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Hotel sex during pandemic


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As an Engineer I have been deemed essential as construction is allowed to be ongoing, working 80 hours a week to maintain deadlines and not having time to beat off off has become problematic. After a quick 6 hour ride home this weekend, I played with my girlfriend and got off many times, however I unfortunately had to leave early Sunday to return for work. Sunday afternoon I arrived back at the hotel and once settled in I decided to pour myself a healthy glass of Bourbon grabbed my trusty humidor and fished out a Romeo and Juliet cigar, practicing this new social distancing shit I found 3 guys outside doing the same thing. All of them were smoking their cigars and no one was talking and I positioned myself at the fence line overlooking the river. Half way through my cigar an elderly man walked up and asked if I had a light, I handed him my windless lighter and he lit his cigar. This really sucks, no place to eat and have a beer, yea I know it really sucks, what are you drinking he ask, Bourbon I replied. I’m a dumbass and didn’t buy any so it’s been a dry weekend. 

Well Sir if you want a strong straight up drink I have a bottle that I would be willing to share. He smiled and said that would be great, so I went to my room and brought down the bottle of Bourbon and a glass. As we sipped our whiskey and puffed our cigars we discussed all sorts of bullshit associated with this shutdown. I learned he too was working on the same project I was but oddly had never met him before but I knew he was who he said he was as he described the job site. As we finished our cigars the conversation had turned to personnel stuff, over the course of an hour we had almost polished off the bottle and feeling bold I said well looks like it time to go to my room and do what men do by themselves. He laughed and said well he was tired of being by himself , my ears perked up saying yea it’s always better with someone else instead of flying solo. Now that the conversation was going in my favor we talked about what it is that we do in private and fantasize about. 

He admitted to fantasizing about sharing his sexual secrets a like minded guy and I admitted to this as well. Being not drunk but feeling bold I said why talk about it let’s act them out. Without hesitation he agreed and as if we were on the same wavelength he suggested the same thing. We decided it would be my room as I had more bourbon that needed to be consumed, and sitting and talking we could read each other and his constant rubbing of his crotch made me horny. Sometimes it’s hard to break the ice so I said well if we are going to play I need a shower 1st and he smiled and said is their room for 2 in there? We undressed and headed for the shower, his manhood hung there half hard and his super hairy body had my cock rock hard, once in the shower he reached for my super hard cock and said mind if I wash you? Please do I said, he lathered up my cock and balls and worked his way around to my ass, by now he was now rock hard as he worked the soap between my ass cheeks. I washed his cock and balls as well but he was infatuated with my ass. He whispered have you ever had a cock in your ass, many times I said and I love it. At that moment he eased a finger into my ass as I moaned deeper, fuck I was so horned up but if I was going to get fucked I wanted to be clean, so I said listen if you want to fuck I need to be clean, I carry an enema kit with me, be patient and let me clean myself he smiled and said let me help you. With the shower still steaming up the bathroom I went and got the enema kit and he helped me get set up and all this while I stroked his wonderful fat hard cock. As I sat on the toilet dumping my self his fat cock was probing the back of my throat. Nice and clean I showered as he scrubbed my ass again. With out drying off and soaking wet we walked to the bed where he bent me over and proceeded to lick my ass hole, he said how does that feel? Reach around and find out, I was leaking precum like never before and we immediately swallowed each other’s cocks. 69ing Is one of my favorite things to do and he too was really good at it. For a married man he was really good at sucking cock. After an hour or so of mutual sucking and teasing he said I need your ass, as I positioned myself on my back he lifted my legs over my head and slowly guided his cock into my waiting ass, fuck it felt so good and he was wonderful and knew how to get me off, I cummed so hard as his cock worked my ass. Seeing me cum all over my chest did something to him, he pulled out and ate my cum off my chest and went back to fucking me, he whispered can I cum in you? Of course and he gave me some intense thrusts and let loose a huge load and as his cock was pulsating I once again cummed. As he finished with his cock parked in my well fucked ass he just stared at me and said that was so fucking awesome. He rolled over and layed there and said can I admit something? Of course, your ass is my 1st ever in my entire life, it’s always been one of my greatest fantasies and it was well worth waiting for. All I could say was what the fuck, I would have never known because it was so good. One never knows what may happen, enjoy and take chances, sometimes they really work out. 

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I go on short term business trips and have enjoyed the same interaction with cool guys. Never really seek the adventure but open to conversation when it cums up. Enjoyed your story and planning a business trip.

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