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She was a bad girl 😈

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Before I went to work my S/O says she wants to have some fun later. I text her in the morning that I am thinking about her and her wet kitten.

Later that morning I texted her mission to watch hot guys in a porn. For her to get hot and heavy on her ten minute break, but no cumming. Then to take a pic of the hot scene that really made her wet and text it to me. Also she should text me what about the scene was exciting.

She texted me some sexy GIFs and told me she likes to see a guy go down and eat it before slowly putting his man meat in her pussy.Β  I texted her good girl with a nice GiF.

Later in the day having not received any porn pics, I texted her a few hot screen shots of porn I was getting hard to on my work break sitting in the car.Β  I let her know she needed to follow all instructions....

When I got home I let her know she had been a bad girl after a few welcome home kisses. I let her know I had edged and was ready for fun. But let her know that was not going to happen, as she needed to be punished for dis obeying.

Β I told her I would take her out for my pleasure to the spot I wanted to eat...she also loves this lil pizza place too.

Over pizza I told her next stop was to pick up some sexy skirts for me😜 She was a lil confused but I confirmed she would be wearing them.

Β We had a great night out, got me some sexy skirts and a few other things...Stopped by Bevmo and got some alcohol for Negroni's and Surfer on Acid mixed drinks. Sexy night without sex.

This morning I edged in the shower and gently smacked my hard cock against her mouth and face, she complied and sucked a giant lode from my cock...Good Girl...

Anyone else like to spoil there Bad Girl Wife like this...was super turn on and hot...

Before we left for dinner, we were getting ready to go out in the bathroom when she had her back to me in front of the toilet, I pushed her so she was bent over the cammode and told her she was bad and gave her some thrusts with clothes on....was hot we both were super turned on...I probably should have given it to her quickly but she had been bad😜


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Β I'm thinking of a lil voyeurism in the future...Thinking I should tuck the wife's skirt into her underwear around her booty before she gets out of the car...I told her I'm going to take her to a college parking lot and see what reaction she gets..maybe let someone suck her tits if she thinks it's hot...Krazy thoughts, anyone else think or tryΒ  this type of sexy kink?

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