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I just reactivated my twitter account to see what has changed.  There so not one woman on there that is not looking for something.  Most are escorts and others just want you to deposit money intoome account(paypal).  I thought I had found one, she lives 15 minutes from me,I went to her house just to check it was legit).  We chatted for awhile then boom she asks for money.  I asked her what she charges, $100, for as long as I want( bells going off)  I played along and stalled.  Every few minutes she asked again if I deposited it.  I have met women online.  Last was the old AOL chat rooms before AOL wised up.  But the woman I met at a bar we both new, went for 3 1/2 years until she had to move. Sometimes we would go for hours.  Now any chat service you register for is  free to join but that's it.  Have to buy tokens whwere even 500 doesn't give you five minutes of back and forth.  So my point is if you go on twitter don't start up with anyone.  by the way I had to block this girl on every plateform I was on.  Except this one far.  Just take this as a warning

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