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Nurse Fantasy


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This is super long apologies in advance lol

So I’m a lesbian woman, 24 & I’ve had this nurse fantasy since I was like 16.   And by nurse fantasy I mean the women wearing scrubs, not the porn star looking nurse lol. No idea where it came from but it is strong! lol when I was a teenager I fantasized about my dance teacher being a nurse & giving me a check up.  When I fantasized about it it would turn me on so bad but also make me so nervous like I could feel the nerves in my stomach.  When I was about 19 I was dating this girl & she was a nursing major & omg did she tease me about that once I told her lol we were each other’s first relationship, first loves & first sexual experiences.  It was perfect that way because I was (and still am) a very nervous person in general lol so we were both just nervous & awkward together.  Anyways one day we were still in her dorm room & we were talking about it & she said you know I have my scrubs in my closet right? & I was like yah? & she was like I can put them on… & I was like you won’t, you’re bluffing lol & she was like oh am I? & immediately got up & went to put them on & omg I didn’t even look at her when she was getting changed because my brain was just like is this really happening??? lol she came over smirking, straddled me &I just stared at her like I did not know what to do lol and when I tell you my heart was beating like crazy omg I have never felt my heart beat that fast! All I said was feel my heart.  She put her hand on my chest & was like omg are you ok?? lol I was so turned on but I had that super nervous feeling in my chest & I still don’t know why.  As we dated she continued to wear her scrubs around me & I was always volunteering when she wanted to practice simple things on me like listening to my heart, learning the bones in the body etc.  I got wet every time even though she was literally studying for school.  The fact that I would have my shirt off & her stethoscope was against my chest just turned me on so bad lol.  When I go to a regular doctor’s office I still get turned on but I tend to get more nervous than turned on.  My ex & I broke up around 2018 so I’m definitely missing that so much lol so I’ve basically just been reading lots of erotica with that theme.  Also as I have gotten older I think I’ve realized that the turned on/nervousness from the nurse fantasy is because of its like a person of authority & the uniform & like during a physical they’re just telling you what to do & you’re just doing what is said lol idk.  Anybody else have that strong of a fantasy like this or of this exact fantasy? 


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