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Suggestions needed for disabled beginner

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Hi. I'm looking to buy a toy for the first time and I have absolutely no idea where to start. I am in dire need of some recommendations. I'm 24, a cis woman and have zero experience (am single, am a virgin, have always just used my hands).

My big thing is that I am physically disabled and have limited arm/leg flexibility. I've googled a lot of "what to buy for beginners" and its all either really expensive (my current budget is $30 w/o shipping), something that wouldn't work bc of my disability (i.e. toys that are too short for me to use), or terminology I have never heard of before and am not sure of the difference between (what are bullets and how are they different from regular vibrators?)

So I have some questions:

1 - Do vibrators go inside? I don't want one that doesn't go inside, but I always thought vibrators were purely for clit stuff? 

2 - I see there's a lot of stuff that doesn't look like a penis and are just vaguely geometrically shaped. Are there vibrators that are penis-shaped that aren't terribly expensive?

3 - As said, I would need something on the longer side. I saw a 4-inch vibrator as a recommendation and recoiled, because I have such a limited arm flexibility I wouldn't even be able to use anything that short. I can only get the very tips of my fingers inside me. Is there anything that fits the above and is also on the longer side?

Sorry this was so long, thank you for any help you're able to give.

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Hi Sssria, look for toys that has a long shaft for penetration and a vibrator for clit stimulation.  Some are curved, they are usually different lengths and girth.  

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