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Hey guys. I've been away for a while. I've been relaxing with my man and also to having some good alone time. One day, I went out with my man. We were  visiting a museum. We were enjoying the day. He got horny just all of a sudden. Nobody was checking us out, but he had this huge boner. He was looking at me, and I was like, 'You want me to take care of this now?' He nodded with a smile, "Yes." Of course, we found a spot behind the artifacts display. I dropped his pants and started blowing him. He was moaning and then it turned out everybody was watching in stunned disbelieve. I don't know if it was his yelling, "Yes, you fucking bitch.' or if it was the sight of me loving on the cock like nobody's business. Anyway, we were banned from the establishment. On the way home, I blew him a little bit as he was driving but not all the whole time. He had plans for me back at the house. Once, we got home. He wanted to go down stairs to the bedroom. He ordered me to get on the bed. I got on all fours. He got the rope out and tied my hands to the bed with me facing the headboard. He spanked me a little bit. Then, he got to the head board, there was some space between her and the head board. He slid up under her arms, maneuvered his body and end up in a standing position where I faced his beautiful rod. He slapped my face on the right and left checks with it and then put it in my mouth. I was sucking his cock with my hands tied to the bed and then he told me to stop and started face fucking me. After he stopped face fucking me, I started bobbing my head up and down on him. He shot his load and I swallowed it all. He untied me, and we laid on the bed a while. He held me and told me I was the best.  I love you. I told him I love you too, and we just relaxed the rest of the day. 

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