but we were showing off our hard penises we were very close together we got onto it staying hard I was so turned on seeing there's wanting to try it feeling them when we were there masturbating together standing his buddy grab mine I didn't know what to do I stood there I feel like I was about to shoot I pulled back he said what's up buddy u looking like u about to shoot I said yes I was he said then go for it we all well before I could get my hand on it he grabbed it stroking it I did not know that to do but I was cumming in his hand on his belly legs he saying dam dude u real made a big mess watching him with his sperm filled hand grabbing his penis masturbating with my sperm on his saying omg it feels so good to it this but it turned me on and my buddy got close to him sperms shooting out on him masturbating with his sperm too not knowing what to do not knowing what to say but it turned me on I was still very hard throbbing I masturbate mine some more and cummed they both said wow bro u really need it and we cleaned up as guy we never talked about it I never did anything like that before but I masturbate about it a lot dose u straight guy think I do I never feel a guy but seeing a guy so hard and cumming I have to say it turns me on more in person then seeing it on a video please tell me what I should do try it tell my buddy or try it with his buddy I like girls I have a girlfriend now but still masturbating together with my buddy I'm not confused about anything just how I'm thinking ty I hope some one talks to me 

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