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I was sleeping the other night and I went to dreaming again. I was dressed as a German barmaid. I'm cleaning the house.  My man is at work. I'm getting everything ready for him. I love pleasing my man. In this dream, he is black. A powerhouse of a man. Big arms, big legs. Muscular. He's the boss of the house. I'm getting my dinner lined-up. I've got beer kegs and the equipment to pour it into the steins. I'm doing everything in my power to be the perfect girl for him. I've cleaned the house, dusted the furniture and I'm waiting for him to get home and see what he wants me to do next. As I've got everything all set, he comes home and he brings home one of his friends who is another fine black man.  II stood on my tippy toes and kissed him on the lips. I said how's it going baby, and he said it's great. He introduced me to his friend. I said hey it's nice to meet you and he smiled and said hey. I got two steins and poured them both beers.  I pranced to them and served them both. My man said I love how you came over here baby, why don't sit on my lap. I did and started kissing on him.

He told me to check on his friend so I did. Then my man told me to sit in his friend's lap, and I did. His friend was kind of lonely and I asked my man what should I do. He told me to kiss his friend so I did. Then my man told me start sucking his friend's cock, and I liked where this going. His friend was nice and hadn't any loving in a while, so I started sucking his cock. Then my husband came behind and told me to keep sucking so I did. While I was sucking his friend, my man was banging me from behind.

What's crazy is I fixed bratwurst for my man, but I'm the one getting the sausage. It's wonderful. His friend was gaining confidence smacking me in the  face with his 9 inch cock and started face fucking me when I put my mouth back on his cock. My man is steadily slapping my ass while pounding into me. He loved telling me to work it bitch and I certainly was. His friend looked like he was about to blow his load and he did as I got a mouth full of his man juice.

After I got through swallowing his friend, my man told me to go on back and I said yes master. He throws my legs up in the air and put his cock back in. He was pounding me into next week. When he came he shot all over my body. Then when our moment was over. We had our German style supper. After supper, we got showered and things kicked back up again. I was soaping their bodies. My man ordered me on my knees and both of them took turns smacking in the face with their cocks. I was sucking on them again. When we got out of the shower, I forgot to pick up a little bit in the bedroom. It was really on purpose, because I liked ghim iving me orders. He told me to clean the bed, and I did. Then, he told me to get back in my position so I got on my knees between them where I sucked them both off again. As my man came after my friend, I woke up with the dream still on my mind. I got ready for work and had a smile on my face for the rest of the day. 

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