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Our sex life is amazing but I have NEVER orgasmed.

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I am 25(female) and my boyfriend is 24. We've been together for a year and we've been sleeping together for 9 months. 1 to 3 times a week and we can go up to three rounds sometimes four or five and he can last up to a couple hours each time. The sex is absolutely amazing and he is beyond tentative. We both absolutely love foreplay and teasing each other, which he is mind-blowing at, and he loves eating me out which he is also fucking mazing at . The problem is no matter what I do by myself or with him or what he does to me I have never once been able to orgasm. And masturbation or sex and it's really frustrating because I know he tries so damn hard. Before I started sleeping with him I told myself my whole life I would never fake it for a man but I am so in love with this man and how much effort he puts into just giving me attention but I did fake it for him but I do not do it all the time it's only been maybe three times. I can get to the peak point right before I go over the edge but I can never go over that edge. I can't finish. It's really frustrating because even with toys or sex pills for women. Nothing has worked. We have even had sex high on weed multiple times and even did it on the down Peak/ the Mellow phase of mushrooms and it was the best sex of my life but even then I didn't finish. That makes me sad because I know how hard he tries and I don't like not telling him the full truth. I don't want him to think it's any of his fault or he is doing anything wrong.

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