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I was sleeping one night. I found myself in a red dress wearing black stocking and I'm wearing a black bra and panties underneath. My boyfriend loves to invite his two best friends over. They don't have steady relationships, so he invites them over for a little party. They come all horny and stuff and my boyfriend loves to watch his friends tag team me. I love, because I think there is too much life to live to settle on getting fucked by just one dick. My boyfriend is a hulking man of 6-foot-7 and 275 pounds of muscle. His friends are also about that size. Yes, their dicks are fitting of big men. My boyfriend has an 8.5 inch dick. His friends have a length around 9 inches. I'm just a small thing of 5-foot-2, maybe 115 pounds in my dream. One of his friends is black and the other is a tan white man. They come over and at the orders of my boyfriend, i jumped into the big black mans arms. We star kissing and then the tan man gets closer. The black man orders me to start kissing his friend, so I do. The black man bends me over, reaches under my skirt and pulls my panties down. Then, they both start pulling their pants down. My boyfriend is on a sofa as he is pleasuring himself. Pulling his dick out watching us. The black man, with just spit for lube, puts that cock up myself while suck on the on the friend. I'm suspended in the air with one make fucking me from behind while I'm deep throating the tan man. Goddamn, that black man fucks like a champ and he lets our a roar for a moan he shoots a massive load in me. His friend's eyes start crossing as he is about to cum. He pull his dick out of my mouth shoots all over my face. When those two get through with me, my boyfriends wants me to come over to him and finish him. I go over like an obedient servant and suck him. After a few minutes, he shoots in my mouth. It tastes so good. I woke up, and I found myself thinking, I love to be the life of the party. 

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