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Training Begins


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Just another made up story. 


She was prepared for her training.  He told her it was starting tonight.  It was time for her to work up to taking his cock in her ass.  Enough discussion, enough playing at it.  They both knew she craved it. 

She was freshly showered, naked, and on the bed “doggy-style” as instructed.  The smallest of the butt plugs from the training kit was next to her on a small towel along with a bottle of lube.

He walked into the room just as naked as she was.  His tasty cock already semi-erect.  She felt herself grow wet just looking at him.

He walked up behind her and caressed her exposed ass.  He stroked her pussy but didn’t enter her or pay too much attention to her clit.  The teasing had her pushing back against him. 

He gave her ass a little smack, “No, you will take what I give you.”  She smiled and tried to behave.  He opened the lube and coated his middle finger.  He pressed it against the little pucker of her ass.  He used his other hand to rub against her clit.

“Relax and let me in”, he instructed.

She released the breath she was holding and concentrated on the sensation of his finger on her clit and the pressure of his finger.  His finger slid in, and he stroked in and out of her ass smoothly.  As he pulled his finger out, she felt him poor more lube on his hand.  This time he pushed a second finger in as well.

She moaned at the full feeling…the feeling of be slightly stretched.  She liked the naughtiness of him fingering her ass.  He continued to work her ass with two fingers and tease her clit with his other hand.

Then he pulled his fingers free, and she turned to see him applying lube to the little plug.  It was small and pink.  Unlike other plugs she had seen it was shaped like a penis.  She didn’t understand why, but it made her feel even naughtier.

He went back to caressing her ass and then put the well-lubed tip against her little hole.  He gave her ass a squeeze and said, “Are you going to take this rubber cock in your ass?”

Her pulse increased at his words, and she felt herself get even wetter, “Yes…I will take it in my ass.”

She exhaled as he pushed the plug forward.  He pushed it in and out slowly, but not giving her all of it.  Then he asked her, “Is that little ass ready to take it all?”

He knew how much she loved it when he talked to her like this.  It got her so worked up, “Yes…give me all of it.”

He gave her clit a firm stroke, “Say please.”

She felt herself blush, “Please, please give me all of it.”

He pushed the plug forward until her little hole closed around the narrow rim before the base.  She let out a little moan as she felt it snug in her ass.  He got up on the bed and knelt behind her.  He put the tip of his cock at the entrance of her pussy and teased her with it, “So hot with that plug in your ass.  Now you will take my cock. Tell me how much you want my cock.”

She was practically panting as she said, “Please, fill up my pussy with your cock.  I crave it, I need it.”

He hummed in appreciation and said, “Very nice.”

He pushed forward slowly.  She felt so full, having that rigid little plug in her ass and his beautiful, thick cock in her pussy.  She couldn’t help the whimpering moans that she made.  He paused about halfway in and then pulled almost back out. 

He pushed back in, going deeper, “I can feel that plug in your tight little ass…before long it will be my cock in that ass.”  Then he plunged fully inside of her pussy, and she cried out.  It was so much…so full…so hot.  He was so deep inside her.  She could feel her orgasm coming.

“I am going to come”, she gasped.

He groaned and said, “Yes you will.”  He started to fuck in and out of her holding deep with each forward thrust and then pulling back.  Pushing deep, pausing so she could feel everything, then pulling back.  She was trembling and moaning.  He reached around and stroked her clit as he fucked her aggressively.  He came as her orgasm hit her hard.

He held her hips to his and said, “Training will continue tomorrow night.”

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