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The Billy Chronicles Part 2


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After the first month, Billy was amazing. We talked all the time and fucked everywhere. Here is one example of a day that we had. I had been sleeping with Billy in his room. I woke up and not long after that he woke up. I noticed his cock was so hard it, he made  a tent with the sheets. We smiled at each other and rubbed our noses together. As he held me, I reached down and grabbed his cock and started stroking him.I was kissing  on his neck. Billy being wound up took over. He got on top of me and was kissing. He spread my legs out and slid that big dick in. He held up my spread legs and started fucking. This stud could go. I was moanig. Then he put my legs down this, pulled me up and we were sitting up holding and kissing each other. Then, I was on top and was riding him. He was really moaning and then he had his release. That orgasm. I came at the same time he did. We held each other in the bed for quite a while.

A little later in the day, he was cleaning the pool in the nude. He loved to be naked. With his body, I can see why. So tan, lean and so muscular. I saw him working. I fixed him lemonade and went out there in my uniform. A baby doll night gown wearing high heels. I had it on a tray. He gave me that look of desire. When took a drink, he let a little bit slide out of mouth. Not much but enough to get things startrd. I kissed lips and his chin. We got at it again. We were on the grass by the pool. He took my gown off and we got to fucking again. He pinned my ankles back behind my ears and was going to town. When he finished, he helped me up and held me a while. I went back inside and he finished his chores.

Later that night we went to dinner. Before we went to bed, he fucked me on the couch. He was amazing. 

Part 3 coming soon.

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