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When did you first taste your own cum?

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When did you first taste your own cum? What made you do it?  Are you glad you did?  

it was something I wondered after receiving many blowjobs. i think I was in my mid 20’s. I wondered what it was like.  I figured I could not expect her to do that to me if I did not try it myself.  

I was timid about it at the start. I tried it but I wondered what others would think if they knew. So I am not sure that I enjoyed it as much as I would have if I had not worried what others thought. but I thought I needed to try it again.  It was amazing after that. I was hooked. I eat it every time I masterbate. 

 This is really the first time I have told others about it.  But I know I am among others that will not judge. 

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I was 14 when I ate mine. But had already had tasted another guys cum. I pretty much have liked it my whole life. Now not every guys cum taste good. Some guys are bitter as hell. While others are sweet tasting. I like to eat it from my wife’s pussy. The mix is so good. I masturbate all the time and hate to waste something that taste so good. 

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