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The Billy Chronicles Part 1


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In my last post, I talked about Billy, the pool boy that will be my master, my ruler, my conquer and my king until my man gets back in town. Now, I'm  going to start talking about my surfer sexy college stud Billy. After we fucked outside by the pool, we started talking about this arrangement.

This young male of 21 had fantasies and desires about me and I had the same about him. My man gave it the okay for him to be with me until he got back which is around the time Billy will be moving from our area. 

Now, Billy and I started talking about this arrangement. He was so wide eyed and in disbelief that I was his in everyway until my man gets back, he was beside himself. I told him whatever you want, I'll do. He was thinking and I was encouraging him. He said, I like to be naked around the house, do you mind that. I said not all sir. He then said, I like lemonade. Do you mind putting it on tray and serving it to me in a baby doll nightgown and could you walk out in high heels? I said absolutely master.

We talked and the more he talked, I realized he was a spirited, horny boy but a sweet lad. As we were talking, he were both getting horny and started kissing. He then asked if we could go up town to the sonic for a bite to eat. I said sure. The closer we walked to the car, the hornier we got. As we got up in the parking lot of the establishment, I was kissing him and as soon as he got parked, he wanted me to blow him. I mean blow him right there as he pushed his finger on the machine to order our burgers and fries. I was shocked but I loved it. I started going down him. He was struggling to get that order out as my mouth was a hover on his cock. 

We were in luck as it took a while for the waitress to come back with our order. I was on my game. He finished in my mouth and it was nice load. When I pulled my head up, Billy was catching his breath. His heart was beating. We were able to get composed right before the waitress finally gave us our food. Many people complain about slow food, we had no problem with it on this day. After we ate, we went back home. We talked some more and sat on the couch and watched TV. I had my legs laid out across his as he held me. He wanted to take a shower and politely asked me to come with him. I did of course and we made love in the shower. This young man is very romantic to go along with spontaneous. Im fired up about what the next couple of months will bring. This is just the first part of a series of stories I will share about my time with this stud.

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That sounds great 👍 happy for you.

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9 minutes ago, Jennifer01 said:

Great Story!  I don't know what it is about pool boys, right??  They are ALWAYS HOT!



You got that right. I love my pool boy. It's great to reward him.

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1 minute ago, Jennifer01 said:

Yep, I guess it's the kinda job where you never want to take a vacation.

You get a young man needing a little cash during the summer time. He's around a pool. It's hot outside. He's either in a tank top or sometimes shirtless. The stay at home wife is there all the time checking him out. He notices the wife is hot. Sparks are bound to fly.


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