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 When we first got married I was still racing motorcycle professionally and up until the day of my crash I was pretty competitive but that soon ended when a rookie dumped oil on the track after he blew up his piece of crap spewing oil all over the track causing myself and four other riders to go down. At first, I didn’t fair too bad and was just shaken up until one of my best friends hit the oil slick and went down as well and I got hit with a three-hundred-pound motorcycle doing close to 60 or 70 miles per hour. To say I was fucked up was a bit of an understatement. Broke my right shoulder my right arm and wrist smashed my hip and broke my foot. I guess the $1000 helmet one of my sponsors gave me is what saved my life or, so the ER doc told me.

 Well after spending some time in the hospital I was allowed to leave so I could rehab in my own home, I had a lot of great friends who pitched in and helped my wife around my house doing the mundane crap like mowing the grass, taking care of our horses and all the other crap you take for granted when your healthy. So, it seemed I had the same shit luck with home health aides as I did that day on the track. First one was some older woman in her 60’s who reeked of cigarette smoke who could barely help me out of the bed when I needed to go take a crap and she would just hand me a bedpan, I had enough of her shit and fired her ass, then #2 was some woman who spoke maybe 8 words of English and sat on her ass and watched dumbshit reality shows with the volume up so loud I couldn’t sleep even if I felt like it, so her ass was shown to the door in less than a week. #3 from the agency never even showed up so at this point my wife was almost as pissed as I was and gave the bitch from the agency a piece of her mind and slammed the phone down and said great where are we gonna find you another aid she no sooner got the words out of her mouth when my step daughter chimed in and said what about me, I’m going to nursing school in the fall, I’m an EMT, a lifeguard come on mom I can do this easy she stated. My wife was about to shoot the kid down as usual when I said what the hell give her a chance, fuck she can’t do any worse that those idiots from the agency, so my SD excitedly saying come on mom please let me I can do it. My wife said well how are we going to pay you we must go through insurance and you’re not licensed. I said hold on and asked my SD to hand me my phone. Within maybe 15 minutes I called a friend who had a cousin who knew this guy well you get the picture. Actually I called my one friend whose sister had an agency in the neighboring state and another guy whose wife was the head of claims for our insurance carrier the sponsor provided it was simply a matter of filling out some paperwork doing some creative paper shuffling and my SD was my new home health aide within a few days.

 The next day she made me breakfast, drove me to physical therapy, drove me around to see a few friends at their shops etc. just nice to get out of the house. When we were at one of my friends’ bikes shops, she overhead one of my boys say to me hey I hope the old lady is taking care you and laughed, and responded oh yeah well, we know that ain’t happening. Nothing to kid around about even when busted up, a man still needs pussy. So, on the ride home she asked me so what was that about back at the shop, I was like huh what are you talking about, she said you know the part about mom taking care of you, I thought I that was my job she asked. I just laughed and patted her on the hand and said no not that you ditz and laughed. Now she isn’t blonde and in general is a pretty smart kid but sometimes I think her youthful innocence gets the best of her.


After a bit she says OH! That! I laughed and said yeah that, she responded well that just ain’t right, yeah tell me about it kid. She looks down at her chest and saying kid? And peers over her sunglasses at me with a look and a slight smirk on her face. Well to say my SD is well endowed is a gross understatement, eighteen years old 5’-6” an athletic 140lbs with a rack that would make a stripper feel flat chested. She is an all-natural 44F with outrageous nipples the size of your thumbs. Now mom aka the wife is no slouch she’s a 38DD, so no question where she got her knockers from. I just laughed and said yeah well you must drive the boys wild with those back in HS. She said oh please they’re nothing but immature jerkoffs, all they want to do is jerk off on my tits like come on please so immature. I laughed and said well I can see the attraction but yeah you do have a point. My stepdaughter and I had a great relationship from the get-go, and actually if you’ve followed a long, I actually was intimate with her before I met her mom. She even blackmailed me into fucking her after her mom and I started dating but once we tied the knots a truce was drawn, and we halted our sexual activity Her and I talked about everything cars, bikes music you name it and yes even sex. Nothing to graphic details about her mother’s and mine sex life but more of just general turn on stuff kind of hard to explain. So, we headed for home when I said feel like stopping for a beer? She said what the hell, why not. So, she headed for the bar where she knew I hung out with my biker friends. We got to the bar and were received by a resounding cheer and everyone coming up to me some trying to give me a hug while seated in my wheelchair. She immediately spoke up and said hey he’s still pretty fucked up back off! They all laughed and gave me my space. They all knew her and were cool about hitting on her etc. even though more than one guy admitted to me that if she wasn’t my stepdaughter and they weren’t afraid of getting shot they would move on her in a heartbeat. So, we both enjoyed a few rounds of beers and she even did a few shots with us until I told her hey, you’re my wheelman I mean wheelchic so no more shots.

 She complied and may not have thought I would see her sneak a shot while playing a round of pool. We headed home, and she made dinner, my wife left a voicemail saying she was going out with the girls after work. After dinner she puts down a couple of beers on the coffee table and a bottle of Jack and says I’m not driving I said nope, and we had a few before bed. Well to say I got up in the morning and both felt like crap was an understatement. The next morning my wife made me breakfast and called for her daughter to get up I said let the kid sleep will ya I’ll be fine relax, so she begrudgingly agreed with me and kissed me goodbye and I said that’s all I get, she just said oh please that’s all you ever want and headed out the door. I sat myself down in my recliner and to watch come TV and maybe 15 or 20 minutes the door to her bedroom opened and  Mandy stepped out into the hall and she looked like she had been hit by a bus.

 I just laughed a little and asked how she was feeling she responded like crap, I need coffee and a shower. She came down the hall wearing a tank top and a pair of short gym short her big melons swinging and swaying thinking back it was the first time I saw her braless. She got herself a cup of coffee and refilled mine and just looked at me, and I was focused on her braless tits and big nipples, she said I bet I know what you’re thinking, I looked up and before I said what she said you want to jerkoff on my tits. I just laughed and almost spit my coffee through my nose. She said I’m going in the shower and shuffled down the hall I smiled and said see you in a bit.

 She must have spent 20 minutes in the shower trying to sober up before she came out with a towel wrapped around her barely enough to cover her from tits to ass. I instantly felt my cock getting hard and she stood in front of me with only a cotton towel separating me from nirvana. She stood there casually talking to me about last night and what I had to do today therapy wise etc. my cock growing harder with every word. She then realized and said oh my giggled and said I’m sorry. I told her nothing to be sorry about relax I’m not uptight like your mother, she laughed and said no not at all. I got up and said I was just going to lay in my bed and watch some TV she said ok I’m going to go work out if that’s ok. Hey, knock your socks off and she headed back to her room and me to the bedroom.  In a few minutes she came back out of her bedroom wearing a tight pair of yoga pants that left every little to the imagination and I could clearly tell she wasn’t wearing any panties and she had on a tight-fitting tank top and was braless. She later told me she always wore a sports bra, but all her stuff was in the wash. She got on the treadmill and even at a leisurely walking pace he massive tits were bouncing up and down and fighting to get out of her top, as she picked up the pace, they were flailing about wildly the only restraint was the thin material of her top.

The door to the room across the hall from the master bedroom was directly in line with the open door to that spare room converted into a home gym for my wife that she may be used for a few weeks. I was sitting there enjoying the show, a lot more fun than I had had with any of my previous aides, that was for sure. She had completed her cardio portion of her work out and was sweating a little and came in to the bedroom to see my raging hard cock attempting to break free of my sweat pants when she looked at it and said oh my! and kind of looked down at her sweaty body and attire oh I’m sorry and went to turn and I assume go back to her room and put on a robe or something when I took hold of her wrist and said relax I’m not as uptight as your mother remember, she smiled and said yeah but it’s not right I caused that and paused and said I’m not like my mother. Next thing I know is she had taken hold of my hard cock through my sweatpants and just made eye contact with me never speaking a word, I guess the agreement went right in the shitter so much for fidelity. I only guess she was waiting for me to resist but I didn’t I relaxed a little and lay back against the couple of pillows behind me. She now started moving her hand up and down the shaft of my cock and started to move it up and down, I think she spotted a little precum stain showing through my sweats when she reached up for the waist band and started to pull down my pants. I did the best I could to lift my ass up off the bed to make getting them off easier and she said no let me help you and pulled own on the waist band from both sides until she had them totally removed. She now looked at my cock with a combination of lust and wonder. She just smiled and said wow I almost forgot that your big! Really big, I just smiled back and said thank you. She bent down and kissed the head of my dick whispering I missed you, did you miss me? This was one of the most erotic things I ever experienced.

She then slowly stroked my cock moving her hands skillfully up and down my shaft until she got to the head of my cock where she massaged it around with her thumb in a circular motion. She had a very soft gentile touch and would even just use the tips of her fingers as she massaged my hard cock. This was very stimulating. She took one finger and traced the entire length of my cock and touched my balls in the same manner with her fingertips. She would even take her nails and gently scratch my cock like she was scratching my back. She continued the most sensuous handjob I had ever experienced. I had propped myself up off the pillows with my good arm to get a better visual She then softly whispered just lay back and enjoy close your eyes and relax which I did. She now picked up her pace increasing the grip on my cock ever so slightly at which point my fucked-up mind thought this can’t be considered a jerkoff but more of a stroke off. Well whatever it was sure felt great, better than I had felt in a long time. She started to pick up her pace with her right hand was now moving rapidly up and down my cock and she gently squeezed my balls with her left hand. Suddenly it was like a valve was opened and the flow began. I started moaning and muttering oh god yes that feels so good, in that same soft sultry voice she had told me to lay back she now in the same tone said cum for me daddy cum for me. Well I think the sound of “cum for me daddy” being spoken gave it that instant taboo moniker I had long lusted to hear. I let out one load moan and said Ah I’m and before I could get the words out a hot stream of my cum shot from the swollen head of my cock streaming more than a foot in the air I came with such force it felt like it left the head of my cock at light speed. I continued to cum as she milked my cock and squeezed as she did release her grip somewhat on the downward stroke and squeezing on the upward stroke. I spurted hot cum from my cock at least 6 or 7 or more times. She had a very surprised smile on her face, but one of accomplishment as well. I just lay back totally spent from the experience and she sat there and admired her handy work. She then got up and told me to just lay back and she went into the bathroom and came back with a warm washcloth and a small hand towel. She gently and thoroughly cleaned all of my cock from its cum explosion. She then gently toweled the entire area and had me completely cleaned up in the matter of seconds, she softly dried my pelvic area cock and balls. I was clean dry and destressed.

 She asked so how did I do as good as you remembered it? I said fantastic and hesitated a bit she took this as the yeah well but portion, she said oh I’m I stopped her and said NO! nothing to be sorry about, for a second I had thought about saying no it was my fault for allowing this to happen but I didn’t I simply took her hand and held it and said I really mean it thank you. With my pants still off some place in the bedroom she moved around helped me sit up and gave me a back rub which she was equally as skilled at as her handjobs I was out disabled for almost a year before I could go back to work.

 My step daughter tended to ALL of my needs and as I felt better and stronger every day thanks in part to her special treatments which got more inventive and creative as time went on, I started to recall her talented mouth was and the tightness and ultra-wetness of her young pussy for the rest of the afternoon it was all I thought about.  I was due to go to therapy at 3 in the afternoon, so she made me lunch and called out to me do you want to come in the kitchen and eat or do you want it in the bedroom? I called back and told her I think the bed would be more comfortable she hesitated for a minute and laughed and called out you are so bad! I responded with that’s not what you used to tell me laughing.

It was good to be able to at least talk openly about things.  A few minutes went by and she walked in the room with a couple of sandwiches and two beers. She looked at me and said let me help you up and placed the stuff on the dresser and walked over to the side of the bed when she leaned in to help me up so she could adjust my pillows as she leaned in I grabbed one of her massive tits and squeezed it and without warning planted a big wet tongue kiss on her mouth. I took her by surprise but within a few seconds she relaxed her body and put her arms around my neck and began kissing me and rubbing the back of my head puling our mouths closer and tighter together. I instantly thought she kisses just like her mother and my cock seemed to jolt into an erection.

  I began massaging her tits and sucking on them through her top. Unknown to me she had put on a bra to support her girls as she called her breasts. Again, the same term her mother used, I was sucking on her tits bra or no bra I was hell bent on sucking her nipples. I unsuccessfully attempted to reach the clasp of her bra and free her massive tits but just had too much pain and restriction of movement in my right shoulder. She stood up and said no let me do it I don’t want you to get hurt and in what seemed like one fluid continuous motion she put both hands behind her back undid the clasp of her bra pulled it off and pulled her top up and overhead and tossed them aside.  Now naked from the waste up she leaned on top of my chest and began kissing and licking my chest and working her way up to my neck until she stuck her tongue in my ear. She didn’t notice at first but must have seen the look of pain on my face for as pleasurable as it was the weight of her on my chest just put too much pressure on my fucked up shoulder. She pushed herself up with her hands that she pace between my arms and my chest adjusting her position asking how’s this? I replied much better and we continued to kiss.

 Our hands were all over each other. Well I was limited but she was touching me in places that she hadn’t in a long time and let her hands explore my body with me enjoying every minute of it. She eventually worked her way down to my rock hard cock, with her hand wrapped around its shaft she said fuck your even bigger than I remember. I asked her if she thought it would still fit in her pussy? Her response was we’re gonna sure find out. As she stood up and pulled down her shorts and panties and licked them off to the side. She got on the bed and looked at me trying to figure out how she was going to mount my cock. It seemed like it took forever for her to get the right position almost as if she was playing twister but eventually, she got in position and lowered herself down the shaft of my cock. She slowly slid all the way down and her pussy was dripping wet by now, so she slid down and took all of me inside her pussy. As she began to pump me, she could see the pain on my face once again which I was willing to endure but simply replied oh fuck and hopped off my throbbing cock apologizing I’m sorry daddy let me suck your cock and make you cum ok. I was like let me suck your cock daddy and make you cum was I really hearing this or was I dead. She then turned and pointed her ass towards me with one leg on the bed and bent over to suck my cock. I told her wait and instructed her to place her left leg over the top of me and either kneel or place her foot on the bed. My intent was to get a clear shot of her pussy. Within seconds she was back sucking my dick while I fingered her pussy. First with one finger and then two I fucked her with my right hand. She even slid back more making it easier for me, so I didn’t need to reach so far. I then got a little brazen and with my left hand slipped my index finger into her tight asshole, thinking to myself did I fuck her up the ass, how did I fit my cock up this tight hole all in a blur until she let out a very loud moan and screamed YES! I love u in my asshole finger me daddy. It didn’t take me long before finding her G-spot and I knew I hit pay dirt when she almost jumps and let out a oh fuck yeah! Within a minute or two she started to shutter and blurted out oh don’t stop I’m cumming please don’t stop, please don’t stop make me cum please, daddy please. I can’t recall being more turned on she shuttered and shook my fingers having found their mark I refused to stop until I brought her home to a mind blowing orgasm. She let out a final scream and multiple obscenities before she squirted her juices out of her pussy and all over my fingers and hand. She barely took a few seconds to compose herself to continue a long overdue blowjob. She moved off the bed and feverishly sucked every inch of my and looked up at me as if seeking approval and she took the entire length of my cock in her mouth. With her one hand she massaged my balls and kept deepthroating my cock. I could feel the pressure building up inside of my lower extremities until I could feel myself about to explode. It took all I had to muster the words I’m cumming as I could feel my hot load about to explode from my cock. She slid back off my cock slightly keeping most of the shaft in her mouth but enough to start bobbing her head up and down until I blew my entire load and it seemed like it kept pumping jizz for minutes draining every once from my balls. Like a real trooper she continued to suck my cock until she entirely drained every ounce of cum. She stood up from her conquest with cum covered lips she planted a deep kiss on my mouth. Taking advantage of her giant melon dangling in front of my I cupped it in my hand and fondled it. She softly said I missed that I had to confess I did too. Just casually she happened to glance over at the clock on the nightstand and said oh fuck we got to  get to therapy, but I looked at her and without a word being spoken she helped me get undressed and stood behind me fully naked as I hobbled into the bathroom where she helped me into the shower. Reaching in she adjusted the water temp and flipped the center handle. She then said fuck it and hopped in the shower with me and immediately her caring side took over and she began to scrub my back and legs and everywhere she could reach. She pressed her massive tits into my back as she reached around to wash my chest as best as she could then said fuck this isn’t gonna work and hopped out of the shower and moved around and got back in now facing me. I immediately started kissing her and laying with her tits as she attempted to wash my body. She kept saying oh will you stop as she was laughing trying to wash me. She looked at me and said if we don’t get to therapy mom is gonna have a fit., talk about taking the lead out of your pencil. We finished up got dressed she grabbed our lunch and beers which we had on the way to therapy. All the way there she talked about how she was gonna think of a way that we could comfortably fuck. I told her I was looking forward to that.


Well true to her word she became very inventive, she would squat over my rock hard cock and lower herself down onto it taking me fully inside her tight young pussy, I would help support her by either holding her hands but more preferably cupping both of her massive tits. Once she was balls deep, she would use her legs to push herself up and down on the shaft of my cock, this was quite impressive. A variant would be she would have one foot on the floor and the other on the bed and so the same lowering herself  onto my cock. I joined in by sitting on the edge of the bed with my rock hard cock and pull her in by the waist wither guiding my cock into her waiting pussy, well one time I slipped and the head of my cock pushed against the opening of her asshole, she let out a playful shriek to which I immediately apologized sorry I slipped. She giggled and said oh no I like it she stood up looking at me saying we need lube I know you have to have something, as if she knew I fucked her mother in the ass occasionally with the help of copious amounts of lube and alcohol. I pointed to the nightstand on my side of the bed and when she opened it, she laughed pulling out not only the lube but a pair of handcuff a few small vibrators looking over her shoulder now, now aren’t you two the kinky ones. I laughed and told her go to the one on your mother’s side, like a little kid she ran around big tits flopping she opened the draw and pulled out a big dildo and rummaged through an assortment of sex toys the look on her face was priceless. Laughing she said I had no idea mom was so kinky, I’ll have to enlighten you  some time, which we had a long conversation about later on that day .

 Well she gleefully came back around with a tube of Astroglide in one hand and an 8 inch viberator in the other laughing gee I hope mom doesn’t mind me borrowing her viberator, I laughed and said just make sure you clean it you know your mom and her nose. She lathered up my cock with a handful of lube and then handed it to me bending over saying squirt some in me please. I put the tube right in her asshole and squeezed she let out a woo as the lube entered her asshole she grabbed it from my hand and tossed it aside and backed up to my raging hard cock but not before stroking it to make sure I was hard enough, like I could possibly loose an erection at this point. She then backed into my cock she pushed herself onto my cock. I assisted her by grabbing her hips and pulling her towards me, the head of my above average size cock seemed to enter her a lot easier than it did her mother for reasons I wasn’t going to ask at the present time. She was moaning saying oh yes daddy , yes push it all the way in moaning oh yes! yes! give it to me! Fuck my ass daddy! Once fully inside I fucked her nice firm young round ass by pulling and pushing her hips with both hands. It didn’t take her long to reach for the viberator and shove it in her gaping wet pussy, she worked the vibe in and out of her tight wet pussy moaning loudly as she fucked herself.

With the full length mirrored closet doors directly in front of us I had a full view of her massive tits flailing wildly as we fucked me in her ass and her fucking her pussy, her long auburn hair flying wildly as we fucked. I was void of any pain and my cock felt as hard as a bar of steel in her ass, as I fucked her in the ass as hard as I could I kept saying things like you love my cock in your ass don’t you, you love getting fucked in your tight round ass! Oh yes! daddy yes, I love your big fat cock in my ass! Fuck me harder please fuck me harder I’m such a naughty girl I’m your dirty girl aren’t I daddy. Hearing that I gave her a nice slap on the ass, she let out a squeal and oh! yes spank me daddy so I did the best I could to keep fucking her as I slapped her ass with one hand, the more I slapped the louder she yelled hard , harder I’m so bad. We fucked like this for a good 20 minutes until I couldn’t hold out any longer and moaned, I’m gonna cum baby, I’m before I could say another word, she yelled full my ass with your cum, daddy’s little whore wants you to fill her ass. I grabbed her hips and pulled her in tight against my groin as I grunted shooting my load into her ass while she feverishly fucked herself and she moaned very loudly OH! yes! I’m cumming daddy I’m gonna fucking cum don’t stop please don’t stop! I had the presence of mind to look in the mirror to see her jackhammering her pussy with the viberator, her eyes close her head thrown back her big giant titties flying about it’s a wonder she didn’t knock herself out with those puppies. She let out a loud scream as her entire body shuttered and shook like she was having a seizure; the intensity of her orgasm was incredible. She became almost weak in the knees when it finally subsided. With my cock still buried balls deep in her tight young ass I did my best to support her with both hand firmly grabbing her hips holding her in close to me so she wouldn’t collapse.


 After a few minutes she regained her composure and just looked over her shoulder smiling wow that was fucking intense I don’t know if I’ve ever cum so hard, winking at me daddy I’m so bad I’m a shameless little hussy aren’t I  just laughed as I too was trying to catch my breath. Oh! my I still have your cock in my ass well what do you know, and she wiggled her hips a little, I’m not hurting you am I , no not as I replied, not at all. Do you mind keeping in in a while longer it feels so fucking good being filled up, it feels as good as when its in my pussy but different. I really think we need to do this more often she said a lot more often. Ok I guess its time and she slowly began to move forward off my cock, as she did my cum was leaking from her thoroughly fucked asshole and as she got the where the head was just about to leave her she pushed back down all the way laughing she was well lubed to say the least but me regaining an erection under normal circumstance might have happened but not today. She finally stood up enough for my cock to be free of her ass and as the head came out there was a what I could only describe as a juicy pop! She laughed saying oh my! and turned around to admire her handy work within seconds she dropped to her knees and engulfed my cum covered cock in her mouth licking and cleaning my cock, without warning I decided to return the favor and told her to turn around as she did I said push your ass out she place both hands on her knees as she jutted the round firm well fucked ass to towards me I the buried my face between her ass cheeks tonging her ass licking my cum from her ass. This was the first time she had ever been rimmed and squealed oh my! Oh my! got louder her ass wiggled and after a minute or two I was done I let go of her hips and collapsed backward on to the bed my feet still on the floor. She said here let me help you as she helped me move so both legs were now on the bed and she propped a pillow under my head she then snuggled up next to me resting her massive tits on my chest. She smiled and said wow that was incredibly intense can we please do it again, I looked at her and she said not right now but another time really soon. I told her sure she said I have something to confess to you, Ok spill it what’s up she said that’s the first time I’ve been fucked in the ass daddy I said no way seriously, but you weren’t as tight as I would have expected. Oh, now I’ve fantasized about being fucked actually gang fucked up my ass, so I have always fucked myself with dongs and dildos I’ve dreamed about it for quite a while now. Oh, really any other things you’ve been dreaming about, well now that you mention it, I want to be DP’d. Giggling she told me she had a fantasy of being fucked in the ass while being fucked in her pussy. I must have had that surprised look on my face, she simply said oh come on now I’m not some naive young virgin, oh I guess not was all I could come back with she whispered hey wanna know a little secrete too sure  she said I love watching porn, actually every time I stayover here I raid your stash and get myself off while watching and listening to you and mom laughing. I just raised my eyebrows  she said hey you guys go at it pretty hot and heavy I’d have to sleep with headphones not to hear you…lol  Oh and I guess you now know my other little kink, as he slapped her own ass cheek, yes, I guess I do.

That day I found out my step daughter had a spanking fetish and would taunt me by wearing short skirts around the house without wearing any panties and she would keep bending over exposing her bare bottom which we both knew would lead to me taking her over my knee and pulling up her tiny skirts and giving her good firm spanking which resulted her pussy gushing so much she would soak my lap. My rehab lasted 13 months and Mandy helped me every step of the way

Oh, my Jeep that she chauffeured me around in for that time became hers and we became even closer.

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