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Our First date thanks to my wife part 3

Bob Long

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I asked her if she needed a shower as much as I did, and she smiled and said you know I’m a dirty girl now don’t you daddy. I said oh yes you are, and you’ll be schooled and taught a few lessons before our date is over. She smiled and licked her lips and said I think I’d like to apply for extra credit homework. I told her to go ahead and I’d join her in a few minutes as she turned away from me, I slapped her perfect ass with an open palm which gave a nice crack and she actually jumped a bit and said oh daddy! and headed into the bathroom rubbing her ass. I picked up my phone and shot the wife a text asking her what time she was planning on getting home. She replied with in less than 30 seconds with a barrage of questions. Why do you want me to CUM home now, how’s the date going, did you guys fuck yet, I hope you made her cum, save some for me? I was like holy fuck slow down, for Christ sake. She said she was just hanging out with her cousin and thought she might spend the night because they both got quite a good buzz going. I replied back so that’s his name Buzz, home he makes you cum as much as your girlfriend is…. lol Ha! Ha! very funny maybe if I could drive, we would go score some strange cock, but my cousin would shit her pants…lol Have a good time I’ll text you in the morning before I leave.


 I threw the phone on the nightstand and walked into the bathroom where I could see Barb’s opaque figure through full length shower glass. I hit the switch on the wall and the glass now turned clear giving me a perfect image of her glistening wet body as she was soaping every inch of her tits. She turned and saw me standing there with a WTF look, as I stepped into the shower, she said wasn’t that glass I said yes frosted and hit the other switch on the inside shower wall and it went back to frosted. One of my best friends who helped me build our house saw this stuff at a home show it has some sort of gas or some crap in between the glass that somehow changes when a low voltage current in introduced or some nerdy crap like that I thought it was just cool so I had him install it along with a few other cool gadgets. I took her in my arms and kissed her. She put both arms around my neck and pressed her wet body into mine. We kissed and I was feeling her tits and playing with her nipples. She said baby would you wash my back please; I’m having a hard time reaching as she lifted her arms pretending to go over her shoulders exposing her perfect C’s. I took the bar of soap and got behind her and pulled her in rubbing my cock against her wet ass, with both hands I lathered up her tits and played with her nipples. It was so hot feeling her melons slip between my hands as I flipped them up and down and pulled every which way. She laughed and said I guess you forgot my back, without saying a word I lathered up her back and ass and rubbed her inner thighs with the bar of soap until I go to her pussy. I then did my best playing with the bar of soap and finally started shoving it in her pussy. She started bucking her hips with my thrusts. She was getting into fucking the bar of soap but before shoving it all the way up her pussy I pulled it out and slipped it between her ass cheeks. She moaned a little and then said I’ve never had anything up my ass. I said until now and then thought better of shoving the bar of soap into her virgin ass, so I took a finger and slipped it in and began finger fucking her ass. She let out a series of soft moans and I decided to slip another one in. So, I am now fucking her ass with two fingers and I drop the soap and grabbed her 36C titty and began squeezing it and pinching her nipples hard. She actually winced and I was lifting her up onto her toes.


 I decided to back off a little as much as I was dying to ram my cock up her ass, I knew this would take some time and training on my wife’s part, she’s a really good teacher. So, I spun her around and started kissing her and squeezing her tits, she was so into it she bit down on my tongue just enough but not enough to hurt me. I began slapping her tits playfully which she responded to very well I decided enough foreplay and placed my hand on top of her head pushing down she instantly got the message and got down on her knees and engulfed my semi hard cock. She began slurping and sucking and would look up at me with her beautiful eyes as if to be garnering my approval. I softly began stroking her hair and said now that’s what daddy likes. She just replied with an hmm and the twinkle in her eye spoke volumes. She proceeded to work my cock with her hand stroking it and sucking on it tilting her head from side to side. With her other hand she cupped my balls squeezing them just enough to grab my attention. She took her hand from my balls and slid it between my legs and found my asshole. She slipped her middle finger all the way into my ass until she found my prostate. As she sucked my cock with increasing intensity, she fingered my prostate. I let out a long moan and said oh yeah baby. She removed herself from my cock and looked up at me and said I saw it in a porno and have always wanted to try it, does it feel good as she is still rubbing it. I said oh yeah baby it feels great, but it feels better when my cock is in your mouth. She went back to blowing me and before too long I was feeling myself getting ready to cum. I loved cumming in her mouth but just had to fuck her. I told her get up I want you now.


She got up and stood up facing me, I turned her around and told her to hold on, motioning towards a decorative bar which if one thought about it served no other purpose than to hold onto while getting fucked from behind. My nympho wife’s idea. She grasped the bar with both hands and jutted her ass towards me, I got behind her and spread her legs like a cop getting ready to frisk a suspect and when she was ready, I got in close and shoved my hard cock into her wet pussy. I fucked her hard and furious, I could see her tits swinging and swaying rhythmically with my thrusts into her love canal. I would learn that even though she loved being fucked in every position doggy was her favorite. She started getting verbal in between grunts and groans saying fuck me daddy fuck your little bitch whore. Fuck me like the slut I am! I need your cock! The dirtier she got the harder I fucked. This went on for maybe fifteen minutes until I pulled out of her pussy and she turned with a look of I guess disappointment or confusion maybe and I grabbed her and pulled her over to the built in stone bench. I sat down and had her face me and almost rammed her down onto my cock. I wanted her this way so I could suck on her tits and nipples. It didn’t take her more than a second or two to start ramming her pussy down onto my cock taking the entire length into her slippery pussy. She wrapped both arms around my neck as I sucked on her titties and sucked and licked and gently bit her nipples. She decided to help me by placing a hand under each boob and lifted them to my mouth the best she could to help me suck on her nipples. I was sucking and moaning, and she said does daddy like my hard nippies.  I said daddy loves them and wants to suck you like a baby milks his mamma’s tit. She said oh daddy I would love to have you plant your seed in me. I just moaned and said oh yeah would you now, you want daddy to knock up his little girl how naughty.


I switched my concentration from sucking her nipples to kissing her mouth and fucking her with my tongue like she had done to me. I now forced her down onto my rock hard cock with a vengeance. Her legs are so toned and muscular from working out that she could crack coconuts with her thighs. She began to moan and shutter and let out screams oh yes fuck my pussy I’m gonna cum daddy I’m gonna cum fill my cunt with your hot load. We both were getting ready to explode just by sheer coincidence, timing, luck who the fuck cared, but as she tightened up her grip on my cock with her pussy muscles  I began to shoot my load I grunted as I filled her pussy and as the first squirt of my hot load burst from my cock she screamed OH FUCK YEAH FUCKING GOD FILL ME UP!!! Our orgasms were timed almost perfectly. As she shuttered and shook almost convulsing, I kept pumping my cum into her pussy, I gave her at least a half dozen good full pumps every time shooting my load into her. She finally came to a halt and with her arms wrapped around my neck collapsed forward onto my chest resting her head on my shoulder gently kissing my neck. She took a few minutes and looked up at me and said wow! Holy fucking crap Lori wasn’t kidding you’re a fucking machine. I laughed and said yes, I guess you could say that but fucking a hot blonde is the fuel that keeps me going, you’ll see. We both sat for a bit and then got back under the showers, Barb told me to go get comfortable she’s be right out as I turned to leave she playfully slapped my ass and squeezed it saying God you have a great ass, I smile and said why thank you. I went out grabbed a towel and dried off and plopped down face up on the bed.  She came out wrapped in a towel up and said oh crap I forgot something be right back, she returned with a bottle of water and uncapped it and started to put it to my lips, but just before she did, she held out her hand and said take this. Not saying a word but wondering what the hell and before I knew it, she slipped it into my mouth and put the bottle of water to my lips and was almost forcing me to drink. She smiled at me and said one of the perks of being a pharmaceutical rep, it didn’t register at first, but she had mentioned about ED medication but disfunction wasn’t my case, but apparently it had pretty positive results


 I heard her calling me from the bathroom saying I’ll be right out daddy. I said don’t keep me waiting too long. Within a few minutes she came out of the bathroom by exiting from the walk in closet. She was wearing a sheer white blouse tied up around her belly button under which she was wearing a white shelf bra that exposed the tops of her tits and super hard nipples a plaid skirt and thigh high black stockings, her long blonde hair was in pigtails. She walked out and stood looking at me, she said sorry daddy, but I got in trouble today at school please don’t be mad. I patted the bed and said come sit. She said you’re going to be mad at me I know it. I told her in a firmer voice come sit with daddy now. She did as I had instructed, and I asked her so why am I going to be mad at you baby? She said I got in trouble at school today daddy and I got detention. Played right along ok now what did you do now. She said I went to school without any panties and teacher said that’s against the rules. How did he know, no daddy she my teacher is a lady her name is Ms. Lori and she has really big boobies bigger than mine you’d like her daddy? Playing my role, I said I bet I would but how did she know you weren’t wearing panties? One of the mean girls knocked my books off of my desk and when I bent over to pick them up everyone in class saw I had no panties on even Ms. Lori. I said so what kind of trouble did you get into, she said she kept me after class and when everyone left, she made me bend over and show my bottom to her, I said yes then what she then began rubbing my bottom and then she stuck a finger in me! I said oh she stuck a finger in my girlie parts and began pushing it in and out and said you see this is what boys will do to you if they see you’re not wearing panties. I raised my eyebrows and she said yes, she kept doing it and do it and asked me if I like how it felt. I didn’t know what to say so I said yes. Then she hit my bottom with her yardstick saying NO! you’re not supposed to let boys do this to you and then she put her fingers back into my lady parts and kept pushing then in and out until I started to feel all tingly inside and she asked me again if it felt good I said yes and she hit my bottom again with the stick and then she kept it up until I was shaking and I was leaking all over the floor. I said shaking and leaking as I held her hand and she said yes daddy I was leaking from my lady part and right before I did, I couldn’t stop shaking. When I finished, she handed me a roll of paper towels and made me get on my hands and knees and clean up the mess I made. I said good you had to learn a lesson, still in character Barb said yes when I was on my hands and knees cleaning up my pee pee she grabbed me by my hair and as I got up she pushed my face under her skirt into her panties. She said daddy she smelt just like me when I went pee pee on the floor, I’m sorry I couldn’t help it daddy.




She faked some fake crying and I said there, there its ok you couldn’t help it she said yes, I know daddy it just came out of me all gushy. I said yes, it’s called an orgasm. She said a what I said it’s what happens when ladies get all excited and they can’t hold back anymore, and their bodies shake until their lady juices flow out. I said answer daddy honestly did you like the way it felt, she said coyly looking down in her best little girl voice yes daddy it felt really good. I smiled and said that good but now come bend over daddy’s knee and pull your skirt up. She faked the crying even more and said no daddy you said it was ok. I said to her yes having an orgasm is ok but going to school without your panties on isn’t, now come over here and be quick about it girl. She bent over my knee and I lifted up her skirt exposing her perfect heart shaped ass and with the other hand I cupped on of her tits through her blouse and began spanking her. Increasing the speed and force every time, she was crying for real now I believe, or she was a much better actress than I ever imagined. She was saying the old no don’t! stop! no don’t stop daddy. Then she came out with I’ll do anything daddy anything you want please stop. I said anything she said yes daddy anything you want. Do you want me to put your thing in my mouth and suck on it, boys tell me I am really good at it? I was like holy crap this is hotter than hell. I couldn’t believe my wife’s best friend Ms. Professional businesswoman was saying these things and was so into role play. I would come to find out that she was REALLY into role play even with my wife when they were alone. I told her to get up and come put my thing in her mouth and see if you can make daddy loses some of his man juices.


 She popped up and instantly took my cock into her mouth, seeing her head bob up and down with her hair in pigtails was one of the hottest sights I had ever seen. Now I had to get my wife to join in one day wearing her schoolgirl uniform and I would be a happy guy. Barb sucked my cock with her over the top exuberance her head bobbing up and down on my hard rod, her pigtails were flailing wildly as she rhythmically milked my cock. She looked up at me coyly and said how am I doing daddy? I replied you’re doing just fine, but daddy wants to share his man juices with you so keep sucking it out of me. She licked the precum from the head of my cock, enthusiastically said look daddy your leaking. I just moan as she went back to sucking my cock, it wasn’t long before my cock was as hard as steel and my balls were getting hot. I told her lick and suck daddy’s balls baby girl they need some loving too. She took the shaft of my cock and began stroking it and sucked on my balls trying her best to suck them without hurting me.

The thing that most guys never realize, and I have conveyed this to just about every woman who has ever sucked my cock. Most people think a guy getting a blowjob is an act of submission for a woman, but it is really is an act of submission for a man. Think about it a woman has the most sensitive part of a man’s body in her mouth where she could bite down on you at any given second and inflict unbelievable pain or she can squeeze your balls so fucking right that you could pass out from the inexplicable pain she could inflict so who really is in charge during a blowjob?

As she sucked on each of my balls, she would lick them and look up at me an in her cutest little girl voice say Bubbles! Daddy has big bubbles! Now that was an absolute first for me. I just moaned and said yes suck daddy’s bubbles. Without warning she opened her mouth and engulfed one of my balls in her mouth and her lips formed a seal around it and she began to suck! It was a combination of pain and pleasure it did hurt some, but it felt so damn good! She sucked harder and harder and pumped my shaft I was getting as hard as a steel bar. I had to fuck her wet pussy. I told her get up daddy needs you on his bed now. She kept sucking my one ball and slurped and licked it before she released it from her mouth and said bye! Bye! bubbles in that little girl voice. She got up enthusiastically and jumped on the bed kissing me saying oh now what daddy, I like this much more than getting spanked so what now. I picked her up by her waist and put her face down on the bed I stood behind her and lifted up her little skirt and slipped my rock hard cock into her soaking wet pussy. I grabbed her hips and banged her cunt as hard as I could she was grunting and moaning with every thrust. Oh! oh! daddy please oh please fuck me harder I promise I’ll be a good girl and not let the boys touch my lady parts any more only you.


 The sound of that telling me the boys had been touching her made it that much dirtier. I pounded her pussy like a jackhammer. Pulling her hips in toward me with every pump. I then pulled out of her pussy and her juices were flowing so much so she stained the sheets. I had her lay on her side and lifted one leg up in the air holding her legs spread as far as they would go, and I rammed my cock into her pussy fucking her furiously like a man who hadn’t gotten laid in years. With my other hand I grabbed at her tits and squeezed then and pinched her nipples through her blouse. I tore it open and began squeezing and pinching her nipples, I could feel myself tensing up getting ready to cum the entire time she had one hand fingering her pussy working on her swollen clit and she was sweating  and shaking and she began her dialog of dirty little girl speak. Oh, day oh daddy I’m all shaky my pussy is on fire! She started screaming Oh God! Fuck me harder I’m cumming please fuck me harder daddy. I was sweating like I went 12 rounds with the champ. I pounded her wet slippery cunt until I couldn’t hold out any longer. I fucked her as hard as I could and unloaded into her pussy emptying my balls of their last drops of cum. I was spent and almost collapsed on top of her. Barb was panting like she just ran a marathon, a suck and fuck marathon that is. We rolled over on the bed and she snuggled up next to me and said oh so how was I daddy with a little wicked sort of laugh.  I looked at her beautiful eyes and said my God you are fantastic this has been so long overdue. She kissed me several times and said I couldn’t agree more. She sat up on the bed and grabbed a towel and proceeded to clean my face and wipe the sweat from all over me, kissing each part as she did. She kissed me on the lips and said don’t go away I’ll be right back wardrobe change.


 She returned within a few minutes wearing a shiny black PVC corset she had gotten when she went shopping with my wife. She later told me she asked what I like her to wear and my wife told her he loves when I wear this and held up a PVC outfit of some kind and told her I do it because he likes me dressed like some kind of slut but personally It just makes my tits sweat. Barb said right there she knew she had to buy one which I of course paid for with my wife’s generosity. She got on top of me and started riding my half limp cock, leaning in kissing me and saying I want this cock hard; do you understand me! I was like what happened to the little schoolgirl. She reached behind her and grabbed my cock and started pulling at it and leaned in and began mouth fucking me wither tongue. Well I guess the sound of her now being very dominant and wearing that hot sexy outfit and the wonders of modern science I could feel my cock growing. She laughed wickedly and said now that’s a good boy you’re going to fuck me good do you understand. I told her you’ll get fucked, thoroughly fucked and rolled her off me and stood up alongside the bed. I pulled her towards the end of the bed until her head hung off the side perfect for me to shove my cock into her mouth. I said open up bitch, you’re going to get fucked alright and I slid my cock past her lips and right into her mouth and began mouth fucking her. I grabbed both her tits and began playing with them first messaging them then squeezing them and tweaking her nipples and pulling them to make them even harder than they already were. Every time I pinched her nipples, she winced a little and I told her you had better not bite my cock you fucking slut. Her pussy was gushing and slippery I could have stuck my hand in her and fisted her pussy I leaned in and began licking her pussy and flicking her clit with my tongue.


 I spotted one of my wife’s vibrators/dildo’s a pretty large one at least 12 inches and a big around as a beer can Big Johnny my wife called it I believe it was modeled after John Holmes cock left  on her nightstand left there intentionally by my wife or just there by chance I didn’t care I grabbed it and slid it into Barb’s sloppy wet cunt. I began fucking her pussy with it while still pumping my cock in her mouth. She began moaning and I increased my pussy fucking speed and turned it up all the way. She was squirming and moaning and would try and stop sucking me attempting to catch her breath and I slapped both of her its and yelled suck my cock bitch, you want to get thoroughly fucked well you’re going to get it. Maybe you’d like it if I called over a few buddies and have them fuck your whore pussy. This must have struck a nerve and she sucked even harder, she was gyrating and sucking as I fucked her pussy she reached for her clit and began flicking it.  I said maybe you really do need to get fucked and I pulled out of her mouth and climbed on top of her she went to pull Jonny out and I said nobody told you to take it out.


I lifted her legs up and told her to hold them spread wide open for me. I squirted some lube on the head of my cock that was also left on the nightstand some time the wife needed a little help with Bob I had nothing but lustful sex on my mind and I could see the look on her face was both of fear and panic as I was going to shove my big fat cock in her virgin ass. I told her relax and breath it will only hurt a little. I slowly tried to slip the head of my dick into her tight hole I barely was able to get the head in when I would see tears running down her face. I apologized and was about to remove it when she gasped no, no keep going please I want you dick in my ass. I slowly proceeded until the entire head of my cock was in. Now I am not Jonny size by no means, but I am above average in length, so I’ve been told but have a pretty nice girth almost that of Jonny’s and just getting the head of my cock in her was impressive. I held my position as she started to catcher breath and I asked are you ok, she nodded and barely got out a yes and told me to put it in. I slowly began to push my cock into her ass, and she was biting her lip trying her best to take me, but I knew this was enough we would live to experience anal another day. I almost fucked up and was going to just pull out, but I remembered a girl I used to fuck told me that was worse than sliding it all the way in, so I slowly removed myself from her tight little A hole. I lay next to her with Jonny still in her pussy as she softly cried and said she was sorry for disappointing me.


 I kissed her and told her to stop we’ll try another time. She said are you sure I said I’m sure, promise me we’ll try again. I said I promise. She said ok now fuck my brains out. I pulled the rubber vibrating cock out of her wet snatch and slipped my hard cock into her pussy, well I usually last longer after everytime I cum but this time thanks to that pill I’m guessing combined with how fucking over the top fucking hot Barb was I pounded her for twenty to thirty minutes so much so her pussy was drying out and she was getting sore. She pointed to the bottle of lube and said please, so I pulled out and filled her pussy with it and slowly slid my cock back in her pussy. I fucked her until I blew my load into her and could feel my cum and her juices ooze from her pussy and run down both out legs. We rolled over on our sides my cock still inside her totally exhausted I wrapped my arms around her and told her she was fantastic she said she loved me, and I thanked her and told her I loved her two, and couldn’t wait to fuck her and Lori she let out a soft almost purr of a moan and said now that is going to be fun, I can’t wait. The sun was coming up and we just grabbed a sheet and covered up somewhat, when I went to remove my cock, she begged no please don’t I want to fall asleep with you inside me. I kissed her forehead and said no problem anything for my baby girl. Lori found us sleeping in each other’s arms Barb still in her “slutty whore” outfit. Some point during our sleep I she must have had to go use the bathroom or something because she was in front of me with her ass pushed against my still semi hard cock harder than it should have been after night of fucking.  Lori leaned in and smiled and said good morning you guys look like you had some fun. I smiled and said you might say that, she leaned in and kissed me on the mouth and smiled as she obviously tasted Barb. Within a few seconds Barb opened her eyes and let out a soft hey good morning and attempted to get up Lori placed her hand on her shoulder and said no don’t you even think about it.


Lori said I’ll go make breakfast but first I want to change. Her idea of changing was getting naked and slipping in behind Barb. We must have lay there for hours when Lori came back in naked holding two cups of coffee. Asking us if we were going to spend the rest of the day in bed Barb said if you join us. Lori said I’d love nothing more, but we have a ton of stuff to do today. I got up took my coffee and walked into the bathroom. When I came out Lori was in bed facing Barb still dressed in her slut outfit and they were kissing I figured I’d give them their privacy, what the hell it was the least I could do.



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