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Things that happen at Waffle House:

1. You ask for a cup of hot water to soak your utensils.

2. Your bill is gonna be different EVERY time. 

3. You're gonna get that all star.

4. You want your drink in a to-go cup because we know their glasses a lil cloudy and we know they aren't clean all the way.

5. That waffle is gonna HIT every time. 

6. That giraffe steak, is gonna be over cooked and SUPER thin.

7. That bacon is gonna bacon. 

8. Them eggs gonna egg just right with a piece of sliced cheese.

9. Smothered, covered, and chunked. If you know, you know. (Onions, cheese, ham)

10. The staff is gonna be arguing amongst themselves for everybody to hear because somebody didn't show up for their shift.

11. At least 3-5 families of roaches live there, but they're respectful enough not to come out while waffle house has company. 

12. The grits been cooking in that soup thing for 6 hours and aren't good, but when you mix it with them eggs, sausage, and a slice of cheap cheese and hit it with some salt and pepper, and stir it all up, it's gonna be a win for the 99 and the 2000's. 

13. The patty melt and pork chop are probably the unsung heros of the menu. Delicious. 

14. They gonna add water to that A1 and Heinz 57 sauce to stretch it another week. Gas prices high.

15. The booth is too small if you weigh over 275. It's the bar for us.

16. The a/c is gonna be on 43. 

17. You gotta use a napkin to grab the syrup bottle because it hasn't been wiped clean in 3-5 business days.


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