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My partner came up last weekend and of course we had some fun. I had him cum in my ass and inside me but I couldn't feel it. I know he did because I saw some dripping off his dick when he pulled out and then of course I got "the look" too :)

Secondly, when I orgasm I don't feel myself cumming. I know I orgasm because of the leg shivers, the rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath and can hear myself squirting in masses but have no sensation of it.

Is this something I should talk to my doctor about? I've read alot on this forum about feeling a guy contracting when he's about to cum or the sensation of the cum squirting inside of you and I feel absolutely nothing.

Please advise.

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Thanks Howard - actually I am on more than one type of medication; one for thyroid and another for insulin resistance. In terms of doing kegals and masturbation been doing those for years so I don't think that's an issue. But I will contact my doctor.

Thanks for the feedback as always.

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