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. A while back my wife  Lori went through some mental and emotional turmoil during her bout with menopause and her treatment for it that came earlier than normal for most women her hormones were whacked out and sex was off the table,  Besides the lack of desire she was miserable headaches, her body was sore getting bloated and she being the gym rat she was found this very disturbing. So, on the advice of her Dr she sought out the advice of a female colleague who specialized in such issues and was also a licensed  a sex therapist.

So, my wife made her first appointment for the following week  she planned on leaving work early a so she could stop by on her way home. Well her first session was just a one on one  and the Dr. getting to know my wife and what was bothering her how she was feeling etc. So, after 20 minutes or so she had my wife go into an exam room and instructed her to disrobe. My wife noticed no gowns like at her regular gynecologist or her regular Dr. So, she stripped off her cloths and neatly hung her slacks on the back of the chair and folded her blouse and lay it neatly on the chair. Waiting patiently  for a few minutes there was a gentile knock on the door and the nurse came in and said OK Lori we’re going to take come blood the Dr. wants to run  a full battery of test on you to check your levels When the Dr. returned, she was wearing a white lab coat and looked over her glasses saying please remove your bra and panties for the exam. My wife complied and was standing there naked with the Dr. ask questions about tenderness of her breast and felt her massive 38DD tits and gave them a good feel great no abnormalities she began to play with her nipples she explained I want to see the level of sensitivity of your nipples asking are they normally sensitive. Oh yes very much so my wife replied but that was before this shit.

Keeping my wife engaged in conversation and made sure they maintained eye contact as a distraction to what she was actually doing. She stopped and said to my wife I’ve been pinching your nipples for the last few minutes and trying to see how much I could do until you actually felt what I was doing. Next, she pulled something out of her lab coat it was stainless steel and hand a handle with something that resembled a pinwheel, it was called a Wartenberg wheel a neurological tool used to check nerve sensitivity . She proceeded to run the wheel over her breast and eventually her nipples because of the tiny needle like points on the wheel she did actually feel it and she smiled saying I guess I’m not dead yet. Dr. Dianne smiled and said your far from dead and some like to use this during foreplay raising her eyebrows.

 Lori smiled saying kinky well Lori perhaps you’ll want to bring one into your love making when we “get you right” as you told me on the phone. Patting the exam table, the Dr said hop up on the exam table. The nurse assisted her and placed her feet in the stirrups. With gloved hands she probed her vagina and spread her labia and the nurse handed her a swab and she took some sample of her vaginal fluids or lack there off. After the battery of test. She had my wife hop off the table and saying OK next test. She had the nurse hook a bunch of probes up to her  so she could monitor heart rate, pulse etc. Still naked my wife said what’s next your going to put a probe in my pussy, laughing Dr. Di said no not yet but if you really want to, we can skip ahead and I’ll go get one, my wife was like holy crap and then she cracked a smile gotcha! She laughed. What came next took my wife a little by surprise, Dr. Di picked up a remote and turn on the flat screen and there was a couple fucking. My wife was sitting naked watching porn hooked up to a bunch of wires. Now this was a first even for her, the purpose of this was to see well for a lack of a better term, turned her on. The types of porn varied  and funny even though this was before she came out her level of excitement increased when there was girl on girl porn, (personally I really  wasn't surprised). The entire time Dr. Di was asking questions and taking notes.

After maybe 20 minutes or so she clicked off the TV and said OK you can get dressed now I’ll have Kathy come in and help you clean up.  When Kathy handed her some wipes she laughed saying saying  gee thanks I was just enjoying myself Kathy chuckled saying sorry Dr's orders but if you like I can loan you a DVD for home. When she got dressed, she went into the Dr’s office and had a seated.  Dr Di explained what she thought was going on but wouldn’t be able to come to a more solid conclusion until she got all of her tests back. Dr. Dianne asked her so what did you think of your first session. Lori responded well it was different that’s for sure, do you want to continue Lori she asked.  Oh yes most definitely, I do, I want to at least give it a couple of weeks. Ok great we’ll see you next week then.


When I asked how it went, she just said ok and didn’t give me many details at least not the important ones, oh they took blood and my vitals asked a few questions did some tests you know Medical stuff, I’m going back next week. Great was all I could say, Lori continued her visits  for the next three weeks then into the following month. With every visit she seemed to be happier and  more like her old self. She finally opened up to me giving me ALL the details with the excitement of a giddy schoolgirl was my little vixen coming back.


  According to Lori the visits were very sensual even  erotic she had my interest peaked. Now for the good part she smiled and said you’re coming with me next time I was like I am she took my hand and said yes you are. I told her I was really excited about going which I truly was.

Well between her first session and when I went with her not much happened, at least not as much as I had hoped for anyway. So,  I finished up work and Lori told me make sure you shower and put some nice cloths on, you don’t always have to look like you just got off your Harley or from under a truck. I came out of the shower and she had clothes on the bed. I sat here getting dressed and Lori came out of the walk in closet wearing a tight fitting top that bared her shoulders which got my attention a brand new pair if jeans that fit tighter than she normally wears they accentuated her beautiful round ass, her jeans were tucked into a pair of ankle boots. Her hair and makeup were done, makeup? she hardly ever wears makeup she smiled and said what I said nothing well your looking at me, I said yeah you look hot she blushed a little saying no I’m not hot. Ok don’t believe me if you don’t want to, but you are I replied. I stood up from the bed and she reached out and took my hand saying come on lets go I don’t wan to be late. She smiled hey its like going out on a date. Yes, it is if you like we can stop off for a couple of drinks on the way home that would be great. This coming from a women who barely spoke to me in the last couple of months and she’s holding my hand talking it being like a date and going out for a  few drinks.

We get to the Dr. office I mean clinic as my wife corrected me and went inside, we sat in the waiting room  for a few minutes until an attractive brunette wearing a very form fitting leather outfit came out and greeted us, we stood up and her and Lori arms stretched out both hugged each other and kissed on the cheek, my lesbian fantasy brain kicked into high gear Lori took a step back and looked her up and down saying look at you wow you look amazing I love the outfit I don’t think I could pull off wearing that, she thanked Lori and said oh of course you could honey saying you’re looking pretty hot yourself Ms. Lori I put my hand out saying nice to meet you Dr. they both laughed Lori saying no this is Kathy Dr’s assistant. Ok small talk was over, and we went into the office Kathy said the Dr. will be in to see you shortly and left.

I told her you’d rock that outfit baby you’d be smoking hot. She smiled and thanked me, there was a light knock on the door, and it opened and in walked Dr Dianne they called her Dr Di for short. Lori introduced me this my husband Bob, nice to meet you she replied I’ve heard a lot about you. We sat down and  her at her desk flipped open a folder and was reading the report she had complied. Well, what happened to your wife is not all uncommon the drugs her Dr prescribed for her caused her hormones to go bla, bla, bla, I said sorry in English please. The medication Lori was prescribed  wreaked havoc on her hormones where instead of helping her they hindered her, not only losing her sexual desire, but causing her extreme vaginal dryness, confusion and irritability, yeah that was a real biggie.

Well I’ve started Lori on a new regiment of medications and therapy sessions, and  she seems to be progressing nicely. I nodded and said I noticed a change. Therapy I asked inquisitively, she replied yes Bob I am not just an MD but I am also a licensed sex therapist and this part of my practice is known as The Sexual Healing and Enhancement Center you see sometimes it not just about the meds being off but the emotional side of ones sex drive is out of balance as well. If a woman doesn’t feel attractive there is no drug in the world that’s going to make her want to have sex and Lori has opted to join the program and participate in our advanced enhancement program.

 Lori still holding my had looked at me smiling, she said I’m doing this for us, I smiled back and said I know thank you. Ok so how do I fit in I’m thinking am I hear just to be told some clinical talk and have a nice night. Almost like she was reading my mind Dr Dianne, said now you must be wondering what am I doing here, yes, the thought crossed my mind. She proceeded to tell me we have helped your wife reconnect with her body and the joys of her sexuality intently listening we’ve taught her how to explore her body, enhance her libido naturally, different methods of stimulation and diet exercise.

 Lori has been an outstanding subject meeting and exceeding all of the goals set for her and she had become more than a great patient but a friend we all love your wife. Now lets get down to the reason you’re here tonight Bob, Lori has reached the point in her therapy where its time to make love and we only suggest using a surrogate if she didn’t respond to the treatments  with you, but something tells me that’s not going to be a problem. Ok I’m willing to do my part I guess, Lori smiling give me a fake punch in the arm willing to give it a try, looking at the Dr laughing said now what was the name of that surrogate, the both of them had a good chuckle at my expense. Ok where are we, Dr Di said why not right here in my office. Lori stood up took my hand and looked at the oversize plush leather couch took my hand and lead me to the couch, and we sat down. Thinking to myself ok in front of a another person man this therapy really has made a change. Ok lets get this party started Lori said as she began kissing me, softly at first and I reciprocated when I got a little too aggressive, she didn’t so much as push my hands away but held them softly saying soft and easy lets take out time and enjoy each other. So, I did as she requested and the pace of things began to increase our kissing became more passionate until we were both enthralled in passionate tongue kisses, Lori was running her hands through my hair and I began fondling her big tits through her top, gently but firmly I was remembering  I was cupping her breast lifting them as I slid my open palms over then over her hardening nipples and letting then fall under their own weight. Before long I had my hands under her top and was fondling her melons, her breathing had increased and she stopped kissing me for a moment  to remove her top I helped her lift it up over her head to reveal a white floral pattern shear lace bra which chad she purchased just for the occasion.


My eyes were drawn to her massive tits like a moth to a flame. She smiled asking if I liked her new bra. I said like it I love it, she was now sitting on my lap facing me wither tits in my face I feverishly licked and kissed her big tits which looked magnificent in her new bra which I found out later cost around $150, she whispered its expensive please be careful with it. I stopped for a minute and said well we don’t want anything to happen to it so lets take it off, she smiled and began to reach around her back and I stopped her and kissed her intently and reached around and gently unhook the clasps and returned my hands to her breast gently massaging them she then took both my hands and held them by the wrists as she let the bra fall and with one hand took it and tossed it across the room to an empty chair. I now licked her breast and she whispered oh yes just like that like your licking an ice cream cone that’s it baby, eventually making my way to her nipples where I proceeded to suck them with increasing intensity. Lori was moaning with pleasure softly saying oh yes, yes baby that’s what I like. I alternated between her breasts taking the occasional break to French kiss her and we play tonsil hockey. She put both hands under my shirt and began massaging my chest pinching my nipples. Looking down at me she exclaimed no fair you have my shirt off and proceeded to pull the shirt up and over my head, until we were both bare chested and I could feel her tits rubbing my chest as we kissed. She moved her torso from side to side ever so gently causing her tits to rub across my face and mouth, she would take turns holding each breast to my mouth and tell me to suck her titties. By now I was getting hard as a rock especially because of her dry humping my cock through my jeans.

I undid the top button on her jeans and ran the zipper down barely gaining access to her panties. She said help off with these will you baby, as she hopped off the couch and stood next to me, she wiggled her nice round ass and turned and bent over showing me that her panties matched her new bra, aren’t they pretty baby oh they sure are. I placed both hands on her ass cheeks as she wiggled her hips again firm but gentile. She kept backing towards me so I started running my hands up and down her inner thighs eventually finding her now really moist pussy which was covered by the white satin  panel covering her pussy which she later on that night confirm was pulsing at that point like a base drum. I proceeded to slip them off her round ass which in my opinion was perfect. I tossed the panties in the same direction she earlier tossed her bra. She was now fully naked,  and I was rubbing her pussy mound with one hand and caressing her ass cheek with the other hand. She was facing away from me bent over at the waist holding and rubbing her tits as she gyrated her hips with me massaging her pussy. I found her clit and it was like I flipped a switch. She thrust much harder and let out a fairly loud moan. She then turned around and reached for my jeans saying you need to get these off, please get them off now! And I no sooner undid the top button and started pulling the zipper down she had both hands on the waist band and was pulling them off, once they were off I think she just tossed them over her shoulder. She didn’t even have to speak a single word as I knew my briefs now stained with precum were next. She had  them off me in a second and then got on the couch pushing me back and she got on top of me.

She proceeded to rub her clit on my cock but being careful not to allow penetration. She picked up pace and her massive tits were swinging rhythmically matching her hips motion. She picked up the pace faster and faster I was about to massage her tits and she pushed my hands back and grabbed both of them and began rubbing her nipples wither open palms. She had to let go of her tits and place her hands on my shoulders for support. She continued rubbing her clit against my cock until she began to shutter and shake and scream, and I do mean scream I’m gonna cum God I’m cumming! Oh, my fucking God ! Yes! Yes!!

Her entire body began to shake and shutter she straighten up her and had her head thrown back eyes closed as she continued her bucking motion as she had the most explosive orgasm I’ve witnessed since I met her, and she had some doozies. Her juices were dripping from her pussy and running all over my crotch  and I actually felt some start to run down my inner thigh. I looked up and her and said WOW I’ve never seen you cum like that before your absolutely amazing. She leaned in and kissed me on the lips saying don’t you ever forget it baby I’m the best piece of ass in the state. Man, I was really loving her boosted confidence. She slid back enough for my rock hard cock to be exposed, as it did It pointed skyward hard as stone. Lori looked at it smiling its time we take care of you baby you just sit back and leave it all up to me. I just smiled back its all yours baby. With that she pushed with her knees lifting her hips up off the bed and she maneuvered herself over my shaft and teasingly lowered herself just barely rubbing the head of my cock with her wet pussy lips. She would lower herself again with the head just barely breaching her opening as I tried to thrust my hips upward to shove my cock into her, she playfully smacked my hand saying no! I said this was all on me your cock now belongs to me baby. She continued her teasing for another few minutes, but it felt like an eternity. Without warning she plunged herself fully down the length of my cock until our bodies touched. She then began to rhythmically move her hips almost like she had before riding my cock, she was on her knees and as she thrust, she squeezed her thighs and I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock. As she rode me she was milking me, her pussy felt like a velvet hand stroking my shaft she would continuous this for several minutes when she took my hands and placed them on her tits and saying rub my nipples baby which I did and as I had before open palms cupping her breasts and rubbing her nipples with my palms, she began to pick up her pace. As she did, I began to gently pinch and pull at her nipples rolling them between my fingers.

She now would ride the full length of my shaft until the head of my cock was just about to pop out then come back down and repeat it over and over again Saying I want to enjoy every inch of your cock baby and I am going to make you cum like you’ve never cum before and fill my pussy.  I can’t begin to describe how turned on I was getting just by her words. My cock hadn’t been this hard in I don’t know how long if at all. I could feel it pulsating and throbbing, my balls were slapping as she slammed her body down on my cock. This went on for what felt like forever but in reality, was maybe 20 minutes. She told me she could feel my body start to tense up and she knew by my increased breathing  that I was getting ready to cum

In a very sultry voice began to say that’s it baby cum  for me cum in my pussy, baby fill me with your hot steamy cum! I couldn’t hold back any longer and began to moan out loud oh my God fuck baby I’m cumming I’m cumming encouraging me on she said yes baby, yes come for me cum in my pussy as she continued to pound herself down on my cock. With one final thrust I met her pussy and exploded into an eruption of cum, she let out a scream oh God ! my fucking God! Yes, I continued to grunt with every pulsation of my cock, and it felt like a gusher of cum was leaving my cock filling her up just as she asked me to. The head of my cock was still pulsing after I dumped my load and she collapsed onto my chest and just purred she giggled and said I can still feel your cock pulsing in my pussy. We both chuckled when  I said now, I wonder why that’s happening. We took a moment to compose ourselves and get back into reality. She straightened up and fixed her wild hair with her hands and just happened to look to her left and I did as well both realizing the Dr. Di was still seated at her desk where she had been the entire time observing us my wife looked in the direction of the office door and there was Kathy standing there smiling.


Dr. Di broke the silence by saying bravo, bravo you two and she clapped as did Kathy. Well I must say Lori I am beyond beaming with pride at how much of a shining example you are. Lori blushed a little saying thank you well you guys were amazingly helpful in getting me to even want to have sex again much less to this point. The casualness of the conversation amazed me as we were still both naked with my cock still inside my wife’s pussy. How do you feel Bob she asked I responded amazed Lori was always a great lover since the first time we had slept together but this was incredible. She said Bob you know she told us that you are a big part of the reason why you and she were so good in bed together, you’re a very attentive man Bob you should be proud and a man who can follow directions I am really impressed. Ok you two you can go get cleaned up in the shower in my bathroom pointing towards the door and I’ll see you tow next week ok. Within seconds Lori hopped off my cock  and got to her feet and went over to Dr Di and gave her a big hug, a little teary eyed she thanked her for getting her to this point almost. Lori you should be thanking yourself you should be very proud of yourself you’ve worked really hard to get to this point and we have a ways to go but I am confident that you will be my shining star. I got off the couch with my half erect cock dripping Lori’s juices mixed with my cum, I didn’t hug Dr Di but thanked her she smiled saying see you next week. We walked into the bathroom and Kathy smiled and said you guys were amazing now go shower and have fun on the rest of your date night I’ll walk you out when your finished. While in the shower Lori laughed saying most people have sex at the end of their date but not us, nope we both were laughing. I enjoyed soaping her up and had to remember Kathy’s words just as we entered the bathroom, no shower sex you two at least not yet anyway. We showered and Lori broke the rules a little while she knelt down and sucked my cock a little, I so wanted to  do this before I’m sorry baby. She made short work of my hardon and swallowed my entire load every last drop and then kissed me and I could taste my cum in her mouth and she said I love you baby I love you two I replied. She said ok lets get dressed and get out of here I’m starving take me some lace nice and feed me. Our night when arrived back home was a milder version of our earlier exploits, Both the entire time at dinner and when we were laying in bed, we talked about every little last detail of our session with the good Dr. I asked her to tell me what her therapy sessions were like before tonight and she said I promised I wouldn’t reveal anything until after I graduated. I laughed and said are you going to walk up naked wearing one of those hats to get your diploma in front of an auditorium full of people, she laughed and said your such a jerk as she playfully punched me in the arm.

 I then attended several sessions with her, always  she would review the prior seasons video and we would talk about it,


No, she laughing and said follow me with Lori holding my hand she said we’re going into one of the therapy rooms, it will be fine you’ll see. Then go have sex, make love .

 Lori was very enthusiastic about our therapy sessions. Dr.Di as we call her was blown away when Lori told her I don't want to make love, hesitating momentarily she ask why may I ask you’ve been making fantastic progress. Lori boldly said I want to get FUCKED! THOROUGHLY FUCKED. Dianne chuckled and said then have it.

So as before we got undressed right there knowing we would have our audience to perform.  We both stripped off our cloths as fast as possible and were all over each other in seconds kissing passionately our hands all over every part of each other’s bodies, she grabbed my cock and began tugging and stroking saying things like I need your cock baby I want you to fuck me hard, fuck me like the whore that I am. I had one finger in her pussy, and she was so wet she obviously didn’t need foreplay, she confessed later that she had been dreaming of this all day.  I sucking her nipples and kissing her big tits cupping one with my free hand while still fingering her pussy with the other. She was meeting my thrusting finger by gyrating her hips and began moaning  and had her eyes closed and head thrown back. I took this opportunity to start kissing and biting her neck, which she reacted to by moaning  and say oh yeah  baby I need your cock. Oh, do you really need my cock well get on your knees and suck it bitch. I pulled my finger out of her pushy and grabbed her shoulder and made her get on her knees, truth be known she didn’t need much encouragement. She began feverishly sucking my cock like she hadn’t had any dick in forever, the entire time she was massaging her 38DD melons and palming her nipples. She was sucking and slurping and took a break looked up at me and said I’ll suck you off if that’s what you really want baby but I really need your cock in my pussy. With my hand on her head I guided her back to my rock hard cock that was glistening from her saliva telling her maybe I’ll fuck your hot pussy or maybe I’ll just fill your belly full of hot cum. Fully knowing I was planning on fucking her but simply was playing along getting caught up in the moment.

She sucked me harder and faster her head bobbing in and out on my shaft she was on a mission to bring the cum form my balls regardless of its final destination. I grabbed her by the hair pulling her away from my throbbing pulsating dick, that was now fully erect and ready for her. I grabbed her by the waist with both hands and spun her around and bend her over Dr. Di’s desk she supported herself wither forearms staring her right in the face as I mounted her from behind and with little effort shoved my hard cock into her wet pussy. I began to fuck her at a nice steady pace which picked up quickly to a fast hard pounding. She was now making eye contact with Dianne and the two were locked together Dianne commented that she had such an intense look of pleasure as she was getting the thoroughly fucking she had so demanded at the beginning of the session, I too had this look of lustful determination with every thrust of my cock a man truly on a mission.

This lasted maybe ten minutes until I decided we were switching positions and pulled my cock form her dripping wet pussy, she blurted out oh no please, please don’t stop. I led her over to the couch and had her sit back and spread her legs as far apart as she could, and I then thrust my hard cock back into her pussy and grabbed her legs and began to fuck her wildly. She screamed OH YES! YES! FUCK me, Fuck me hard baby. I could feel my balls slapping her ass as I pounded her, her massive tits flattening against her chest but still flailing wildly with each pump, she cupped bother tits and was pinching her nipples I was sweating like I was in a title bout with the chap. I could feel my balls and the sensation in my cock was telling me I was going to cum so I pounded her pussy with as much intensity as I could muster and without warning started top pump buckets of cum into her so much so it was spurting out of her and with every stroke there was a squishing sound, When I finally finished pumping out the last stream of cum, she looked up and said now I was just thoroughly fucked  looking up at me she had a big smile and said wow. Lori then looked at Dianne with my cock still in her pussy saying I can't wait till next week's visit. Dr Di said I think I need a cold shower after that holy moly you guys are intense. Lori my God for such a sweet little thing you sure can be let’s just say intense. Lori laughed as I pulled out, I just call it horny


 Her/our therapy went on for almost a year the entire time we were having sex at home but Lori admitted she was really enjoying having sex in front of Dianne as she made her feel very sexy, and sensuous, and special so we shouldn't let on that we were having sex at home because she feared she wouldn't see us again  but that surely wasn’t going to happen.

One of the first things Dianne talked about when they started her therapy was a sex segregate if Lori wasn't willing to at least try having sex with me maybe I was the problem and not her, but Lori assured her no it was her that had the intimacy problems and she loved me and wanted to have sex but just felt dead inside.


Well we both enthusiastically prepared for our weeks session/date night as we always made a point of going out some where for a nice dinner and maybe dancing just because we were enjoying “our time” We showed up at the usual time and sat patiently waiting until Kathy greeted us and proceeded to escort but we didn’t stop at the Dr’s office as we had done all our other sessions but we were going to one of the “therapy rooms” Lori was a bit giddy saying oh you’re going to really like this baby I promise we entered the room to see Dr. Di sitting in a large wing backed chair as we entered she stood up to greet us, we exchanged pleasantries and Lori and her kissed and hugged and she hugged me as well, something she had never done previously, normally I just got the very professional handshake but tonight was different, How have you been Bob working your butt off like always, yes I said of course she laughingly said how are you two doing your homework assignments something tells me you are. Lori laughed saying yes but we both would like extra credits, that got a chuckle from Dianne saying well I normally don’t make house calls, but we’ll see.


Well it looked more like no it was a bedroom no it was a bedroom with a king sized bed satin sheets, scented candles and romantic mood lighting a big flat screen TV my reaction was wow this is nice ok I can do this. Lori took my hand and saying Dr. Di wants to observe us, I was like ok sure just like we had both gotten used to her seated in the room with us , but this time Lori explained we had the option to be alone still being recorded of course or to have her in the room with us as always but to be more participant in the session I looked my wife in the eyes saying to her it’s your call but I’m ok with Dianne being here she I completely agree smiling looking at Dr Di saying we’d both like you to stay and be with us. She thanked us and to seated her ass in one of the big chairs and just sit back in the shadows and observe us. Lori smiled saying this is going to be a great session trust me we’re both going to enjoy this I promise the therapy room is so much fun smiling at me I looked at her asking so you’ve done this in here before. The two laughed Lori busting my chops saying oh yeah baby his cock was so big I thought he was going to rip me in two she exclaimed. Yes, baby I hope you don’t mind his name was John reaching over to the night stand she opened the draw and pulled out a big dildo laughing  meet John, as in John Holmes the porn star Lori’s personal favorite Ok she got me, kissing me she said you know there is nobody but you.


Ok I felt better but was my wife fucking herself with king of the porn stars dildo there may be a problem. Lori hopped off the bed and grabbed her bag saying I’ll be right back and headed to the bathroom.

 I sat taking with Dr. Di she was incredibly comfortable to be around, and my concerns with her being there had long since melted away so her being present observing and even videoed our seasons was not as bad as I had anticipated.

Lori returned in a few minutes wearing a sexy black shear teddy trimmed in red  with shear matching panties a pair of black stockings and heels. Her hair was teased, and she looked like a wild lioness.

Her smile was beaming, and she said well what do you think I stammered a little saying  wow you look incredible Dr.Di spoke up and said we encourage couples to be as natural during the process as possible so we want you to do just what you would do at home so Lori tells me you like to take picture of her wearing lingerie and full nudes correct, well feel free to do that here if you wish and Lori bent over with her nice round ass in my face and reached in her bag and produced my camera handing it to me, I smiled saying well aren’t you full of surprises She then proceeded to model for me, doing the runway walk as we had done at home may times but here it seemed more exciting she was walking the length of the room and turning and walking back smiling a big beaming smile looking back over her shoulder seductively the entire time I was snapping pictures moving getting the best shot I could capture.

Dr. Di said well you obviously enjoy taking pictures of Lori and she is very beautiful but what is it that motivates you to take her pictures and I’ve heard you have quite the collection. Well I just appreciate her beauty and that I am so appreciative that she’s my wife she is so sexy and alluring when she dresses in lingerie that I get extremely turned on. She asked do you ever masturbate to her pictures, pausing for a few seconds I said yes I do, actually yes quite a bit, she smiled at me saying great Lori was bending over her big full breast hanging down with her arms squeezing them together to enhance her beautiful cleavage, do you look at her as a sex object, no not at all yes I desire and lust after her but she is my ultimate fantasy she is a very beautiful loving woman and I consider myself lucky that she’s my wife.  Lori how does it make you feel when Bob takes pictures of you dressed like this, her reply was instantaneous sexy, I feel very sexy and he has always told me I was but when I first looked at some of the pictures Bob took of me I was wow is that really me! Would you like Lori to take your pictures she asked, to date that hadn’t happened, but I thought why not so I stretched hand with the camera out to her and she took it and began taking my pictures. Dr. Di told well tell your subject what you want him to do after all he is posing for Playgirl magazine centerfold and millions of women will be lusting after your husband. Lori got this big smile on her face and was giggling telling me to do this and stand that way etc. She then told me to take off my cloths and I stood up and disrobed and she smiled and said everything. I did as she ordered and was standing there naked having my pictures taken by my wife in front of a woman who I had just met a short time ago this was something neither of us ever would have dreamed of happening.


She asked me how it felt to be the subject instead of the photographer, different but good was my reply, how about you Lori how do you feel in the driver seat so to speak, she laughed and said its fun I like it. Would you like me to take pictures of the two of you together, without hesitation Lori said yeah that will be fun I agreed and we started posing with some little instruction from Dianne but she said I just want you two to act natural like I’m not here and at any time if you want me to stop just say so. We continued kissing and petting our hands were all over each other  I started fondling Loris melons when she whispered softly baby nice and soft, I proceeded to kiss both gently  and made sure not to miss a single inch of either of her breast covered by the sheer material, with both hands firmly placed on her waist I pulled her towards me as I kissed breast and sucked at her nipples through the material. I buried my head between her enormous tits as my hands moved from around her waist to her nice round ass. I cupped both of her ass cheeks and gently but firmly squeezed, as I did squealed a little saying Oh you nasty boy my sucking of her nipples continued but it was time to get up and take control of her entirely. I pulled her in close and began kissing her first soft gentile kisses on her lips which she eagerly returned. We were locked in a lovers embrace as our kisses intensified as we began exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues I firmly cupped her right breast and began to massage it moving in a circular motion using the material to excite her nipples. Something she loves me to do, the more we kissed and the more I played with her melons the more she squirmed, and her nipple got hard with each kiss. When fully erect they are as big around and half the thickness of my thumbs and super sensitive. She often said they were a direct connection to her pussy. With proper attentive nipple play she would get just on the edge of having an orgasm. My cock was getting harder by the second with the anticipation of putting it in her soaking wet pussy and fucking her brains out. Kissing her passionately I slipped on hand down to her sheer panties that were now very wet and began massaging her pussy through the material it was exhilarating  for her and she began to squirm a little but nothing like when I finally slipped my hand inside her panties and began to massage and finger her pussy. She kissed me with an even greater intensity and had both of her arms around my neck and was tongue fucking my mouth. Lori has this thing she does that drives me wild and she knows it she will actually suck my tongue just like she sucks my cock it is a pretty intense feeling well the fingering of her pussy combined with the nipple play and her sucking my tongue has gotten me to the point where I need to take her now. So, I removed my hand from between her legs which she reluctantly allowed me to do as she was really getting into meeting my fingering with her thrusting hips. I scooped her up in my arms and carried her on to the bed prepared to mount her and slide my rock hard cock into her pussy when she blurted out wait, I want you in my mouth smiling at me with a sultry look She lay across the bed wither head hanging over the side and I stood over her leaning in slipping my cock into her open mouth. She began to suck my cock with an intensity like she hadn’t done I don’t know how long. She sucked the head and squeezed the shaft stroking it she reached up and played with my balls. I was bent over her and played her massive 38DD melons fondling and caressing them and finally I reached under her nightie and pinched her nipples rolling them between my fingers pulling at them with every suck. She pulled my cock out of her mouth saying I want it all give it to me baby. She put it back in her mouth and I moved my hip forward allowing her to fully engulf my entire length into her mouth. My balls were actually in her face I decided to do a standing 69 on her and went down on her wet pussy , pulling her wet panties to one side I licked her pussy darting my tongue in and out licking up and down until I found her clit. I proceeded to lick it as fast as I could and I could tell by her having stopped sucking my cock but still holding it in her mouth she was on her way to her first orgasm. Her body began to shutter and shake she was moaning still with my cock in her mouth as I tried to remove it she grabbed at it refusing to let me go.

She  had  what she called a nice warm orgasm. When she released my cock from her mouth  she rolled over into the middle of the bed and I immediately got on top of her, I was going to slide her panties to the side, but she murmured take them off. I removed them and aimlessly threw them. Later on, Kathy told me she barely was able to duck Lori’s flying panties. Lori spared her legs and I was deep inside her within seconds I fucked her slow and easy then building up my pace, I then straighten up and grabbed both her thighs and was pulling her towards me with every thrust her massive tits flailing about under her nightie. She had to grab them to keep form getting smacked in the face with her own boos while she did she of course played wither nipples moaning with every thrust  yes deeper oh God yes we change positions once more wither on her side and one leg resting on my shoulder our observers had a clear view of her pussy being pounded by my cock. She then said I want you to take me from behind as she got on all fours I got behind her and rubbed the head of my cock on her asshole she blurted out “Condom” Kathy had one in her hand and tore the package open tossed it to me and within seconds I was sliding it down the full length of my cock.

(Both Dr. Di and Kathy were amazed at how instinctively Lori ordered the condom, Lori smiled telling them she remembered the night stand being fully stocked with condoms and lube on her first visit)  

she said oh yes slip it in but slowly with only the lubrication of the condom to ease my penetration I slowly entered her ass until my balls slapped against her ass cheeks I then began to fuck her nice round ass slowly and methodically while holding both beautiful round cheeks as I fucked her. What Lori like the most about anal was its intensity because of her tightness. She felt every vain in my cock she once told me.  I continued fucking her ass for a few minutes picking up the pace a bit, She told me how scared she was of the first time allowing me to enter her ass but confessed that it only hurt a little bit when the head first entered and even when it was pulled out, so I always made it a point to be very attentive when it came to anal. I told her I needed to be in her pussy, she replied I need you to be in my pussy baby. I slowly pulled out of her ass but even still got a little pop once the head came out. I pulled the condom off tossing it on the floor and within seconds was entering her wet waiting pussy. She was on all fours facing Dr. Di I can only imagine subconsciously wanting to show her therapist how her star patient how was once again in love with sex. As I slipped my cock into her wet pussy, she let out a soft moan Yes, oh yes that feels so fucking good baby. As I pounded her pussy her tits were flailing wildly with every thrust, she made no attempt to restrain them she just kept her hand on the bed and pushed back to meet my thrust wither hips taking every inch of me. She leaned on her fore with one arm and reached between her legs with the other hand until she found her pussy, she began by fingering herself and then once she found her clit which she later told me at dinner was as hard as a diamond. She feverishly rubbed her clit as I pounded her pussy within seconds, she began panting and say oh fucking God my fucking god baby I’m cumming I’m cumming please fuck me harder. She exploded into an intense orgasm which lasted for what seemed like several minutes what Dr. Di had observed that to the best of her ability she determined  Lori was having multiple orgasms. This brought me to the edge of exploding into her and I couldn’t hold back another second and I shot my load into her pussy filling her with so much jizz that it was leaking out of her pussy causing a squishing sound as I fucked her. When I finished pumping my load into her, she collapsed flat on the bed and I on top of her without removing my cock.

She held my hand saying I love you baby,  I love you too I replied as I was about to pull my cock out, she said no please leave it in me for a little longer I love how it fills me up. When I eventually did pull out, we just rolled over on our side me pulling her in close to me we just lay there she smiled at Dr. Di and said give us a minute please and we’ll be on our way. Dianne smiled saying please take your time no rush at all. She motioned to Kathy and she handed us a couple of towels  to clean ourselves off before showering. Kathy said you guys are amazing absolutely amazing only two people madly in love could have sex like you two do. We both were smiling  without saying a word. We eventually helped each other towel off Lori removed her stockings and her nightie laughing saying I’m amazed I’m still wearing it and its in one piece.

We went into the bathroom and showered and came back and sat on the bed and got dressed. Dr Di was gone but my camera was sitting on the desk, Kathy said you’re not going to want to forget that. Lori smiled at her saying we’ll see you later ok I took that as see you next week. We arrived at our favorite place overlooking the ocean and were just finishing our appetizers and who did we see Kathy Lori called to her to come sit with and please join us for dinner which she graciously accepted our invitation. Little did I know at the time that this was preplanned between Lori and Kathy. We finished our meal and were enjoying an after dinner drink when Kathy said I have something to tell you guys. We looked at her and, in my mind, I’m thinking is she going to ask if we want a threesome yahoo, I’m good with that, she pauses and said Dr. and sues her last name wants to use you in her couples intimacy therapy videos. Well Lori had known about this ahead of time but figure it best come from Kathy and after we had our session. I smiled and said well that very flattering we’ll have to get back to you on that.





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