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Sunbathing by the pool

Bob Long

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 One day a little over two years ago my wife and I were spending the afternoon laying around by the pool drinking and playing a little grab ass when she told me to hold on, she'd be right back. She returned wearing this skimpy bikini that I bought for her when we first met but had never worn. There was barely enough material to cover her 38DD melons and forget about her ass there was an eye patch as she called it covering her shaved pussy. She knocked off several bottles of wine by herself, so all modesty and self-control were now history. She decided to tease me by bending over shaking her tits in my face followed by her playfully sucking the head of my cock through my suit when she stopped trotted over to the diving board and dove in the pool.

 When she came up her top was up around her neck with her tits fully exposed glistening in the sun looking magnificent. She had no sooner got them tucked back in when we heard the gate open and her best friend and her husband who decided it was a good day to take her up on an open invitation to come swim. She climbed up out of the pool to go give her bestie a hug and her friend laughed a little and said holy crap looking at her massive melons ready to bust out of their bonds of her bikini top.

 Her husband however was locked onto her tits like a heat seeking missile and could not bring himself to break away until his wife a hot blonde with long lean legs definitely a very attractive lady in her own right gave him an elbow shot to the ribs. So after our brief hellos and a hug from Barb which got my cock tingling even more than it was, Lori however kept a respectable distance from Donny Barb’s husband as she always thought he was a bit sleezy and said he even obviously attempted to cop a feel one night when they all went out long before she met me of course. 

 So, everyone was in the pool drinking having a good time and of course Donny was still staring at her melons almost constantly hoping they would bust out of her top finally giving him the view he was hoping for, Barb told Lori once when she was pissed at him during many of their fights that he admitted to fantasizing about them while jerking off. Shit we’ve all done that but to admit it to your hot looking wife? My wife however being open minded had teased me often even during foreplay about having a threesome with her and Barb. I told her I’d have to be dead not to want that but would never do anything to jeopardize our marriage. She always told me if she agreed to having one which she admitted had been seriously considering it would either must be with Barb or a total stranger only for the fear that it might freak Barb out and potentially cost her their friendship.

Donny and I sat in a couple of chairs while the girls were standing in the shallow end of the pool and he could barely conceal his hardon with his towel. I asked my wife to come help me in the kitchen, she climbed out and put on a short cover up and we were barely in the kitchen when I grabbed her turned and grabbed her around the waist started kissing her, picking her up sitting her on the edge of the kitchen table pulling her bikini bottom aside and proceeded to slip my rock hard cock into her pussy.   She barely uttered a faint protest until she just relaxed her body and took my cock and let out a few soft moans and whispered fuck me hard baby. As I did, I briefly looked up to see her girlfriend in the pool getting fucked by her husband. We finished up with me filling her pussy full of my cum. Lori opened her eyes and had that Cheshire cat grin from ear to ear and said I needed that so bad I love to be thoroughly fucked by you, today. We kissed a bit she then she said I must go clean myself up I’m full of cum, what will our friends think of me laughing. I said they’ll think you just got thoroughly fucked.

She hopped off the table and ran upstairs to change. I waited a while to call them inside and told them we'd be eating in a few. Her girlfriend whisper in my ear I hope we didn't interrupt you. I smiled and said nope were good, she whispers yeah, I saw you nailing her nice job by the way. I said you guys looked like you were having fun, oh yeah old minuteman over there looking at her pitiful excuse for a husband as she often called him still sitting in a lounge chair out by the pool. Maybe for him but before I knew it Mr. Softy was there. (my wife told me that during one of their girl BS sessions Barb complained how her husband was a three-pump chump and the only way she could get off was diddling her clit on her own, such a pitiful shame)

 I just said sorry. She said maybe your wife will let me borrow you sometime laughing. I said well you guys are best friends, so I bet she’d be ok with it. I know I would be anytime we both laughed. My wife now returned wearing a more modest black bikini but still looking good and her coverup. She asked what are you two laughing are at, without a Nanosecond of hesitation Barb said I’d love to borrow your husband and his cock some time, my wife didn’t choke on her wine as one would have expected but said sure baby anything for you. I was a little taken back at her quick response but figured it was the wine talking and responded see I told you she’d be ok with it we all laughed and that’s where I thought it might have ended. Barb however downed the rest of the wine in her glass which was almost full and looked at Lori and said no I’m serious I’m so fucking horny and frustrated with that asshole and you’re the happiest couple I know and besides you scratched my Ramone’s album back in high school so you owe me to which my wife almost spit her wine through her nose. When she recovered, she said I’m serious too I never would consider sharing him or letting him fuck someone else but if I was it would have to be you.


 I had nothing, and was thinking was this a total set up, seemed like they had been watching a cheesy porn video, but I was assured later on that night that it was 100% genuinely spontaneous Barb said really are you just fucking with me, Lori said no he’ll be fucking you and you fucking him, maybe I’ll just watch if you don’t mind they laughed and Barb said why not. She said to Lori maybe he’ll hammer me just like you got., Lori was embarrassed and started to blush, oh my God you saw us she exclaimed. Lori just looked outside and said oh fuck he saw me getting fucked! Barb said relax I was facing you with my back up against the pool which by the way is not the most comfortable way to get fucked. I saw everything and thought it was so fucking hot to see you getting plowed by your hubby it made getting fucked by needle dick bearable. She confessed that she longed to be fucked like that by Donny, but he was a selfish prick who only cared about getting himself off and cared nothing about her pleasure. Lori told her he pointing to me, he lives to make me cum, looking at me I said yup nothing I love more, I’ll leave the details up to you two. Thinking in the back of my mind that when these two sobered up this would all disappear into think air like many fantasies unfortunately do. It was then Barb dropped the bomb on us, she had been to a lawyer and planning on leaving Donny this time for good. Instinctively Lori hugged her and said oh baby you know we’re here for you isn’t that right honey. I said 100% whatever you need you know we’re both here for you 24/7.  Barb reached out her arms to me and we hugged and said I love you guys, I assured her we love you too honey. You’ll be better off he doesn’t deserve you both girls agreed. Any other guy would have been in the kitchen by now but nope not Donny he sat on his ass and called out for Barb to get him a beer Lori flung her arm across Barb’s chest and yell what are your legs broken. I almost bust a nut laughing. As much as Barb would have loved to have said that to him, she never would have or did in the past but that was soon to change. I had no idea how all our lives were about to change.

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