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I want to travel entirely barefoot with a man or woman equally wanting to be barefoot everywhere 24/7--planes, trains, subways, buses, driving, hotels, restaurants. Oh, yes, a complete absence of undergarments on us both. We love filthy soles, the erotic sensuality of barefoot walking, and evenings replete with oral and anal orgasms.

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Not sure why, but in my 40's I became attracted to women's feet and myself became interested in going about barefoot when I could. Like a park or a bike ride. I know its very risky to travel about barefoot and someday I'd like to leave the house with out any footwear. I know. Small potatoes for most, but for myself it would be almost crazy-like and very exciting!!

I began wearing toe rings many years ago. Many.....years ago. And that sorta became commonplace and so I have my toenails painted regularly at a local shop now. Always dark like navy, black, dark grey etc. Not into light colors myself. 

I pumped fuel into my vehicle recently,  barefoot. I thought I was going to get arrested.  So exciting and living on the edge, I know.  But that is where I am. I have no issues with wearing flip flops and showing off my pedicure colors. But barefoot is where folks verbally attack.  Its crazy out there. Folks be triggered by looking at me barefoot.  As if I am spreading a plague.  


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