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First sex awareness

Gee Ell

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I posted this in Introduction, but I'd like to hear from others.  It can be a terrifying topic so I'd ask you new friends to remind us that first experience, solo or with another or just witnessing, can be healthy and a good memory.  OK here's my intro:  Geriatric sex seems to still be a Don'tTalkAboutIt.  I'm 73 this year, sagging but not overweight.  My wife is 18 years younger.  My ease of erection and the delightful sensations of sex have never diminished.  I know my wife's clit pretty well by now, I wish making ME come were as easy for her.  Let me tell about my first awareness of sex:  fifth grade - ten years old, school had those 1" dia. climbing ropes in the gym.  We'd grab two adjacent and "skin the cat," flipping feet over head.  The girls were all in skirts so their panties would show for a moment.  My heart races just remembering, but my penis began to wake up, too.  When climbing the ropes, later in the class, I experienced the most delightful but unfamiliar sensation as the rope slid through my crotch as I climbed.  I took my time climbing to the top and came down slowly.  Oh, my.  It was another year before I learned to masturbate, but that's another story.  Oh, and the next year the PhysEd teacher made the girls bring in jeans to put on under their skirts so their panties wouldn't show.  But I can still see them.  Proud to say it did not make me a pedophile.

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