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My Aunt man a man out of me

Bob Long

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Back when I was a freshman in college my aunt Carol came to live with us after her divorce, she was the fun aunt always doing stuff that my parents never knew about all the stuff you were never supposed to tell your parent about. Well one day I was sitting at the kitchen table and she comes up to me wither laptop and says will you please help me this stupid thing is broken. She puts in down in front of me and gives me her very cute please face so how could I resist. Now aunt Carol is my mom’s younger sister and as they say built like a brick shithouse she stands at 5’-2” tall about 130lbs and has gorgeous 40DD melons with big nipples, and she was not one to let modesty get in her way when it came to dressing to impress or just lounging around the house. This morning was no exception she was wearing a big loose fitting sleeveless sweatshirt and a pair of panties. Her and I were always best pals and it hasn’t changed to this day. Well as I am trying to fix what she fucked up she is kneeling on the chair next to me bending over, so her massive tits are in full view. There is no doubt in my mind that this was done on purpose and there was no hiding the fact that I was completely distracted, I kept fumbling and pretending to have a problem with her issue but the truth was I was so enamored by her beautiful tits I just dragged things out as long as possible. She asked me if I thought I was going to be able to fix it, I told her it was going to take me a minute it was harder than I thought. She glanced down at my crotch at the precum stain in my sweatpants and smiled with her impish grin saying that’s not the only thing that hard. Well in an instant I turned a red as her panties and stammered a bit until I got muttered, I’m sorry. She fake punched me in the shoulder and said hey for what? Hey, you’re a guy and I have pretty nice pair of knockers don’t you think so it’s perfectly natural. Still lost for words I didn’t respond, and she quickly came back and said hey what the matter you don’t think I have a nice pair of tits for an old broad. I just barely got out I guess so when she said you guess so and straightened up and pulled her shirt up and over her head exposing her massive melons. I had the deer in the headlights no question, she smiled and said relax your mom left about an hour ago and you dad way before that so we’re alone, so what do you really think honestly Bobby she asked. I was face to face with the most fantastic pair of tits I had ever seen in my life.


 She took her shirt off completely and placed her hands under them saying come on sweetie, I said they are magnificent actually they’re perfect. She smiled one of her big happy smiles saying really your not just saying that to make an old lady feel good are you Bobby? I said no they really are beautiful best I’ve ever seen. She leaned in and hugged me tightly, kissing my cheek and said I love you Bobby you just made my day, you’re so sweet you actually made my year.  She released her hug and said ever since your uncle dumped me for that slutty secretary of his I’ve felt like such an old has been. I told her he was an asshole and I never really did like him and she was not a has been actually she’s really hot. Do you really think I’m hot she asked? I said yes, I really do me and my I stopped short of completing my sentence, she asked you and your what Bobby? I looked down at the table and said my friends always commented on how hot you were. She had a very happy look on her face saying really your not just saying that are you?  No, I said they always busted me about it more than one of them said, hesitating again she said what did they say Bobby its ok you can tell me. I told her more than one of my friends said they would like to fuck you. Really, she replied what did you say she asked. I punched the one guy in the chest and said hey douchebag that my aunt.  She let out a little squeal and said in an over done southern accent Oh Bobby! You defended my honor how sweet, with that she hugged me again but this time she shoved her big titties in my face putting her hands behind my head pulled me in smothering me playfully wither titties. Laughingly she said oh your my hero Bobby as she playfully rubbed them in my face, I to was laughing somewhat best I could, I was in heaven big titty heaven actually. There was no way in a million years when I woke up that morning that I would have imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be smothered by Aunt Carol’s big tits. I in no way wanted this to end. She relaxed her hug and straightened up a little and without either of us saying a single word only looking at each other I began to suck on her tits. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back murmuring oh Bobby oh Bobby! I grasp both of her tits and began to massage them as I sucked, she winced a little saying easy baby go easy. I released my grip and softly massaged them following her direction. She then instructed me to lick them with my tongue like I was licking an ice cream cone. I followed her direction and she then began to moan oh yeah baby just like that, yeah that’s what I like. I kept this up and she was pushing her body n to me and moving her waste, she told me to give them both some love, which I did without hesitation. Carol’s nipples were now fulling erect and the size of my thumbs she softly moaned suck my nipples Bobby, suck them please. I did as she asked and suckled both her tits as hard as I could attempting to draw milk from them. Little did I know but would be told by her later that having never had children there was no chance of her lactating., what he heck did I know I was a dumb kid who only had one girlfriend in high school and to say our sexual experiences were awkward at best was a complete understatement.

Carol composed herself somewhat and smiled at me and said now Bobby tell me the truth, I looked responding yes Aunt Carol? She said now have you ever masturbated. Yes, I have she then said about me. My face again got as red as her panties and she laughed saying its ok baby I’m flattered. In between kissing her nipples, I said yes Aunt Carole I’ve jerked off dreaming about you for years, you’re so dam hot. She smiled and said Bobby you are just too sweet and leaned in and planted a big kiss on my lips. She kissed me again and on the third time she slipped her tongue in my mouth, I instinctively reciprocated and again was instructed by her to slow down and savor the kisses and enjoy each and everyone of them. She continued to kiss me, and I played wither tits and she then pulled back and looked down at my crotch again. My cock was now fully erect and felt like it was going to explode. She pulled the waste band of my sweatpants back exposing my rock hard cock. She gasped saying oh my fucking God! Bobby you have a beautiful big cock! I can’t believe it I used to give you baths when you were little but never imagined you would have such a magnificent cock. I have been blessed with an above average size cock or so she told me. My old girlfriend used to tell me it hurt too much when we had sex, what the hell did I know. Aunt Carol stared at it in amazement and said oh my I’m responsible for doing that to you Bobby, smiling at her I just said yeah. Carol hopped off the chair and pushed it aside and she reached for my cock and gasped and said holy crap Bobby I can’t get my hand around it. Thinking to myself if she kept touching it, it was going to explode in her hand. She looked in my eyes and reached out and took my hand and I got up from the chair, not speaking a word as she lead me down the hall to the spare bedroom.


 She instructed me to lay back on the bed, she then grabbed the waistband of my sweats and pulled them down and off completely. She hopped up on the bed as she did I could see the crotch of her panties were wet with her juices apparently she was enjoying this as much as I was, she softly whispered I caused this sweetie and now I am going to take care of you, just relax now sugar she said in her soft southern drawl. She massaged my chest and shoulders and leaned in and kissed me sensuously on the mouth as she did, I played wither nipples pinching them but not so hard as to hurt her, she lay next to me as we kissed, and I explored every inch of her fabulous body. She was a very well kept woman, devoted hours of her day in the gym and was very physical. She had a beautiful round firm ass a washboard flat stomach and there was not a wrinkle to be found on her beautiful face framed by her shoulder length auburn hair. All I could think about was what an asshole my uncle was to dump her for some bimbo but if he hadn’t this wouldn’t be happening. Eventually my exploration lead my hand down to her wet panties and I began to rub her mound through her soaking wet panties. Remembering my earlier instruction about soft and easy I gently massaged her through her panties, this had a very positive effect on her. Her kisses became more intense and her breathing increased as I massaged her panty covered pussy, she began gyrating her hips rhythmically with my massaging. She began kissing my neck and without instruction I slipped my hand in her panties and found her super wet pussy. I can still smell her woman’s scent to this day. She was a woman not some awkward high school teenager, a woman who would school me in the ways of making love to a woman and things about sex that I had never even heard of. Carol began to kiss with more intensity increasing her grip around my neck pulling our moths closer and tighter together, wither other hand she had a firm grip on my cock. She stroked it a little but by her experience she know that if she stroked too much, I would explode. She squeezed the head of my cock so hard I could feel it pulsing in her hand. I kept fingering her pussy which was becoming wetter and wetter by the second as I moved my fingers in her pussy, I could clearly hear her pussy slurping from the wetness. All of a sudden, she stopped kissing me long enough to blurt out right there! right there! Keep rubbing me baby. She began to moan getting louder and louder oh yes Bobby! Of God yes! Baby oh my fucking God Bobby I’m cumming baby. I had absolutely no idea at the time what I was doing but I wasn’t going to stop doing it I just kept it up increasing my fingering until Carol let out a series of screams and her body began to shutter and quiver I felt her pussy tighten around my finger and her legs clamped around my hand she pulled me in to her and we kissed with an intensity like I had never experienced. Her whole body felt like it was vibrating, she was perspiring profusely, as she would later inform me women do not sweat, we perspire. After what seemed like fifteen minutes but in actuality was maybe just five minutes she calmed down and regained her composer. Smiling at me and kissing me she said Bobby you, sweet young man you just made me cum like I’ve never cum before. I then realized I had given a woman an orgasm a first for me. I smiled at her and kissed her saying I’m glad aunt Carol. She kissed me saying Bobby when were together just call me Carol the Aunt Carol just sounds so dirty…. Laughing her face lit up dirty but fun my sweet Bobby.



I still had my finger in her pussy and without warning I began to finger her again, she let out a squeal and said oh my Bobby what are you fixing to do make me cum again, I kissed  her smiling saying sure enough oh you wicked young man I love you so much Bobby I love you to catching myself Carol. I continued fingering her and she responded very willingly with another orgasm not as intense as the first one but a second once just the same. Smiling at my as she sat up and kissing me saying now its your turn. She then began to stroke my rock hard cock with both hands getting my as hard a steel bar. She kissed the head of my cock and began to give me on killer blowjob, in her words as best she could. As much as she wanted to swallow my cock, she said it was just too big. She smiled and said well now Mr. bobby I guess I am just going to have to fuck you, with that she pulled her panties off tossing them in my face laughing saying now look what you did to my panties Bobbie you bad boy you. That was the firs time I truly smelled the scent of a woman it has been imprinted on my brain ever since that day. I have savored many pussies in my day but none as sweet as Carol’s. The then positioned herself over my erect cock and with one hand she steadied herself as she grasped the shaft of my member guiding it into her wet pussy. She moaned and gasped slightly as the head of my cock parted her pussy lips entering her vagina saying my God your hung like a fucking horse if I wasn’t so wet, I don’t know if I could take you. I smiled at her thinking to myself I know you’d find a way. As the shaft of my cock entered Carol’s pussy, I could see the intensity on her face increase as she closed her eyes as she lowered herself down until my cock filled her very wet but tight pussy. Her breathing intensified and she slowly began to ride me, I instinctively began to thrust my hips upward to meet her motions when she gasped saying no, no baby let me do this your so dam big I have to go easy or you’ll split my pussy wide open. I did as she asked and lay back as Carol skillfully began to ride up and down on my cock, she slowly increased her rhythm I reached up and grabbed both of her tits and began to squeeze them and pinch her nipples. She reacted to this with squeals and laughing saying my God this is the biggest thing I’ve ever had in my pussy, dam you Bobby laughing as she increased her pace. She then grabbed both my hands and used them to help steady herself and she began to pound down on my cock,  Carol’s breathing increased with her increasing tempo and I could feel her pussy clenching the shaft of my cock fill her pussy with not so much as a nanometer of space between my cock and the walls of her vagina. She tightened her grasp on my hands and wildly threw her head back as she began to fuck my cock for all she was worth, with in seconds she began to scream oh my God! Oh, my fucking God! Yes, Bobby yes, I’m cumming baby I’m gonna cum oh fuck yeah with that she screamed as her whole body began to shake. I know from before she was having one more orgasm. As she began her orgasm, I could feel the intensity in my cock like it was on fire. I could feel the fire in my balls as the intensity growing so much inside me, I knew I was going to cum. I blurted out oh God I’m gonna cum I’m cumming. Fully expecting the same response my girlfriend would have given I was expecting her to dismount my cock and grabbing her hips began to lift her off when she blurted out no baby no fill my pussy with your load. Well she didn’t have to tell me twice with in seconds I began to pump her full of my cum. She creamed feeling the first hot load of my spunk as it hit the back of her pussy. Each burst felt like fire coming spurting from my cock, her eyes were wide open and the sheer intensity of her facial expression as I felt the cum pumped from my cock was proof positive that she felt every ounce. I could feel my, cum fill her so much it began to seep out and mixed with her own juices produced a squishing sounds. The combination of our fluids combined with the lessoning of my hardon made it easier for her as she continued to fuck me. She now leaned in and began kissing me and licking my lips, we locked in an intense erotic long deep wet kiss, our fluids mixed together making what she later would call our love juice. She kissed me and said I love you Bobby thank you, thank you so, so much for making me feel like a woman again. I said that I loved her too and began thanking her as well. She laughed and said now would you look at us ain’t this a trip.


I laughed and said yeah you might say that, she collapsed on my chest and we just lay there with my semi hard cock still in her pussy. She said now this is all on me I was so dam horny and felling so bad about myself I took advantage of you. I blurted out hey don’t say that, I’ve wanted this for as long as I could remember so like you say nothing to be sorry about sugar. She kissed em again telling me how much she loved me even more now. She smiled at me and said now let me clean you up bay. She lifted herself off my almost flaccid cock, our combined juices oozing from her pussy and the ample amount of our combination of her pussy juices mixed with cum that couldn’t be contained was spread all over my groin. Carol began to lick up every last drop like a mother cleaning her kittens she then began to lick my cock clean, moaning with delight she stuck her fingers in her pussy and placed her cum covered fingers in my mouth which I sucked and licked clean. She then got this gleam in her eye and went down on my cock she gasped and took a breath but not before saying I think I can fit it in my mouth now. She went down on me wasting now time and began to suck and slurp my cock. As she did, I could feel it begin to grow and I began to moan saying oh my God Carol I have never had my cock sucked you are fantastic oh please don’t stop. She began pumping my shaft wither hand as I grew to full hardness She got off of me saying its too big now do you want me to finish you off I just nodded and she began to pump my cock with both hands as she sucked on the head she did this for about ten minutes and I just was unable to cum right then so she said its your turn now fuck me baby as she rolled on her back. I got between her spread legs and with her hand guiding my cock into her pussy eased it in enough to start fucking her. I continued for a while and her facial expression was one of pure joyful lust. As I pumped her, I could feel myself gaining momentum and the cum getting ready to explode from my cock into her once again but this time when I told her I was going to cum she said now baby I want you to cum in my mouth. I pulled out and rolled on my back as Carol went down on my cock putting the head entirely in her mouth as she pumped the shaft with both hands, she was sucking the head as hard as she could pumping my cock with both hands I felt myself explode and skillfully she swallowed every drop of my load continuously pumping the shaft milking every ounce from me. When she was finished, she crawled up next to me wither head on my chest and snuggled into me. I put my right arm around her and pulled her close.  She looked up at me and said so baby was I really good or just ok. Knowing now that she needed positive reinforcement, but it was totally the truth when I told her she was fantastic. I told her she was the first woman to ever give me a blowjob, she said really your kidding me I told her now as much as I begged my girlfriend, she barely licked it. We laughed and I said wow where did you ever learn to do that, she laughed looking at me asking do you really want to know? Sure, Carol said well let’s leave that for some other time ok, sure I was ok with that.


From that day on for over a year and a half Aunt Carol and I were a secrete couple when my parents weren’t home which was a lot being basically empty nesters, so they had a life of their own that did not include me. When ever they were not around, we shared a bed and did everything a couple did. We were seen out and about a few times by family friends, but the reasons given by my mother was that she was trying to help bring me out of my shell and I was accompanying her getting her out of the house back into the social scene. Not a soul ever knew the truth about us, and I didn’t care if they did, we were both what the other needed at that time in our lives. Even after she moved out on her own, we still maintained a sexual relationship as well as being best friends and even went on two secrete vacations together and we even toyed with he idea of going to Hedonism for a wild vacation. She is now in her seventies still a very fit attractive woman who looks much younger than her years and still has one kick ass body, and yes, we still have sex when ever possible. When I told her about my wife’s coming out of the closest so to speak and now bisexual, her first word were Oh really? Hmmm I’ve often wondered what it would be like and wanted to give it a try, asking me to do you think she would consider having sex with me? I told her I would ask but we both agreed that might mean revealing our secrete. Not really a bad thing now thinking about it.


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