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Any suggestions are appreciated

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I'll try to keep it short.

I'll start by saying when my wife and I have sex it is amazing, her appetite is almost insatiable those nights 

The issue comes on with the fact that it is very far and few in between most times. There is almost zero chance of getting her in the mood or to be willing to try if the mood doesn't strike her.

We have tried playing, watching porn, erotic massage, snuggling, you name it to see if the mood will come. But sadly unless it pops up in her mind there is no way to get it there.

So my question for the ladies

What gets you going if you aren't already in the mood. Have you had desire issues and if so what got you out of the slump.


For the guys.

What have you found that gets your partner going when you need and she doesn't want.


Other facts in the matter

I'm very hypersexual

She has always had a very low libido

I work 50+ hours a week, home every weekend, she is a stay at home mom to our 8 year old son (house hold duties are split between us both)

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If I may, without plugging a software co. Everyone has that very same cybernetic system within themselves!  When a man can fuck & cum like a woman and she like a man. Then both are enjoying the motion of the same ocean and the ebb & flow of all of life in which one discovers the bliss of the mundane.  So play some Nervona!  U R Ready!! Go

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