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Dripping wet


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I’m so horny today, reading some kink gay porn got me there.  Filled with dom/sub, exhibitionism and a ton more.  I pulled out my box of goodies.  Working at home, so I pulled out my nipple suckers, double kiegel balls and cock gag.  My pussy is throbbing.  When I pushed in my kiegel balls, I didn’t need lube, my fingers got coated with my own slick.  The balls firmly in place, I sucked on my coated fingers.  My cock gag now in place.  I wish my bf was here.  I would offer myself up for anything; a paddling, my mouth or any of my holes to be used.  Now for something stronger on my nips, clothespins.  Sitting on my couch grinding my pussy down.  I won’t touch my pussy again til after work.  Maybe I’ll leash myself to the toilet and call him over tonight.  If I’m a good girl and worship his cock, maybe he’ll pink up my ass and make me cum.  Maybe he’ll make me stand, leashed to the shower rod and hold in something big and thick.  The thought of this makes my pussy open and close, begging to be filled.  I hope that you have fun today too

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On 2/25/2020 at 3:10 PM, Lady lover said:

13327FE2-76CB-4917-84E1-D8E11F31CA36.thumb.jpeg.090f99e9bb20aaf2473d522439dd7f36.jpegMaybe this could help you out Slippery?? Hope so!!

Helping my girl friend

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