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Playing the Trombone


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I was sleeping and having one of my dreams again. In real life, I'm male but I dream about being a hot, horny woman many times. This was one of those times. I was on a boat. I was wearing this white dress with white bras and panties underneath like I'm some pure angel. Needless to say on this evening, I would be the exact opposite. I see this man who is one tall drink of water. Hot as hell. He is wearing this nice tuxedo. I go over to him and we strike up a conversation. We start kissing right there on the deck and things get heated. I start taking his coat off and then I rip his shirt off and basically tackle him to the floor as I'm on top of him. He sits up and then gets me on my back. I'm loving it. He  rips my dress off as well as my bra and panties. He's kissing me on the neck and then I roll over on top of him. We roll around a little bit and then we stand up again as we're both naked. I'm on my knees sucking his cock for a little bit and then I turn him around with his fine bubble ass facing me. I start kissing and then licking his ass and while I'm doing that I put my hands between his legs and start jerking him off. I believe the term is called playing the trombone. I had never tried it but hearing his moans I'm a fucking sexual musician. I don't stop. I'm loving it so much I cum. Then, I notice him quivering. He gives out a big loud moan and he shoots that load. When he got through cumming which seemed like it lasted forever, he took a deep breath. I stood up and we faced each other. He held me, and we were just elated with our heads in the clouds. We grabbed a couple of towels on deck, wrapped ourselves up and retired to our separate rooms. He wished each other the best. I woke up and I was hard as a rock. I had a huge smile on my face the rest of that day. 

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