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The Billy Chronicles Part 4


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This is my last entry talking about Billy. I have talk about the last month my favorite pool boy spent with me while my man was on his business trip. This month was the most intense of my life. I first knew him as this cute college student that had that hot surfer look. Our desires for each other really went strong. Everyday, we just couldn't keep our hands off of each other. We were sleeping together in his room of the house. Morning sex had become a regular practice in our affair. I always had to suck on his morning wood and get that dose of cream from his hot cock. He would try to clean the pool, but every time I walked out there, it always end up with a roll on the lawn in the daylight. When he would fuck me under that sun, he fucked fast, hard and long. In the evenings he would go out to dinner, he loved to fuck in the restrooms. He got to where he loved getting on my knees and slapping my face with that big thing. One time we went shopping. We walked in all the aisles together. He wanted to look at the tools. Every time he saw a hammer or screw, he thought sex. I could see his bulge. I would encourage it. I would be like 'does this inspire you?' He took me to the car and  nailed my ass in the back seat. At this point, I don't know if you could have gotten any hornier than what we were getting every day. Billy loved to sweet talk me when we weren't screwing. He was a charmer. On our last weekend together, he had given me some roses. They were beautiful. He's smooth as Cary Grant and is hung like John Holmes. He talks like an angel but fucks like a demon. On that last weekend, we told each other we cared about one another. He said he loved me. I told him I loved him, but the way our lives are going we needed to live our own lives. I drove him to the airport, so he could catch his flight to officially start his life after college. We waved goodbye and parted ways. I cried but realized it was for the best. My man would be home the next day. He asked me how everything was and I said fine. I said Billy was no trouble at all, and he said good. No matter what happens that Billy captured a piece of my heart. After a long talk with my man, we decided the whole open relationship wasn't a good thing. I love Billy, but my man is really important to me. 

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