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I woke up in the morning. My man had gone to work. He called me to see how I was doing. I said, 'Fine baby." He said, 'That's awesome honey.' He reminded my what I needed to do around the house. I did my cleaning and I went to the store. I got ingredients for soup since it was a cold day. I got his Shiner in the fridge. I put the ingredients together for soup. He was bringing over some company. I put on my french maid outfit. He brought his friend over. He was a little younger than us and didn't have anybody in his life. When he came in, I asked how their day was and they said great.My man sit in the couch and his friends sat the recliner.  My man wanted me to get a couple of beers for him and his friend. I got the tray and brought it to them like a maid.

I went into the kitchen and fixed a couple of bowls of soup. They wanted it in the living room so I got another trey and brought it to them. They ate the soup and started watching TV. My man and his friend were relaxing. My man told me to rub his feet, so I did. I love rubbing his feet. I could tell his friend looked kind of awkward about the situation. I was thinking about asking my man if I could rub his friend's feet, but my man beat me to it. He wanted to me to rub his friend's feet. With his friend sitting in a recliner, my man told me to go over there. So, I sat on the floor crossed legged took over his friend's shoe and started rubbing his feet.  

While I was rubbing his feet, my man's friend got a hard on. My man asked me if I could make his friend very happy. You know what that means. I started kissing on his friend and that guy kissed me back and he was very good. His friend started rubbing on his already hard cock, and my man said finish him off. I started sucking my man's friend's cock, and it was huge. It was about a good eight or nine inches. I looked over at my man, and he was stroking himself. The friend was telling me how good that feels and how wonderful and beautiful I was. He ended up cumming in my mouth, and his cum was delicious.  I went to the restroom and got cleaned up a bit. I came back, and we talked a little bit more. My friend ended up leaving after another hour of being at the house. When he  was leaving, we said we'll have to do this against sometime. He smiled and said you better believe it.

 After he left, it was just me and my man. My man was worked up to a frenzy. We started kissing me, and he took me to the bedroom. We had a great romp in the bed. Of course, he said I got your reward. I knew what it was as I started blowing him, and he finished in my mouth which I swallowed. Two hot loads from two studs. The day was awesome. 

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