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Me and my man went out. I asked him what he wanted to do. He said he wanted to go to the movie.  We went. I can't think of what we picked. It's not important. It was supposed to be a hit movie. He went and got our popcorn. We sat together. There wasn't many people in the theater. I asked him if he was comfortable. He said yes baby. We talked for a minute and he started kissing on me. A rule in our relationship is when he gets horny, I take care of it right then and there. There is no waiting until we get home. He must get off now. His dick was so big and hard, and he put my hand on his bulge. I was horny and ready to go. He pulled out his dick and looked at me and then looked down at his cock. I went to sucking on it. I was also licking on it and just cock worshiping right there in the movie. The 10 people that were there turned around to watch. My man told me we're really going to put on a show. He got up and bent me over. He went to pounding that ass. The people in the theater didn't know what to make of it. Do they tell or not tell? One of them left the theater. My man was fucking me good. Then the security guard came in there. He wanted to escort us out, but my screaming and my man's moaning had him staring. I would get a chance to catch a glimpse of a couple of the guys there and they were rubbing themselves. The security guard was licking his lips. Then my man took his cock out of me and turned me around. He demanded I get on my knees, and I did. I was sucking on that cock again. My man was worked up. He told me now it's time for them to see what you really like you slut. He shot that load all over my face. I had a huge smile on my face as glazed as it was. My man told me to take my finger and gather it up and lick my finger. The people in the theater were stunned for a bit and then they started clapping. Me and my man got a kick off it. The movie, whatever it was, may have been a hit, but my man's shot to my face was money at the box office. 

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