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I was dreaming the other night. In my recent dream, I'm in the massage parlor, and I working as a masseuse like Jennifer Love Hewitt in The Client List. This strong man comes into the place. He's a good 6-foot-1 and around 230-pounds of pure muscle. He was tan had big biceps and six pack abs with real muscular legs. He was feeling tense and wanted me to relax him. I got on the massage table. I started rubbing his shoulders and his back and then he wanted to turn over. I started rubbing his chest and then he grabbed my head and brought me in for the kiss. His tongue slid in my mouth and we had a nice little mouth action. Then I started kissing his chest, abs and of course I went down to his waist and he was wearing a towel. I pulled the towel down and saw that big rod. It was a good 8.5 to 9 inches. I started sucking on it some then I got up on the table and started straddling him. I didn't put his cock in my ass, but I did jerk him as I was on top of him. He was into it as he was moaning really loud. It wasn't long before he shot his wad as his cum covered his chest and his stomach. I proceeded to lick his body clean as I enjoyed his spunk. He paid me my money and then he left. He also left me a little note. It said, "Thanks baby. I would love to do this again. I'll call next week." I couldn't help but love it. The second session wasn't really a massage. I got on the table and sat up. The table was big enough for him to get on it to and stand over. The position he was at and the position I was at, His cock was directly in my face which was good because I wanted him to face fuck me. He did. His cock was going in and out of my mouth. I was slobbing on his knob and playing with his balls. He moaned even more and let me know what was about to happen as he said, "I'm going cum on your face. I'm going to cum on your fucking, god damn face you slut." He shot his load all over my face and some of it shot a little past my head. I took my finger and gathered his cum and put it in my mouth. He left again and he was happy and so was I. All of a sudden, I woke up and it was time to start another day. Needless to say, I was happy that morning. 

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