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I can still remember... being in the other bedroom listening to you while you were being pleasured by various men you dated. Sometimes it would be the faint squeak of the bed, a subtle moan or those incredible sensual gasps that spewed forth from deep within you, but there was no doubt, you where having sex and I was listening. There were times that I stood outside your bedroom door just so I could hear you better, on many occasions I wanted to peak in and watch but I just stood there fantasizing as to what position you may be in. I can still vividly hearing you say to one individual " don't tease me.....deeper"....the gasp that followed, obviously due to his cock being buried deep inside you, could have woke up the neighborhood, never have I heard such a sensual cry of pleasure, it nearly brought me to my knees. Listening was nothing short of amazing and periodically I felt that I was having sex with you but I would have been satisfied by just watching. I miss those evenings, listening to what was the most sensual sex I have ever heard.

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Your story was so hot!  I too love hearing the sounds of our friend fucking my wife. I love hearing the slurping  of his big mushroom  cockhead pumping inside my wife . Hearing her moan as his cock goes deep to pleasure her  A spot to give her the most amazing  toe curling orgasms ever! Seeing her seed filled gaped pussy after he's done Is so erotic.  Knowing I will never please her with my non functioning micropenis and that she will always need another man to satisfy her is a huge turn on for me. 

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