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Bowl An Orgasmic Strike With The Smooth King Pin


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My first toy without a vibe is the Smooth King Pin anal plug. I, like many of you am also somewhat new to the ‘anal avenue’ and so trying out new toys in this category is always exciting. The King Pin is a very soft jelly plug, and its even lightly scented! (Although it still smells a lot like ‘toy’ to me) Its made out of "Sil-A-Gel," but feels jelly. It has a fun sparkly color, and is rather long (6.5 inches) and not too wide, making for a good first anal toy. I did find this toy to be almost too soft, but thats just my preference. The suction cup at the bottom of the toy was pretty useless, its just an indent in the bottom of the toy.

My boyfriend was excited to try this toy with me. After we had been playing for a while, I grabbed my new toy and some lube. After thoroughly covering the toy, I started to work it in me. The knob at the top definitely added stimulation without being overwhelming. I worked the shaft of the toy in me, but found the toy to be almost too soft. The graduated size of the toy did make it easier for insertion and the bottom was wide enough for safety. Once the toy was in, my boyfriend said he could really feel a difference. The toy was enough to feel that full feeling without being intrusive and my boyfriend said that he could feel the difference as well, but liked the anal toys with a vibe better. When I started to cum, I could really feel the toy and had a partial anal orgasm from the pressure. Overall I was mildly impressed with the toy, but I like vibe toys even more.

I would recommend this toy to anyone looking for a great and easy first time anal experience, or even as an addition to more experienced players toy chests. The toy is also a really great deal for the price, especially if youre looking for your first anal experience. The toy is definitely not intimidating, and is a really fun addition to anyones playtime!

Happy Playing!

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