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Planning ahead payed off.


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Me and my man love each other, but of course, we love to throw Bukkake parties. I love men. I love to obey them, I love to serve them, I love to be fucked by them and I love to blow them. Oh how I love to blow them. I don't just like cum, I love straight it from the cock. I love to feel it all over my face as well. We've had a couple of parties. They've all been fun. My man has made friends, and they've become my friends. They actually  have conversations and laughs with me when they're not trying to empty their balls on me. I'm fortunate. They don't video anything. They don't act rude. They never get rowdy. The get horny, but they don't get rowdy. We all keep it on the down low. We live in a very judgmental world, so me,  my man and our friends understand what happens in the house. Having said that, I did ask my husband if we could bring a couple of more guys in. I've always wanted to do an number that would resemble a football team, but I know that's a stretch. I also added could we plan it a couple of months in advance.  At the last Bukkake party, it was fun but the loads I thought seemed thin. I was looking up what kind of foods or vitamins that might could increase the quantity of a man's load.  I told the perspective guests when the party would be. We also gave them these instructions. We told them they needed to abstain from sex or masturbation for two months. He asked them if they could take some zinc vitamins and maybe some vitamin c or e. I wanted some good, thick loads and possibly some guys delivering that second load. I also  asked them if they could eat more pineapple and oranges and cut down on coffee and chocolate. I told them if they do what I ask, they won't regret it come party time. Two months past, I had gotten something sexy. I normally where the french maid outfit. This time, I wore a school girl outfit. His friends came over. There were seven guys. My man makes it eight. It's not quite a football team, but we're getting there. I'm the perfect hostess. I'm getting their drinks which is pineapple juice and feeding them celery sticks and berries.  Again, I want magnificent cum. We were talking and having a good time. I sat in one of guy's lap. He got hard right away. I started kissing him and then I went to my knees and pulled his pants down and started sucking his cock. It was on now. All the other boys got naked and circled me waiting for their cocks to get tended to. They were jerking off while I was with this guy. The guy was shaking and moaning like he was going to cum. I backed away a bit, so he could paint me. He released three or four hard shots that hit my face and covered my eyelids. Nice thick load and sweet to. He did what I asked him to do leading up to the party. That's a good bit. Then the others started shaking. They were so exciting, I really didn't have time to blow them before they connected with my face. I swallowed a couple of loads with about four of five other thick loads covering my body. It was yummy. They took care of themselves like I recommended in the days leading up to this party. Also, what I thought would happen, happened as three or four of those guys that had released that first load were ready for the second load. They tasted sweet. It didn't take any of the boys a long time to cum, but the result pleasantly devastating. I was covered from head to my knees, and it felt so good. These guys were good sports. I sat there for a minute basking in their eruptions. Later on I got showered, and we all talked fora while and they left so after.  We all had a blast. 

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3 minutes ago, 6969lovers said:

Dam girl that's sounds very hot 🔥.  Would have loved to help a girlfriend out by sharing the boys. I would have taken the left over baby. Yummy times for sure.

I like to be adventurous. Me and my man have been fortunate that the men that play with us just want to have a good time. We all like each other.

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