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The Billy Chronicles Part 3


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After month two of our time alone, nothing had slacked off. Every day had gotten more enjoyable and pleasurable than the next. I came home from shopping one day. I could hear Billy moaning his room. I walked in and he was masturbating. He was stroking at a nice pace. I loved looking at his tan, naked body. He was turning me on. I was licking my lips as he was stroking his cock. He stroked harder and faster. When he felt he was about to come, he signaled me over. I gladly put my mouth on his cock as he kept stroking. I started sucking and they he gave me the heads up. He came, and I swallowed every bit of spunk there was shooting out of his mouth. 

I crawled up in the bed for a minute and asked him how things were this morning. He said fine. We had another nice talk about life, and his future. He had a goal of being a model. He does have the body for it. He was talking about his job waiting for him where he was going. He's such a sweet, sensitive young man. I couldn't help but smile at him as I looked up at his face. We got out of bed. We talked about what we wanted to do that day. We went shopping. I was trying on dresses and showing it to him. It was fun trying on stuff at the store with my young friend telling me how beautiful I looked. I was starting to get horny. As I was taking my clothes off, I heard a knock on the dressing room door. I opened it, and it was Billy.  Shit, he looked like he wanted something, and he looked like he was out to get it. Honestly, I wanted him to have something and wasn't going to be satisfied until he got it. He started kissing me in that room, and we got after it. We were kissing passionately, and his hands were all over me. He turned me around and started to hit it from behind. Shit, that dick was deep inside. I bit my lip a little bit because I didn't want the whole store to hear me yell out God's name repeatedly. He was kissing my neck as he was fucking me from behind. After he got through, we put our clothes on and left the store. I bought some things as we talked about getting me a "new uniform" for me to wear for him. 

We got something to eat on the way home. It took a while to get home, because we got horny again and add to take care of it. He found a nice spot kind off the highway. We made love in the backseat of his car. After a good 45 minutes, we got back on the road again.  When we got back home, we had a bottle of wine and had a few laughs. With less than a month remaining until he left and my man got back, I was thinking, 'I really don't want Billy leave.' At this point, I felt myself falling hard. 
Part 4 coming soon. 

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