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Looking for tips to use sexmachine anally


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I just got a sex machine and tried playing with it one time and it was difficult. I have done anal sex a few times and it was never challenging . When I turned the machine on there was a lot of resistance and the slow setting did not have enough power to move, when I adjusted the speed up I was not ready for the force and I decided to quit. Are there any tips to be explored for my next attempt? 

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I use one frequently.  I generally am on the floor. On my back. I have my legs in shackles and suspended from the ceiling.  The machine is placed up against an immovable object as it will push away from you. You MUST have the angle of the machine correctly matching the angle of your rectum to operate correctly.  Have this correct and then I scoot up onto it, get my legs hooked upright and complete the insertion. I find it doesn't need to be deep. Just enough is just enough.  And start slow. Enjoy it. Have another individual pour the oil on the dildo if you can. On medium and fast, it is literally vibrating your bum and your entire body as well.

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I did it on my side, I had the dildo wet from my pussy.  I started slower and kept adjusting the speed as I got used to it.  Loved it

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