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A nice reward

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I went to sleep one night. It's another housewife dream. A lot of these sound the same, but I'm going to share anyway. I'm getting up in the morning. My man had already went to work, and I knew I had some chores to do around the house. He loves a clean house, and I like to keep it clean for him. He's a man's man. He's a construction worker, and he also workouts a lot to stay in shape. The fine motherfucker has nice hard abs. Sold chest. Great arms. Think muscular legs and yes he has a big dick. I'm very girly, girl. I love to wear lacy lingerie and dresses, the whole nine yards. In my dream,  I wear a maid's outfit when I clean. He says when he comes home from work, it turns him when he sees me wearing it.

The thing I like that he does is he loves to get me on my knees. He smacks me in the face with it a little bit, gets me to suck on those balls. I'll even let him  rub those balls on my face and then I'll put the dick in my mouth. I knew if I had everything right in the house, he would give me what I want.  I picked up around the house and went to the store to give him the food he likes. When I got home from the store, I put on my maid outfield and cleaned. I didn't clean fast but slow. I wanted to be cleaning when he got home. When he got home, I was vacuuming. I caught that look in his eyes. He had that look of mad hunger, that look that he had to fuck somebody and whoever was there was going to a nasty plowing. Thank God, I was there. It had been a couple of weeks due to stress and work schedules, and I need him to fuck me like a dirty whore.

He came up behind me and started kissing my check and then my neck. He turned me around then he kissed me on the lips and slid his tongue in my mouth. I jumped in his arms with my legs crossing around his body. He took me up to the bedroom and threw me down. He immediately got on top of me. As much intensity as he had, he slowed it down some to kiss me every where. After he kissed me, everywhere he started to lick me everywhere. He gently licked me starting at my chin, neck, down my chest, stomach, legs and then back up to that magic area between my legs. That sweet spot. After a little bit of mouth action there, he slowly stood up on the bed and ordered me to get on my knees. I did just that and that huge dong was right in my face. He started playing with it a little bit and then told me to open my mouth with my tongue out. He smacked my tongue and then my face. He pulled my even closer to his package and put his balls in my face. I started sucking on them at his command and was jerking him a little bit in the process.

He then proceeded to put his cock in my mouth and I went to town. He was also face fucking me a little bit. At times, I licked that cock up and down. After a while, he did what I liked him to do the most and came on my face and after the first initial shot, and I put that cock in my mouth where he finished. After swallowing the load he shot, I licked the left over love sauce off his cock and then took my finger, gathered up what was on my face and licked that up. After that, we went to be holding each other telling me he loves me. What a fine stud and a dream boat. Very romantic. I then, all of a sudden,  got up from the dream and I couldn't wait to face the day.  It's nice to have pleasant things on your mind when you're about to head to work.  Feel free leave some nice blow job and cum shot images in the comments. 

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