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Crystal Ice Jelly Vibe


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Simply Wonderful

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When my wife and I got this out of our box from TooTimid, we knew this would be a fun vibe. Not only does it have that wonderful clear look of glass, feel smooth and have the bendable nature of Jelly toys, it also has a light that shines from the tip. I love light up toys and I like that the light is at the end. It always makes for fun under the covers play time.

I added the batteries and off we went to have a good time. Now, since this is a jelly toy, you can use silicone lubes. We did just that and I began to tease my wife with this toy. She really like the strong vibrations from the extra large bullet located a little over midway up the shaft of this toy. After some time, she insterted the toy and said how she really liked the full feeling this toy gave her. She was also really pleased with the raised middle section of this vibe, saying how it hit her G-spot pretty well. Not perfect, but good enough with some added clitoral stimulation for a couple of rolling orgasms.

This toy has some wonderful features and is easy to clean, clear and simple to use. It provides lots of stimulation and has great girth plus enough length that it hit all her spots just right. An really good toy and worth the investment.

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