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 A little prelude to this story, my wife recently ran up a crap load of credit card debt to say the least I was pretty pissed so much so I threatened to take away her precious Black Mercedes she begged and pleaded with me not her car anything but. I let her stew telling her I would come up with an appropriate punishment. Her girlfriend and I one night over a few beers who totally agreed with me that my wife was out of control with her useless spending. She could spend all the money she wanted on herself her girlfriend no problem, but she has some friends who are to say the least a bunch of freeloaders. After a half dozen beers each Barbie said why don’t you threaten to pimp her out, ok I’m listening we concocted this plan where I would take her to a hotel when we got in the room take her phone and her cloths and even disconnect the room phone, so she was unable to leave and leave her there while I went downstairs and rented out her room key. The plan was that Barbie was to tell her that she overheard me planning to do this to basically scare the crap out of her. After sobering up we kind of both agreed that as far as a kinky fantasy went it was pretty good but in practicality not a good idea. So, I just told her to handover her cards and come up with a way to start paying down her debt. She agreed to figure something out which she very quickly did which lead to her working Fuck-A-Ware Parties with her friend from the lingerie boutique where she spent enough money that she should have owned the place.



My wife Lori being the one of the best planner I have ever met, if she wants something, she will figure out a way to get it. On night while out for drinks with the girls Lori was hit on along with Barb and a friend from work and invited to a lesbian orgy, The girl from work Cindy who was much younger and more naive jumped at the offer saying count me in looking at Lori and Barb she said come on you guys it will be a lot of fun, smiling at my wife and winking especially when you and I hook up. My wife said told her afterwards all you have to do is ask sweetie. The dyke who was organizing the party still focused on Lori’s cleavage looked up and said so how about it you ladies in? My wife who is a fantastic poker player said sounds like a good idea we’ll have to check and see what we have planned and let Cindy know. After she left my wife looked at Cindy and said you’re not going got it. Cindy began to answer with some smartass reply like you’re not my mother. Lori put her finger up to Cindy’s lips and said look I have a daughter who is older than you are, so I’ve heard all the smart ass answers before. What if you go there and people take pictures or video of you and post it all over the net is that the way you want to come out, she asked Cindy was speechless, oh I never thought about that. No because your young and dumb, hey its ok we all were once, but you guys can joke all you want and call me mom but I’m not going to let anybody hurt you. If you want to have sex with me, I’m fine with that, the only person you need to ask is her, pointing to Barb. Barb looked her up and down and said I’ll email you an application my wife almost spit her drink through her nose.


  Lori said well I’ve had enough of this place lets go home. At dinner that night she told me all about it and said the idea itself is great don’t you think sweetie looking at Barb. Her reply was jury is still out I’ll have to think about it. My better judgement should have taken over and let it die right there but later on that night while lying in bed watching tv she kept going back to it and saying dam it would be a lot of fun, I’ll convince Barbie Doll to go along with the idea. So, I said why don’t you just have your own party right here? Looking at me I said we have a big piece of property that has a fence around the main compound with security for all of my trucks and equipment state of the art security a frigging pool that hardly ever gets used well except Barb when she does her morning laps, and the house is big enough for a bunch of horny lesbians. Hell, you could even park the bus from Lezzi land in the back if you wanted to. She laughed and rolled her eyes Lezzi land then she got that look on her face the look like I have this great idea, which normally cost me money. She said hand me my phone, I looked at her and said what’s the magic word she said balls as she grabbed mine and squeezed enough to get my attention, needless to say I handed over her phone. She called a friend of named Debbie who owned a high class boutique, downstairs there was a “special department” it’s were all the raunchy lingerie and sex toys and other assorted kinky items were displayed.  I knew Debbie all too well as her store always appeared on my monthly credit card statements. The two chatted for a while and Lori excitedly said REALLY! are you kidding me I’m in. I’ll stop by tomorrow to get all the details. I asked ok what’s so exciting. She said well Debbie is in on the orgy idea she says she has a list of very discrete customers who she knows would love to be a part of it, but the really exciting thing is she asked if I could help her out by being a model at one of her Fuck-A-Wear parties


 I just raised my eyebrows and said I think you’ve already decided on doing this so sure what the hell. Well her first party would turn out to be a big success which just fueled her drive to do more and more. My wife is a success driven junkie if she takes on a challenge it’s not good enough for her to complete it, but she has to over the top succeed in her venture. So, the next day was Saturday she came to my shop to tell me she was leaving for her party and kissed me for about 15 minutes and asked me to wish her luck. Barbie Doll will be home eventually to take care of you. I was surprised and said she’s not going with you; no, she has to go visit her mother but I’m I’ve got my big girl panties on, so I’ll be ok. She was modestly dressed wearing a tight white T shirt under which was wearing a white  push up bra tight fitting jeans and a pair of heels with several other pairs in her bag along with her thigh high black boots topped off with her sunglasses she was wearing soft pink lipstick and makeup but not so much that she looked like a clown. Her friend told her that if she agrees to do more parties, she will buy her all the shoes that go with the outfits in her size. I think that sealed the deal for future parties.


 Debbie told Lori first thing is we don’t use your real name we don’t want any horny husbands tracking you down…lol speaking of which no men are permitted at these parties and are told not to come pick up their wives or girlfriends until they are called, usually not a problem because most of the guest do this on the sly and catch a ride with one of the other guests or drive themselves because they supposedly do this for their men. Lori said that won’t be a problem but what if we go to a party and there is someone there, I know?

 Well you’ll have to be able to deal with that when the time comes but I usually get a guest list ahead of time and call to confirm so I know how much product to bring. Second thing is for the most part these parties are not vanilla because the hostess knows enough not to invite a prude to her party that is unless she wants to embarrass her. The big thing is engagement, the more we get them to try on or use Lori said use? Yes I said use technically for legal purposes you are here to demonstrate the toys and how to use them and model the outfits however the loophole is they are all adults capable of making their own decisions so they are gently encouraged to use any of the demonstration toys they want  in private if they wish but doing it in front of their friends is half the fun and some of these parties can get really raunchy but you and I are a team and something tells me just knowing you and how you are we will make a great team, Lori said it sounds like my kind of fun already.




When she got to the house with Debbie who hitched a ride with her because she liked Lori's Benz a better than her Toyota they pulled into the driveway of a very nice home in a upscale neighborhood when they walked in there were 8 younger women all casually dressed nice looking but not one had a rack that could hold a candle to Lori's 38DD melons all standing up on display. Debbie began the intro and told the women your model this evening is Linda. She will model all of the outfits for you and demonstrate all of the toys, oh and lady’s participation is fully encouraged if she is wearing something, you'd like to try on she will assist you when she makes her next outfit change. All of the toys and outfits are for you to try on and use if you like something and want to order a new one will be mailed to you. Lori handed out pre-registration cards for them to fill out names phone numbers addresses etc. with the names of all the toys and lingerie being modeled and toys demonstrated during the course of the evening.




 Lori then went into the bedroom to change into her first outfit and turn herself into Linda while the women all drank glass after glass of wine which the women who hosted the party provided. Linda returned to the living room wearing a white corset and full back panties with white stocking and matching pumps. She addressed the ladies with what her and Debbie had rehearsed on the drive there. 

Ok ladies we are going to play a game and the winner will get a nice little gift bag that contains some honey dust, a small pocket rocket vibrator, and some flavored lube. The first prize will go to the one wearing the sexiest underwear black is considered the hottest with red coming second and several extra points for matching bra & panties.


 She started working the group saying come ladies let's see your undies a few lifted their tops to show a variety of colors the few shy ones needed help so she would bend over in front and lift their tops with the rest of them cheering her on. One of the shy ladies was wearing hot a pink bra supporting her nice titties. She whistled a cat call and said my, my the shy ones are the sexy ones as she grabbed both her titties and gave them a squeeze. The girl turned red with embarrassment Lori oh I mean Linda said now let's see those panties Ms. Sexy, she protested but her friend seated next to her said don't be such a prude and undid the top button and unzip her jeans as Linda unzipped them an enough to expose a matching pair of panties. We have our first matching set ladies all of them laughed whistled and cheered. Oh, did I tell you that you get extra points and are eligible for a special prize if you remain in your undies. A clever ploy by Debbie who said women are more comfortable trying toys or things on if they are all in their underwear. A few of them stripped down to their undies some just were in their bras and jeans or skirt. When she got to the last lady Melissa a brunette who had a very athletic build taller than my wife, when Linda stood in front of her, she smiled and didn’t even hesitate she peeled off her black tank top to reveal a nice ample pair of 36C titties supported by a black shear bra with red trim her dark areola and perky nipples were clearly visible she then smiled at Linda saying you don’t have to ask em twice honey as she unbuttoned her jeans and started to unzip and pulled them down enough to reveal she was wearing matching black shear panties trimmed in red lace the shear material could not hide her shaved pussy, my wife stepped back and Melissa kicked off her heels and wiggled out of her jeans standing in front of Linda who was eying her up and down and didn’t need much imagination to undress her with her eyes , taking her hand and raising it in the air ladies we have ourselves a winner. All the girls whistled and clapped and cheered her. Linda smiled at her and softly said very nice, Melissa winked and said thank you. She then turned her attention to the shy one in the hot pink bra and took her hand and made her get up off the couch where she was seated drinking her wine and brought her out to the middle of the room with Melissa and said ladies we have two hotties here so I say we give my shy friend a round of applause and as our second place winner who will get a special prize, a date with me! The red came to her face again and then maybe it was the wine but she cheered and kissed Linda on the mouth and said oh goodie I can’t wait; all my wife could do was laugh and said ok me too.




Debbie kept looking at Linda and smiling because she seemed to be a natural at working the crowd, Debbie took center stage and began giving her sales pitch on all of the assorted sex toys that were laid out on the coffee table and card table the hostess had provided. Linda saw all of the women drinking and said hey who does a girl have to sleep with around here to get a drink! Melissa and the shy one whose name was Beth raised their hands and said me. The whole room broke up laughing including my wife and she just said oh baby a threesome how lucky can a girl get, she then took a moderate sized vibrator from Debbie’s hand and walked in front of all the ladies as Debbie gave her sales pitch and rubbed her clit through her panties with it turned on low. When she got to a few of the ladies she would rub it on their crotch and if they wanted, she would let them take it telling them remember lady’s participation is encouraged and encouraged them to take one of the sanitary wipes from the container left of the coffee table. Well Mellissa didn’t have to be asked she took it from Linda’s hand and began to rub herself through her panties and then pulled the leg opening aside and rubbing it on her clit, no she was not shy at all. A few of the ladies gasped but it didn’t last too long, she pulled it out and handed it back to Linda even my wife was a little taken back by how much of an exhibitionist she was. She thought to herself I am not going to let this bitch upstage me I am the center of attention. She then took a magic wand from Debbie’s hand and lay on the floor with her legs spread wide as she rubbed her clit, with Debbie reciting her sales pitch. As she did Linda began to gyrate her hips as she could feel herself starting to cum, next thing she knows is little miss shy took it from her hand and began rubbing Linda’s clit with it intend on making her cum with the big brunette Mellissa joining in the two attempted to embarrass Linda by turning the tables on her. One not to ever lose control she let out and obviously fake orgasmic moan and scream, but her panties were getting wet and she actually was ready to cum, but she stopped herself before it became window shattering. She sat up leg still spread and reached for the wand saying who would like to try. To Debbie’s happy surprise all the ladies took a turn and each one said oh I want one of these, Debbie checking off the boxes on each women’s card.

Linda got up from the floor and said ok ladies we’re are going to take a short break while I go change would anyone like to try on the outfit I’m wearing?


They all looked at each other waiting for one of them to say yes, when one of the ladies who was on the shy side named Sue held up her hand and said I would. Linda smiled and said great and held out her hand and lead her down to the bedroom but turned and said we are going to have another game for a really nice prize when I get back. The two headed off to the bedroom with my wife closing the door behind them.

When they entered the bedroom Linda patted the bed and said have a seat but first get undressed, she smiled at the woman and said let me help you and she stood in front of her and unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it on the bed she looked her as Sue’s hands went behind her back and Linda said no let me and she moved in close intentionally pressing her massive melons into her much smaller breast. She unclasped the bra and pulled it away revealing her perky little young tits, her new shy friend then slipped off her own jeans and panties. Linda said you can leave your panties on under theses if you like as she slid her panties down and wiggled out of them. The woman said no its fine I’ll wear them they match the corset and I wouldn’t want to look funny. My wife eyed her naked body up and down saying my name is Sue reaching out her hand, but my wife gave her a kiss on the cheek and said this is so much nicer than a handshake don’t you agree, she blushed and said oh my yes, it is she looked at my wife and said may I and Linda keeping in character said yes of course and she leaned in and kissed her on the lips softly no tongue just a soft sensuous kiss. Linda looked her in the eyes and said baby your hot, there’s nothing funny about your body. She thanked her and smiled and told her I think my husband will really like this it’s very pretty, but he thinks my boobs are to small and wants me to get them done.


  My wife turned her back to her new friend and said unzip me, she said see you don’t have to lace it every time, just unzip. We may need to adjust it a bit for you. As soon as she was unzipped Linda removed the corset and turned to her now completely naked except for her stockings with it open for her to move in and the woman just gasped and said wow I knew you had a big pair or breast but my God they are magnificent, wow my husband would really love you. She smiled and said yeah, they all do but as much as I like a good dick, I like what we have much better. She looked and said as if she was asking, you’re a lesbian? Linda smiled at her and said yes let me find my membership card patting her naked body oh I must have left it home with my girlfriend she chuckled saying no I’m actually bi, I just like pussy especially my girlfriends. She was full of curiosity asking all sorts of questions as Linda zipped her up and adjusted the laces and tied it cupping both of her breast, she pushed them up to where the almost were spilling out of the top of the corset. Linda told her to sit on the bed as she patted it with her hand and began to remove her stockings. She then reached into the bag and handed her a pair of white thigh highs just like she was wearing and said here put these on as Linda slipped hers off and tossed them in her bag. She offered her new friend her heels, but they were different sizes. She grabbed a hairbrush out of her bag and brushed and teased her new friends’ hair giving her a much wilder look. She took some red lipstick from her bag and said here we need to finish you off and applied it to her lips and put a little blush on her cheeks. Debbie had told her that if a woman looks sexy in the garment, she will buy it and most likely her friends will too. Apparently, she was a real marketing genius, Linda told her ok you look stunning go get em, show your friends what a hot piece of ass your husband married.



 Linda was putting on her next outfit as she was, she could hear all of the women’s voices of approval that little ploy sold 7 out of the 8 women that outfit that night one lady bought the same outfit in two different colors. Linda returned to the living room wearing a black patent leather bra with long fringe and matching panties and her signature thigh high boots Linda strutted her stuff out to the living room, she briefly stopped at the table to pick up a new toy, she sent a quick text to Debbie revenge game for those two who used the wand on me, Debbie’s reply absolutely ! so the two worked very well together as if they had been working these parties for years.  She started off saying now the prize for this game is a pair of Ben Wa balls. Debbie gave her sale pitch on how they worked when they were inserted in the pussy and something as simple as swinging their leg could bring the user to an over the top orgasm. Speaking of Orgasms this little game was thought up by our model Linda, but we need a couple of volunteers Debbie pointed to Melissa and Beth her two friends from earlier who were intent on either making her cum or embarrassing her. All the other ladies laughed, and one said paybacks a bitch. My wife thought to herself oh yes, it is, and her name is Linda. She had them both lay on their back with their legs facing their friends. Linda said I need a couple of assistants before she could say a word her new bestie Sue who was wearing the white corset jumped from the couch eager to help without even knowing what was going to be asked of her. Linda handed her a set of restraints that fastened around the wrists and ankles with Velcro without having another volunteer Linda got down on the floor and straddled Melissa lowering her shiny panty covered pussy to just above her face, her intent was to give her a good whiff of her damp pussy she was partly responsible for. Sue mimicked her and did the same to Beth who happened to be one of her friends actually one of her bridesmaids she later told Linda. They had their arms raised over their heads each securing them around a leg of the heavy oak coffee table. For their legs Linda instructed Sue to use these some long straps intended for bondage play. The secured them to each other’s legs with the metal clasps each cuff had attached to them and the outside legs were secured to the couch.



 Linda got up and wiped her brow and said whew that was work and said let’s have a hand for my lovely assistant who was about to go resume her place on the couch when Linda said wait a minute missy get back here, she then took the wand and handed it to her and Linda snatched a remote control vibrating butterfly off the table and she placed it on Melissa’s crotch. She then said ok ladies the name of this game is the big O, the two girls on the floor looked at each other and one said oh shit, Linda said you do, and you’ll clean it up.

 The object of the game is to see who has the loudest orgasm, no faking now ladies. One of the ladies said what does the loser get, Linda replied she gets to keep going until she has her own orgasm, with that she turned on the remote control and the thing started buzzing almost instantly Melissa started to move her hips and her breathing turned into panting.

 Sue took her que and turned on the wand and pressed it against the front her friends’ panties moving it up and down, her friend started to moan softly. Linda laughed at her and said no the object is who can cum the loudest and she took Sue’s hand forced it harder on her panty covered clit which had a great effect.


Lori has quite the collection of sex toys that would rival most adult toy shops and the wand is one of her favorite’s, so she knows it intimately.


 Linda was not finished with her little revenge she straddled Mellissa and got down on her knees and stuffed he black patented leather covered ass right in Mellissa’s face, and was adjusting the straps on the butterfly telling the ladies it’s very important to get your butterfly cinched up nice and tight so your clit gets the full effect a few of the girls were giggling and Linda could tell they were watching Mellissa when she looked over her shoulder she saw Mellissa trying to flick her panty covered ass with her tongue, being the consummate cut up  Linda said oh here let me help you and pushed back, now face sitting Mellissa with her panty covered pussy. She faked some moans looking at the crowd saying, oh now don’t you wish you were me right now, well imagine doing just this to your hubby driving him over the edge. Oh, silly me this thing has more speeds and held up the remote control and said ok you all can stop me anytime you want as I call out the numbers you say more or enough. Well the mores were unanimous Linda had dismounted Melissa’s face and was standing over her with her shiny black panty covered ass facing the group she was shaking her ass back and forth when she felt a hand on her ass giving her a gentile slap it was her partner in crime Sue. She smiled an impish grin and flicked the wand to high and was working Beth to an orgasm well just by sheer luck or timing Mellissa let out a loud moan and a series of oh fucks! And exploded into an earth shaking orgasm she was panting like a racehorse who had just won the race. Linda said ladies we have a winner, but Sue was determined to not be beaten and feverishly was rubbing her bestie’s clit through her panties. Until she began to quiver and cum but nowhere as loud as her competition. Linda undid Mellissa’s restraints and helped her to her feet and hugged her and said thanks for being a good sport, she leaned into Linda and whispered I deserved that no question. Linda said it’s all in fun smiling at her seductively. Melissa leaned in and whispered I really want to lick your pussy now. Linda whispered back well you may just get your chance.



 She then helped poor Beth to her feet and Debbie took both ladies hands and raised them and said let’s have a round of applause for our lovely contestants. Melissa spoke up and said put one of these things on my list. The other girls were very inquisitive and when she took it off, she said to one of the ladies here try it and placed it on her crotch and handed her the remote that my wife handed to her. All of the girls giggled and laughed. Debbie made the rounds with a few more sex toys. Linda announced ok ladies if any of you like what I’m wearing your more than welcome to come try it on Melissa raised her hand and said I’d like to try it on if you don’t mind, Linda looked at her and said no not at all. Ok ladies we’ve saved the best for last, but I need two more volunteers how about our contestants Sue and Beth ladies, all the girls cheered and applauded so Linda lead them down to the bedroom and she instructed the last lady to close the door behind her. When they were all in the bedroom things were a bit crowded, so Linda said ok me first and she stripped off her outfit and pointed to the bed and told Melissa sit and undress. She did as Linda asked and within a few seconds my wife was completely naked in the bedroom with three strange women, she looked around the room and laughed and said now this is every girls dream, fuck them lets have an orgy! they all laughed still drinking their wine having a great time all of the ladies exclaimed that this was much more fun than they ever imagined and thanks my wife. Linda pointed to Sue and said sit and she did next to Mellissa who was putting on the black bikini top and was fitting her long legs into the boots Linda asked her if she was ok, she said I think so they are a bit tight, pull them off let me show you a trick and took a container of baby powder from her bag and sprinkled some onside the boots and dumped some in her hand and rubbed Melissa’s leg then told her here try it now and just like she knew it would the long black boot slipped up her calf up to her thigh, then she repeated it for the other leg, Melissa sat on the bed with the panties in her hand and said I want to wait until we’re ready to go out I don’t want my pussy to get all sweaty all the girls laughed and were drinking as they all brought their wine glasses with them and a bottle. Sue was helped by her victim Beth out of the corset and stocking. She said to Sue did you have to bang my pussy so hard with that thing I feel like I was gang banged for god sakes they all laughed and Sue said so how do you know what it feels like to be gang banged and they all busted out laughing even my wife. Beth said know now you have us in here all naked, now what Mellissa said gang bang, and they all laughed Linda said as tempting as that sounds maybe later but here and she handed each them some form of lingerie one was a teddy another had a peignoir set, and one bustier all with matching panties, the girls all traded colors until they each had what they wanted and Linda saved a black baby doll for herself. The entire time she was the consummate saleswoman telling them they all came in a variety of colors and were machine washable etc. all Greek to me.


Sue chose the bustier set, Beth went with the teddy and Melissa wanted to wear the Black patent leather outfit that Linda was wearing, Linda said oh shit we have one outfit and no one to fill it. She opened the door and called to Debbie and she came down the hall and asked what’s wrong, she said we need a body when one of the girls said get Karen down here it’s her party, with that Debbie called for her and she came down the hall and asked is everything ok, Debbie placed her hand in the small of her back and ushered her into the crowded bedroom when someone said strip, they all laughed. Karen had a little bit of a shocked look on her face When Sue said we need one more girl and this was your idea, so the friends helped her off with her cloths and she was handed the peignoir which consisted of a pair of white satin panties an above the knee white gown and a long white satin floor length robe trimmed, Linda called out shoe size she responded 8 and she tossed her the white heels she was wearing earlier. She said be careful their my church going shoes and they all laughed, One girl said you look great like you could be on your wedding night, she said hell I was knocked up when we got married they all got a good laugh and Debbie said ok my beauties lets go put on a fashion show. As they were walking out Linda stopped Sue and said sit, she looked at her and said what? Linda said those are crotchless panties so unless you plan on taking it up the ass and she pulled them off of her and turned them around and had her step into them and slipped her the panties up her legs and onto her ass, when she pulled them up and adjusted them Linda took one finger and fond her pussy through the open slit and slipped her finger right in her pussy, Sue gasped but didn’t resist and flopped back onto the bed when Linda’s finger came out, she grabbed for Linda’s wrist and pulled Linda didn’t hesitate and slipped her finger back into her wet pussy. She looked her in the eyes and said well you were asking a lot of lesbian questions before so this is one of the things I do to my girlfriend as she finger fucked her a few times then pulled out of her and placed her finger in Sue’s mouth, hmm now I bet that taste good, Sue had a shocked look on her face as she sucked her own juices from Linda’s finger. Linda smiled wickedly and said well fuck now I have to taste you and slipped her other finger into Sue’s wet pussy and then put it in her mouth sucking her juices hmm you taste great baby/ Smiling she said ok enough of that for now I’ll give you my number if you want to know more some time. Sue was a little flushed and slightly red in the face grasping at the fact that she was just finger fucked by a naked woman. Sue composed herself and look at Linda as she headed out the door and said I think I want to be a lesbian, Linda said I give lessons now go.  Linda turned to Melissa and said do you really need help with these panties as she handed them to Linda, Melissa said I need some other help and spread her legs, my wife doesn’t need an engraved invitation when she sees a pair of spread legs and a waiting pussy. She immediately dropped to her knees and began feverishly licking Melissa’s pussy she slipped one then two fingers in her and continued licking when she found her clit she flicked and licked it feverishly and began fingering Melissa’s G spot. One thing my wife’s girlfriend will attest to is for someone who has only been in the lifestyle for a short time she eats pussy like a pro. Melissa began to shake and shutter and within a few minutes from the onset of this she had an explosive orgasm. Melissa was panting and trying to catch her breath and said my fucking God do you have a motor in your tongue. Linda just stood up licked her lips and smiled and said no I’m just that dam good at licking pussy just ask my girlfriend. Melissa said I hope I get the chance to do that one of these days. Linda threw her the panties and said quick put these on and tossed Melissa the black patent leather panties,

 Linda then stepped into a pair of black sheer panties and pulled the shear black baby doll nightie over her head, grab me a pair of black stocking out of my bag Mellissa did and helped her slide them up her calves and up to her thighs

and looked at her and said you do know that you owe me now. Melissa smiled and said no problem I always pay my debts Linda smiled and said oh you will and said here help me on with this and handed Mellissa an eight inch strap on. Melissa’s eyes got wide and said wow you really and Linda said yes, I really am. Let’s go put on a show.



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