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Taken by my wife.

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It may be considered unnatural by some but others have known it to be very stimulating. With the use of a strapon by the woman it is said that both parties have experienced extreme sexual satisfaction in the act.
Now to set the stage.


We have had a very long day and our passion was high for each other. You were feeling dominate this evening and thoughts of tying me up came to you all day. You wanted to feel in control because you knew I would subcome to your every wish and desire. You loved tying to me to the coffee table face up, it was the one you purchased just for such an occasion. You picked out your favorite ass toy for me, you loved inserting it every so slowly, you teased my ass by putting it in just a little with each stroke of your hand and with each stroke the invading plug sank deeper into my inner most sanctum. On occasion you would pull it out completely and tease me with your fingers. At first just two, then three gradually Increasing the amount of fingers to five. By then you would nearly have your whole hand deep inside me exploring the very depths of my being. You loved teasing my prostate, slowly massaging it until you would see the clear pre cum dripping from my cock. At that time you knew you were ready to finally stuff my ass with the plug, to which you did with enthusiasm. Slowly and methodically you began tying me down all the while watching my erection get harder and harder. After teasing my cock for what seemed like hours. You begin to sit on my face slowly rocking your hips back and forth so that every inch of your pussy and ass were wet with the juices that flowed from both of us. Your eyes peered into mine as if we were one body one soul enjoying the tantalizing acts we shared.  My tongue explored deep into you as if it had a mind of its own. Your clit, which was now engorged was the primary target of pleasure. You began to moan and I knew you were close to climax, your hand quickly slid between your thighs, rubbing your clit and fingering your pussy I knew your ass was next. You have long loved my rim jobs and I would not disappoint this time either. My tongue explored every inch of your love hole. I thrust my tongue deep into your ass just as you begin to climax.  Your whole body shuddered as if you were in ecstasy, your eyes rolled back until the only thing visible were the whites. You achieved this three times all the while tantalizing my engorged cock. You finally submit to untie me. Except for my hands which were now firmly tied behind my back you put me next to the full length mirror on the wall. All this so you could see my face in it. My throbbing cock was pulsating and dancing in the mirror which you loved to see. Slowly you come up behind me and pull out the ass plug you had put in me earlier. You slowly pull out the strapon which you tantalizing attached to youself. You taunt me even more by asking if I was ready to cum. Stroking my cock then letting it go watching the precum flow from the tip. You make me beg to take your cock in my ass before you would let me cum. My cock and ass are now both overwhelmed with anticipation. You gently slide the strapon in my ass and start pumping me until I groan with pleasure. The attached clit vibrator was also doing its job on you and you would also let out a moan that slipped from your lips. Meanwhile you reach around and start stroking my throbbing cock. As if in unison your cock and hand pound and stroke my ass and cock, your cock now fully inserted in my ass takes me to the edge of oblivion. My cock already lubed with precum was on the edge of no return now.  My cock has been engorged with passion far to long to hold back now. With one last deep thrust in my ass I’m ready to explode. I yell out for you, Kelly! fuck me Kelly fuck me. At that moment we explode together and I shoot cum all over the mirror while you watch me from behind. You are so excited watching me, you go to the mirror and begin licking off all of my cum, not letting one drop escape you. You slowly stand while gazing at me with deep penetrating eyes. You begin to kiss me passionately and we share my cum together. We kiss like this for what seemed to be forever. Shortly after you eagerly go your knees and suck the remaining cum from my cock.  
THE END, For now…


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