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Bob Long

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Our  anniversary  was coming up and my wife decided she was going to get me a very special anniversary present, so she booked a photo shoot with a boudoir photographer. She got her courage up and went to the studio that a friend of hers from work recommended she felt more comfortable knowing that the photographer was a woman,


(This was when my wife first had inclinations about exploring further her desire to be with a woman this all happen within days after her first lesbian encounter with a co-worker. She had only given me slight subtle hints that she had wanted to explore more than she had, heck she wasn’t even sure herself how she really, felt about her feeling yet a mess of confusion and pent up sexual energy as she described herself )


She went inside and the woman whose name was Rachel immediately made her feel at home asked her if she would like something to drink, water, coffee, soft drink, or maybe something a little stronger she told her some people get a little nervous and this helps lighten things up. Lori told maybe later so she led her to the one corner of her studio and there was a makeup table with a large mirror she sat down and the girl came over and helped her by showing where things were and asked what kinds of pics did she have in mind basic small talk and complimented Lori on how pretty she was and how magnificent her large breasts.

Lori said she felt a little like she was getting hit on but brushed it off. Lori pulled a few pieces of lingerie from her bag and told her she thought that I would like her in these one being a black negligee the other a purple bustier. The woman agreed and said she thought she would look fantastic in both she excused herself to go finished getting set up and told her she could change behind the big free-standing scene next to the makeup table. A few minutes later she appeared from behind the screen wearing the purple bustier with black stockings and purple panties, there was a bedroom set up in the opposite corner of the large studio, she had her pose seductively on a large bed fitted with satin sheets and seated in one of the chairs one leg up in the table, etc. constantly snapping away giving her direction on setting up the shot. Lori became more comfortable with every click of the camera. Ok wardrobe change she told her and Lori went behind the screen and changed into the Negligee She fixed her hair a little differently for this set and suggested some makeup to make her look more alluring Lori was all for it she had her pose seductively laying on the bed, Lori was a bit shocked when she told her to hold her breast she just laughed a little and said well just do what comes natural and pretend I'm your boyfriend and you're trying to get me into bed with you,



 She reluctantly tried a few poses but felt she wasn't living up to what the girl was asking.
She told her to relax and come with her she had a whole wardrobe of outfits. leading her over to the wardrobe she shuffled through the racks of outfits finally pulling one out here you'd look great in this, holding up a black nightie that was see-thru. Lori said well I don't know hey if you don't like the pictures, we'll simply delete them, she reluctantly agreed to know that I would love pics of her wearing something like that, but she said how about that drink you mentioned earlier. The photographer smiled and said sure possibly a little liquid courage might make you more at ease, so they each had a cocktail Lori was feeling much better then next thing she knows her new friend lights up a joint and passes it to her not being a smoker only on a few rare occasions she didn't even hesitate and took a few hits, Smiling Lori said wow that's good shit man it’s been a while too long.

Rachel smiled and said ok you ready now, hell yeah let's do this and she proceeded to pose free of her inhibitions she didn't need any instructions from her new friend she played with her tits and nipples put her hand in her panties, stopping for a minutes Rachel just asked topless? She had the nightie off in a flash and finished out the session topless, Rachel telling her wait and had her remove her panties and hide her pussy with the satin sheets, by the smiles on Lori's face it was very apparent she was enjoying herself and felt totally at ease with Rachel.



Taking her by the hand she led her from the bed telling her let's go see your proofs holding her hand as she walked naked over to Rachael's desk the thought of getting dressed hadn’t even crossed her mind and she seating her in the chair  Rachel then pulled the flashcard from the camera and plugged it into her computer and up the monitor she scrolled through the pics one by one with Rachel standing over her from behind pointing out which ones were better than others. Without warning, she placed one hand on Loris's shoulder not getting too aggressive at all but just very friendly she gently massaged Loris's shoulder letting out a soft moan saying oh that feels so good, do you charge extra for that. Rachel nervously laughed saying she was sorry not knowing where Lori was coming from. Oh no it's fine it feels really good, just one problem, what’s that Rachel asked, laughing Lori said I have two shoulders, so Rachael began massaging her shoulders and neck

 Lori was so comfortable and being half stoned didn't hurt that she was surprised herself that she didn't ask her to remove her hand telling me it felt booth surprisingly exciting and natural being touched by another woman when she was naked. Rachel complimented her on her beauty once again and said she made a fantastic model.  She would lean over her pointing out specific shots that she liked and wanted Lori’s feedback on and casually brushed her breast as she put her moving her hand back to her shoulder Lori said she felt a slight tingling sensation in her breast when her hand touched her breast.



 Telling her you do have very beautiful breasts no matter what you say. Lori blushed thanking her, maybe you'll let me photograph you some time she asked. Lori being the ever-present smart said got any more of that joint, Rachel laughed and sparked it up took a toke and handed it to her Lori said well feel free no time like the present inside she knew if she wasn’t so stoned and relaxed she would never consent to or even consider posing naked for anyone especially, not a woman, Racheal picked up her camera and began clicking away knows how many pictures of Lori sitting here naked in a bog chair smoking a joint. She asked got anything to drink she was feeling no pain and Racheal pointed to the minibar, Lori popped up out of the chair and poured herself a glass of wine and one for her new friend  Rachael assured her that the pictures were for Rachel's private collection she would never do anything to violate her trust and especially not put her lively hood in jeopardy. Lori strutted her stuff holding her wine glass in one hand and the joint in the other, she said oh wait and walked over to the dressing table and put on her heels that she had brought telling Rachael my honey loves when I wear heels, he says it makes my ass look better. Do I have a nice ass she asked Rachael as she turned around oh yes you do a very beautiful ass, Lori is only 5’2” tall and very curvy she does have a firm ass and legs from working out so much and her 38DD melons are full round with half dollar size pink areola with nice perky nipples are still nice and perky.

She now asked Racheal how would you like me to pose, just be yourself do whatever comes naturally just relax and be yourself, Lori laughed and said ok she crossed her arms covering her nipples looking coyly at the camera Racheal exclaimed oh my God you are such a natural I love it. She would hide each nipple wither fingers, bend over slightly with hands clasped together so her arms pressed her breasts forming very inviting cleavage she would stop to take a sip of wine or a take from the joint which by now was practically gone, She then asked I hope I haven’t smoked your last J she said to Racheal, oh no I have plenty more Good! She exclaimed as Lori took a drag she hadn’t smoked since high school and wasn’t a big smoker but now realized she was enjoying getting buzzed. She made her way to the bed and lay back looking right into the camera as she posed wither arms over her head and then cupping her breasts running her hands over her nipples brushing then slightly something she does when she gets horny she said as if her hand was on autopilot she instinctively began rubbing her pussy. Laughing as Racheal snapped away asking oh is this too much. No not at all like I said just be natural you’re a very beautiful woman with a very beautiful aura about you.




Lori moaned softly as she rubbed herself by now all self-control had left her and she just said I need my honey’s cock right about now. Racheal said well I don't have a cock but will this do reaching into one of the desks draws she produced a flesh-colored 8-inch dildo, here say hello to BOB my battery-operated boyfriend Lori laughed and reached for it and rubbed her clit with it but not being a big fan of toys she said sorry I need to get fucked. Its ok Rachel said putting the camera on the nightstand next to the bed, as he sat on the bed asking do you mind. Lori just said it's your bed. Rachel sat on the bed and reached out and placing her hand on her stomach Lori not stopping her she slowly began to softly rub her belly and making her way to her breast saying do you mind Lori said as if she were being controlled by some unknown force she took her hand and placed it on her breast. This was what Racheal had been waiting for since Lori first walked in. No words were spoken as she explored Lori’s big tits and nipples, she leaned in giving each nipple a kiss looking into her eyes Lori you are very beautiful all Lori did was smile. She continued to kiss every bit of her breasts and began licking Lori softly murmured just like you’re licking an ice cream cone. Rachael did as she requested with every lick she melted away into a blissful state. Lori lay back with her eyes closed savoring the moment when she felt Racheal's lips on hers, she gave no resistance and kissed her back which just came naturally. Lori embraced her pulling her in closer the two now locked in an embrace Rachael adjusted herself to be laying side by side with Lori as they kissed, Lori started to explore Rachael's body with hands rubbing her fingers through her hair as they kissed and making her way to her much smaller but nicely B cup breasts covered up by her bra. With both hands, she was undoing the clasps of her bra and with a single flick of her fingers, the bra strap snapped freeing Rachael's tits. Laughing Rachael said looks like you’ve done this before hey guys have been trying to get my bra off since I was 14 so I know the drill. The two kissed as Rachael began to slowly finger her pussy running a single finger inside her now wet pussy rubbing  the inner walls and she began finger fucking her first with one then a second finger and finally a third, she rubbed her clit with her thumb slowly as Lori began to moan and squirm saying oh yes oh that feels good but God she stopped short of saying how she needed my cock.


 Looking at Rachael she said hey why am I the only naked one in the room she laughed. Laughing Rachael said you're right and got up off the bed and began to strip Lori just lay back and smiled when she kicked off her denim skirt and panties she stood there with both hands on her hips Lori gave her a big smile telling her she was very beautiful she leaned in and kissed her saying thank you but your high laughing, not anymore Lori replied, oh yeah let me go grab another doobie Rachel walked over to her desk and dug around in one of the big draws and came back to the bed with a fresh joint a big fat one this time. Sitting on the bed wither back facing Lori she took a few hits and then handed the joint to Lori who took more than a few drags saying oh yeah this is just what mamma needed, Rachael said I have what you need right here and as she stood up and turned facing Lori she was wearing a black strap on with a black cock that Lori said looked to be at least as large as the dildo still laying on the bed apparently while she was sitting wither back to Lori while she was taking a few tokes

Rachael was synching up the straps of her rubber cock. She got on the bed and spread Lori’s legs apart with both hands on her ankles looking at her with a wild lust in her yes said you said you needed a cock well I’m going to fuck you good just like you want. Lori felt helpless almost frozen as this woman she had only known for roughly three hours was about to stuff a large rubber cock into her pussy. Instinctively as she felt the head of the rubber cock touch her pussy, she relaxed allowing  Rachael to push deep her member deep into her now soaking wet pussy with one hand guiding her cock as the other firmly grabbed one of her raised thigh. Once she was in, she grabbed the other thigh and began pulling her towards her as she was pumping Lori’s pussy. Slow and easy was not for her as she confessed later that she wanted to fuck her the minutes she lay eyes on her.


 As she fucked Lori whose tits flailed wildly with every thrust hitting her in the face at times without being in the confines of a bra they were out of control. Lori grabbed both of them, but Rachael was not having that she grabbed bother her wrists pinning her to the bed telling her I love watching your big tits shake and giggle as I fuck you and began kissing her sticking her tongue in her mouth. So much for gentile lesbian loving, she was being fucked and fucked hard, Rachel began rubbing Lori’s clit with one of her hands and pinching her nipples with the other before she knew what was happening her whole body began to shake and shutter she could feel that all too wonderful feeling she knew oh so well she was about to cumming and made it known to Rachel yes fuck me you bitch fuck my pussy I’m cumming dam it make me fucking cum you know you fucking love it you love fucking my pussy don’t you well don’t you Rachael saying oh yes Lori yelled at her say it bitch! Oh yes! Yes! I love fucking that wet pussy  I love your big tits and I want to fuck you in that tight round ass of yours. Within minutes Lori exploded into a screaming orgasm that shook the walls of the loft and if there was anyone with on a block they surely heard her. She threw her head back and with her eyes closed felt Rachel thrust in on her pussy. When she had finally come down and was trying to compose herself, she firmly told Rachel enough I’m done. She pulled out and lay next to Lori and lit up what was left of the fat joint and the two shared it as they lay on their backs catching their breath, Lori flicking her rubber cock that was pointed skyward wet wither juices, hey nice cock you have their lady, oh you probably say that to all the guys I mean girls. After a few minutes, Lori said as nice as this is, and I would love to have you eat my pussy for a few hours I really need to get my ass home. Looking at Rachel saying this was a lot of fun I hope you got some nice pictures, Rachael pointed to one of her cameras sitting on a tripod that was hooked to some automatic gizmo, their entire fuck session was being photographed. Racheal told her would you like me to email you a few of the better shots Lori laughed and said sure why not. She got up and satin the edge of the bed asking Rachael to please go get her stuff she needed to get dressed and I guess all the partying had finally caught up with her. Smiling she said now I have to go home and fuck my honey. Rachael smiled saying have fun. I'll call you in a day or so when I put your portfolio together and have the ones you picked out matted and framed my treat. Now fully dressed with all her lingerie and stuffed into her bag Rachael walked her to her car and gave her a nice kiss saying I had fun tonight Lori said me too Rachael said not just the sex part you’re a fun person and I loved shooting you and would love to again sometime this time no strings attached. Well maybe  I like strings Lori laughed as she got in her car smiling.

She received her album and extra proofs, not of their fun they came by email as promised. Lori hung her favorite in the bedroom so I would see it when I got home, she had the album with her and called me saying, happy anniversary baby. You to I said, when are you coming home she replied right now, and I heard her the front door open when I got up to greet her, she was wearing the same black negligee that she had worn when she posed for her favorite picture that was now hanging in our bedroom , smiling with the album under her arm she said I left my raincoat at the store and had to drive all the way here without it.



Well to say I was pleasantly surprised at my anniversary present was an understatement

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