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That special time or place

Bob Long

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Well this is rather tame or vanilla if you will for here but is there that one special time(s) or place(s) that sticks out in your mind that  you've had sex or made love to your SO? 

I have two that just right to the front the first time was with my GF now wife back when were were dating, I had a small cottage  that even though was located on a relatively busy road it was set back far enough that combined with a row of adult pine trees  that unless you knew it was there you'd drive right past it. One night it was raining cats and dogs enough so to convince us both that it was a good night to stay home and make love by the fire rather than go out tot he bars with friends. We had made love first on the couch our typically nice hot love making , we started playing around again for round two she got me hard as a rock and we were  ready , I got up from the couch predictably we would move to the floor and make love in front of the roaring fire I had going in the fireplace  but I took her hand and opened the front door not speaking a word I lead her out to the front porch where there were two big chase lounge chairs  I sat down on the one and had heron my lap we made mad passionate love afterwards my girlfriend now wife got up and said wait here grabbing a large blanket throw kept on the couch and came back out and we wrapped in the blanket sat watching the storm we made love out on that porch both in the day and at night after that.


My second favorite time was making love to her for the first time when she was pregnant  with our son,  Her breast were enormous she grew from her normal 38DD to an amazing 42E even her doctor was amazed at their size increase as it was a bot above average. I am normally not into BBW women not that its a bad thing just not my thing but she looked so dam sexy it was incredibly hot. We enjoyed sex almost right up til her delivery.

So if you care to share your special time place or experience please have at it

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